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Dictaphones and/or free voice to type software

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DebonaireDad Wed 03-Oct-12 12:56:29

Hi all, I'm sure like most of you I get most of my blog ideas when I'm no-where near a computer or far too busy to sit down and type at one.

I do carry a notebook with me to jot down titles/ideas, but I think a digital dictaphone would be a good idea, possibly one which I can plug in to the laptop and save the audio files and better still, one that converts the audio to text. Does anyone use one or can recommend one? Ideally I would like to spend as little as possible (yes, I know you generally get what you pay for).

Also, does anyone use any FREE voice recognition software so that I can talk to the computer and have it convert it straight to text?

Thanks for any suggestions.

aluren Wed 03-Oct-12 14:37:07

I'm wondering whether you really want voice recognition software, because I find I have to do more work when I am using one, because it usually guesses what I say, and it is usually wrong. Its not as though I don't have clear diction and the same goes for my phone. The new windows has it inbuilt or go to CNet they usually have free software.

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