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Am I a one-trick pony?

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maninhispyjamas Sun 23-Sep-12 07:24:12


I would like some feedback on my blog please (gulp). Have only been at it for a couple of months and am enjoying writing it very much. I have a small readership mainly promoted through FB (mostly friends/friends of friends reading).

Obviously I would like more readers and thought some constructive criticism might be the order of the day. I wondered what people's thoughts were on the following....

1. Content - like it? Do I also need other types of writing to keep it interesting? sort of diary/discourse/dialogue etc thats main aim is not to just amuse? (tricky with blogger template though isn't it?

Worried that the 'same old same old' might get dull?

2. Layout/design etc

3. Ideas for increasing traffic?

Take a look if you get a moment and I'd appreciate any good-natured advice. I am a man after all so taking criticism may not be my strong suit, but I'm keen to learn...

Thank you


flubba Thu 27-Sep-12 19:39:58

Whose are you talking about OhGood?

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