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Anyone embarking on the world of Secondary School next year?

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suzannemumofthree Tue 25-Sep-12 14:06:57

Could do with some feedback/advice on the blog today:

amck5700 Tue 25-Sep-12 14:23:19

I have two boys 13 months apart. No1 started High School this year and No2 goes next year. Different system n scotland in that we are already allocated a place in our local school and need to do a placing request if we wont to go elsewhere.

Like you our 2 boys are different, both academic but No1 is very quiet had issues with being bullied and is borderline for aspergers so has a lot of traits which are mainly about lack of social skills. No2 is loud and a bit brash, has a huge chip on his shoulder but is actually a bit more switched on emotionally though I would say less confident.

We decided that given the bullying issues it would be better for No1 not to go to the catchment school. It excels in sports (he is not sporty) and he is very wary of any disruptive pupils - we felt he wuld be a target before he even got there. We were lucky to get a place in a good academic school (his best friend is also going) and our second choice was the catholic high school though we are not catholic as this has a very nurturing feel to it. No 2 son does not want to go to the catchment school - he gets on okay in his primary class wiuth the other kids but doesn't have a lot in common with them - they call him the professor but it is good natured. He is also not that sporty. It would obviously be a lot more convenient for him to go to the same school as No1 son.

Up until recently he has said that he wants to go to the catholic school. We said to him that that was fine if he really wanted it and that he could have exactly the same choice as his brother. (but not to chose it just to be awkward!!)

That seemed to be enough for him to know and he has now decided he'd like to go to the school his brother is at. grin

Now we just need to wait until March to see if he gets in!!

I think you need to reassure your daughter that her views very much count, but again she needs to make the right decision with your support and not to jump at a school that is different just to different. As long as you are able to support the choice then you may be able to convince her about your own preference but make it seem like her own choice!!

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