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From Russia... with love

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EllieAllAtSea Sun 21-Oct-12 15:34:37

I've been noticing through my stats page that I've been getting LOTS of hits from Russia. After patting myself on the back for writing with International appeal, it occurred to me to click the 'entry' link in the traffic sources section for the Russian hits. Hardcore porn is the only way to desribe what greeted my eyes! I'm now rather doubting that these hits are from anyone actually reading my blog - 50 Shades Of Grey it is not! How funny - that'll teach me to get too excited about my growing audience... Anyone else receiving the attention of the Russians? wink All At Sea

pebbles77 Sun 21-Oct-12 16:59:58

Not sure about Russians but I do get a lot of liked from blogs that have no posts and just seem to be set up just to like other posts - is this spam? Not sure??
I also get a lot of topless women following me on twitter - it baffles me as to why following me would improve whatever their ulterior motive is (i know i'm very naive) and obviously I don't follow in return!!!

I'd love to hear from someone in the know to explain why they follow and 'like' us!!!

ZombTEE Sun 21-Oct-12 17:38:12

I get a lot of SPAM from Russia. In Russian. Which I do not speak or write in.

I find hysterical, actually.

sonnyandluca Sun 21-Oct-12 18:36:28

Yep, I've found a niche market with Russian watch sellers and the Nike dealers of Azerbaijan.

EllieAllAtSea Sun 21-Oct-12 19:19:35

There's also been a recent flurry of Polish male likers to my facebook page...

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