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Pressure to keep up!

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meandmyfour Fri 21-Sep-12 15:48:38

I'm three months into blogging and am loving it but really noticing how quickly my 'hits' drop when I go for more than two or three days without posting. In the first couple of months I posted most days out of sheer enthusiasm (!) but now I'm averaging two or three posts per week. This week I've only managed one post and my hits have plummeted. Does anyone else feel the pressure?! I know statistics aren't the most important thing but it's quite disheartening to go from fifty/sixty views a day to about three!!

CollectorOfCookbooks Fri 28-Sep-12 10:37:32

Don't worry is all I can say. When I started out I found much the same, my stats were up and down like a yoyo. Then things kind of evened out.

I also found other ways of promoting my blog as well as becoming a bit more comfortable with the niche I've carved out for myself. So that helped to stabilise things a little.

It's addictive to look at stats all the time too! I have, on a personal level, actually stopped following a few bloggers who post persistently because I just find it too annoying. I'd rather read better quality posts but fewer of them - that's just my view.

But it's all cyclical - keep at it! Hope that helps / reassures you.

Avenue57 Fri 28-Sep-12 15:50:30

Agree I'm feeling the pressure to post daily but I just can't with all else that I'm doing .. I post when I can and when my heart is in it - I think it's about quality of posts rather than quantity - I agree totally with @CollectorOfCookbooks

2under2blog Wed 03-Oct-12 12:25:57

This was the very thing that put me off blogging but I amassed a collection of posts in advance which has taken the pressure off.

Instead of worrying about your next post, how about keeping a swipe file of possible titles then sitting down and hammering out five or six in an afternoon? You can then post a couple a week and relax for a bit before starting the cycle again.

I also agree with Collector - I reckon 2-3 a week is the ideal rate for posts.

DebonaireDad Wed 03-Oct-12 12:50:19

I've only been going for five weeks, and I took the same route as 2under2, wrote about ten posts before publishing them and then put out three or four a week for the first few weeks and now just do two or three.

I also will write two or three in one go (on the rare occasions that I get a chance) and then post them over the course of a week.

I will also admit to getting obsessed by stats - started out get 2-300 a day for the first three weeks and that has now dropped down to 50-150 since (I reckon the drop-off is my friends getting bored of reading the blog!) - but I'm resolved to not look at them for a whole week and enjoy the writing more and think about stats less...

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