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Stitchthis Thu 16-Aug-12 09:38:59

Thought you might want to join in on an experiment. I'm going to post throughout the day as I go round the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. Twitter is quite quiet re this amazing show so I'm going to see how many tweets and comments I can generate.... Here's a link if you are interested home page

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Stitchthis Thu 16-Aug-12 18:53:30

So far I definitely recommend this. My hits are about 3 times normal, a good number of new followers via twitter and a real time diary for me to look back on. It was really good fun to do too. grin

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Stitchthis Thu 16-Aug-12 19:00:56

And picture of the week in the newsletter ! Thanks MN Towers!

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Gusthetheatrecat Fri 17-Aug-12 20:22:04

Just checked it out - sounds like a fabulous day. And a good blogging experiment to boot!

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