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Do I need a niche - desperate novice!

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clucky80 Wed 24-Oct-12 15:00:11

Hi all, I have been lurking for a while and spent far too long procrastinating about whether to start writing a blog and I have now decided to go for it! I have a few topics that I would like to blog about but I am not sure whether it is best to focus on one in particular?

A bit about me:
I had a double organ transplant 5 years ago that literally saved my life. I had always thought about writing a book about my experiences, what led to this and my many hilarious (in hindsight) medical experiences and in fact started writing a bit of material but more for myself really. However, I don't think that people would really be that interested in reading a book about my experience though as it is quite rare and not one that people can relate to ifswim. At the time, I had thought about titling my book 'You'll have to wear a one-piece swimsuit' - this was the first response that I had from my GP when I told him that my consultants were going to list me for a transplant (he is of similar ilk to Doc Marten!) and I thought that it was quite funny. NB: he was relating to the rather fetching scar I have! I am now wondering if this would be a good title for a blog?

I also have type 1 diabetes and many of the complications that incurs.

Against the odds, I had my miracle little boy 2 years ago so I am also a mum - albeit definitely not a good cook/crafter.

I work in the public sector which can be a highly entertaining environment at times.

I would just like some kind of outlet to talk about my experiences/every day life/talking about life as a working mother with health problems and it would be fantastic to be able to promote/discuss the subject of organ donation too.

I am a fairly lighthearted person and very much glass half full so I wouldn't want it to be too heavy - I really do feel that I am the luckiest person in the world to be given a second chance at life and to have had my son. I have read some organ transplant blogs/books and while they are helpful, they can be a bit negative and 'woe is me'.
I am not all hearts and flowers though and I am a massive worrier - sometimes the uncertainties in life overwhelm me and I think that is from things happening to me (health wise) that I never would have imagined so it would be good to have an outlet to discuss this too.

I am sorry that this is such a long post, in real life I am fairly shy but with words I feel that I come to life (v cheesy!). Any feedback regarding whether you think: that anyone would be interested in reading my blog; that I need to focus on health as a category or whether it could be a bit of everything and the name 'You will have to wear a one-piece swimsuit' would be much appreciated and welcomed.

I hope someone responds!

pebbles77 Wed 24-Oct-12 18:57:50

Hi clucky

Wow, you're phenomenal, amazing past (not sure amazing is the right word but you know what i mean)

Personally I think a blog that chats about what you have been through and touches on it throughout but also has your everyday life where people can appreciate how blooming amazing it is that you have a son etc. I love reading about normal peoples normal lives and without sounding too odd i think having a abnormal background makes it all the more interesting a read.

I'm not explaining myself properly here but what I'm trying to say is just write like you've just written above, honestly and people will want to read - well I certainly wil.

Good luck and please let us know what your blog name is so that we can follow.

I'm also a newbie and don't really have a niche. I kind of am a crafter who potentially wants to make a business of it but also just wants to talk about my everyday life as a mum, wife and person smile Funnily enough i was looking at my posts earlier and seeing which ones have got the best responses and it's the rants and more graphic ones that are better than the airy fairy cute ones so maybe chatting about your health experiences etc will attract a lot of readers.

Good luck and fingers crossed

Pebbles (

pebbles77 Wed 24-Oct-12 18:58:38

ps - LOVE the name "you will have to wear a one piece swimsuit" - it will make people want to read why smile

clucky80 Wed 24-Oct-12 21:01:04

Pebbles - thank you so much for your feedback! After writing the thread earlier I got cold feet thinking 'oh no one will want to read it' etc but I feel inspired now!

Your blog is great- I love the mix of interesting topics and photos and of course your crafts! Your kids are gorgeous too btw smile

Right now I actually have to work out how to set up a blog! I've got a book and will keep referring here. Hopefully I will get it up soon. Am I able to follow you without having my own blog yet? I am not very technical but I will learn!

Thanks again smile

ewaczarlie Wed 24-Oct-12 21:13:47

You write well (entertaining) so what ever you write about will work. But I do think having a different perspective makes it easier to stand out. It seems to me that you could write quite well about overcoming things and still keeping your sense of humour, lets face it, most of us loose that just trying to get over everyday stuff so a story like yours could inspire people to get on. Good luck

clucky80 Wed 24-Oct-12 22:05:17

Thanks so much for your reply ewac. I would definitely like to keep the blog light hearted and funny (hopefully!) and having a sense of humour has helped me to overcome things I think. I have been asked to speak to a few people who were too scared to go on the transplant waiting list to tell them about my positive experiences and how it has changed my life and it helped them to see what a change it could make to their lives, freedom from the ties of dialysis etc. I was 26 when I had my transplant so I think that being fairly young was in my favour and basically you either go one way or the other - you make the most of everything you have been given and every day we have or you can go on a downwards spiral. Unfortunately depression post transplant is very common so it would be good to show how I have been able to avoid this. I have had my down times but talking and writing has definitely helped.

Like I mentioned in my first post, I have had lots of funny experiences and basically have no shame anymore! A nurse once said to me 'when you come in here (hospital) you leave your dignity at the door and you can pick it up again when you leave - never was a truer word spoken!

Gusthetheatrecat Thu 25-Oct-12 10:02:42

I think your blog idea sounds great, and the title is brilliant. I don't see any reason why it couldn't be a blog focussing on your organ transplant and health experiences, but with diversions into motherhood / working life (remembering of course that your colleagues and boss might read your blog!). Some of my favourite blogs have a main theme, and then dip into other things too.

I found setting up a basic blog incredibly easy. My first one I did with (it's just one I keep with a friend, and not one we're necessarily looking for traffic on) so the web address is something like

My main blog, which I'm putting more time and effort into, I created basically following instructions from a series of Guardian articles about how to blog. I have spent a bit (not loads, but some) money on hosting and a domain name, so it's got its own web address rather than being if you see what I mean?

Setting all this up was a little bit fiddly, and took a bit of time (and even now I confess to being not entirely sure how it all works. I just know it does work!). But I find wordpress really good to use, and have managed to figure out most of what I want to do just by fiddling around or a bit of googling.

I am very far from being a blogging expert, but my instinct when I started was that content was key, so I put most of my effort into trying to put together some really good posts early on. (Whether I've achieved this is another question, of course....)

So inasfar as I'm in a position to offer advice, my advice would be to go for it- jump in - get writing and see what happens. The lovely thing about blogging is it's so quick, and can be so ephemeral. If you decide you've headed off in the wrong direction you can always change it.

Good luck!

clucky80 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:55:55

Hi Gus thanks so much for your reply. Haha yes that's the thing about work - its such a shame as I have so much material but don't really want to get the sack!
That's really helpful about how to set up a blog too, thank you.
I have had a look at yours and it is great, so interesting and looks very professional! I've got my eye on that etienne storage box now!

clucky80 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:56:36

Ps Gus, good luck with the new arrival I hope baby comes soon! X

MmeLindor Thu 25-Oct-12 16:19:38

I love the proposed name of the blog - it is catchy and invites a casual browser to stop and look at your blog.

I also like your engaging and humourous writing style and would love to read your stories.

In short - get blogging!

I love your blog - we are in mid-rehab and will be looking for ideas.

2under2blog Thu 25-Oct-12 18:43:06

Definitely agree with the advice to just jump in. Like anything, blogging's always scary beforehand but once you've got stuck in, you'll wonder why you hesitated for so long. I can be very cathartic and will doubtless be helpful to others going through the same/a similar thing. That's my favourite thing about blogging.

I too love the name (especially being a 2 x c sectioner who totally has to wear a one piece!) and think you write really well.

My main piece of advice to any new blogger is to charge yourself up with a few blog posts before you start. That way you can get to grips with the niggling technicalities of blogging while you fire out new bullets from your armory to keep your readers coming back.

clucky80 Thu 25-Oct-12 20:40:00

Thanks so much Mme Lindor and 2under, really helpful advice.

I actually do still wear a bikini on holiday! My transplant scar goes down from just under my breastbone, around my stomach and down again - I like to think if you look at me from a distance, have terrible eyesight and squint a bit that it looks like a muscle line! I also have a scar that goes right the way round my ribs on the left side where I had a native kidney removed; a big scar on my leg that looks like a chunk has been taken out of it and another scar on my stomach that looks like someone has inserted a 2p piece into me. Oh and my csection scar but I was awake for that one and asked my obstetrician to give me a lovely little neat one which she did smile

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