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sentimental about badgers

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ukfarmer Sun 14-Oct-12 21:19:21

I shocked my brother in law when I made the following observations about the badgers on my farm.
Every hedgerow you can see where the badgers have scraped out the bumble bee nests, as the bumble bees make their nests in old mouse holes in the hedge line. Honey !! mmmmh !
As we counted six badgers roaming across an arable field, one has a certain sympathy for the ground nesting birds, like skylarks, plovers/lapwings or in the hedge rows, grey partridge and pheasants- well they dont have a chance really.
Decline in hedgehogs is there ? Well look no further than brock the badger is my suggestion.
With such a large omnivore roaming about at will, an imbalance is occuring before my eyes as the badgers devour everything and anything

mrsfuzzy Sun 14-Oct-12 22:38:19

the way you describe badgers is reminsiant of certain sections of society now adays,humans do far more damage than animals ever could, let's cull some unsavoury b#######s instead ie terrorists etc.

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