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Images in blogs?

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peekyboo Tue 30-Oct-12 23:13:34

Hi all,
I've included pictures in my blog for the first time, one that I took and one I paid for online.

I just wondered if you all pay for pictures and images you use in your blogs? Is it necessary to pay or just to credit the images?

After using pictures for my books and book covers, I'm aware of the need to pay for and credit the owner of the images, so I'm worried about getting it right for the blog.


WomanlyWoman Wed 31-Oct-12 08:44:26

I sometimes use my own pics but usually I use an app on Wordpress - zemanta - sources free images based on what you've written. Wikipedia are a common source, they are usually fine if you credit them, the terms of use of photos are usually available if you click on the image (on Wiki).

WomanlyWoman Wed 31-Oct-12 08:45:48

I've used other peoples too, having checked it with them first.

Mikeouin Wed 31-Oct-12 10:00:59

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pebbles77 Wed 31-Oct-12 10:17:35

Following from advice on here I use flickr but there's a box I tick that makes sure that any images I use are for public consumption - if that makes sense

ZombTEE Wed 31-Oct-12 10:22:06

Wikipedia Commons is full of open copyright images. Each image says what you need to do to use it, usually just credit to the source.

peekyboo Wed 31-Oct-12 11:12:12

Thanks for the info. The only problem I can see is that I've included links to my books on, as a way of linking my writing with my aspie blog. You can buy the books if you click through the link. But these aren't the subject of the aspie blog, so I'm not sure if that would mean the images were being used commercially or not? Ungh.

MmeLindor Wed 31-Oct-12 21:26:03

I use my own images if I have something suitable, and otherwise Flickr. You MUST click the box at the bottom of advanced search 'search only with Creative Commons License'.

I have a link to my book on the blog but wouldn't use a Creative Commons image to illustrate a blog post about that book. I do use them for other posts though - and tbh it has never occurred to me that this would be an issue. A question for the Blogfest.

peekyboo Thu 01-Nov-12 11:33:02

Thanks, that's what I thought too until I considered whether the advert being on the same page constituted using the image to increase the success of the ad. Grief, does this mean we actually have to start reading the small print?!

borninastorm Fri 02-Nov-12 21:00:46

I mostly use my own images (cos I like my own photographs!) but when I don't have anything suitable I go to who have both paid for and free images.

borninastorm Fri 02-Nov-12 21:27:26

I thought it might be a nice idea to show you how I manage to use my own photographs despite my blog being anonymous.
Here's an example of one of my images that I put a nice quote onto (using photoshop) and used in my blog being a teenager means making mistakes

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