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A nice story for the animal lovers!

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peekyboo Wed 17-Oct-12 10:50:17

I usually keep my blog upbeat and light, even though I often mention my everyday life in it as well as the writing. But last night was an exception. The long and the short of it is that, after 5 months of not knowing where she was and thinking she was dead, I found out my little cat is alive and well and living a street away from me!
It was pure chance that I happened to post her picture on a local animal page on Facebook. Then someone said she was the twin of their cat. And you can probably guess the rest!
So, for once, I put it all in the blog. I haven't look again at it this morning, to see if I come across as a mad catwoman (no change there if I do). I wrote the blog as a little story, of Mabel's exploits.
I'm still on a high today. I didn't bring her home with me, for various reasons. I went to see her and she is very happy and settled there, more so than she has been at home for years. So I did the right thing for her (if not for me) and left her with her new family. But I do have visitation rights and we've all exchanged details.
So, if anyone wants to have a look at Mabel and her story it's on
There's an extra twist to her story as when I arrived to see her, I discovered they had also taken in the old tom who has been doing the rounds for years and who was the father of Mabel's babies when she was a young whippersnapper!

2under2blog Wed 17-Oct-12 11:30:36

What a little imp! Must've been such a relief to find her again. Amazing story!

My cat decided to take up residence with the neighbours when I was little. My sisters and I had meetings where we scribbled ideas in a little cat notepad about how to get her back. None worked.

These felines - stubborn creatures!

peekyboo Wed 17-Oct-12 11:48:51

I know! She spent most of my visit keeping a close eye on me in case I wanted to take her home. I got more of a welcome from the old tom who used to visit us for breakfasts, but no gratitude at all from the small, grumpy-looking female who I saw coming into this world and did nothing but nice things for the whole time she was with me!

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