Sick on the keyboard; would you take your babies into work with you?!

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poppyseeds99 Tue 17-Jul-12 17:58:19

I've been blogging here for some time and was a bit shocked to read this blogpost about a company, Addison Lee, who let parents take their babes into work with them. Maybe it's just me but it's not something I'd be brave enough to try!! shock

Would you take your kids into work with you instead of putting them in childcare? Or are other options - like leaving em with parents, working from home, looking for cheap childcare - the only solution?

And waddabout the sick on the keyboard?! The mushy peas flung from desk to desk? <shudders in horror> shock

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sandrapatterson1972 Wed 18-Jul-12 10:22:57

I've worked from home for 10 years with children. And It's not something that I would ever take into the workplace. Yes, working from home does let you balance work and children etc, but you have to be prepared to be flexible with it, and you can only really work when the children's routines give you the time to do so.

I know from my experience that getting 8 hours work done when working at home with children will take at least 10 hours, probably 12, and that getting a stretch of 30 minutes uninterrupted is almost a complete miracle.

And at home that's OK. Because I can put those hours when I needed the steady stretch in when the kids were in bed, and balance that with the fact that during the daytime i'd just blitz all the short routine burst type tasks. But in the office workplace that flexibility is lost.

And I think that the scheme misses a main point of what both children and parents need.

Children need stimulation, entertainment, bonding, engagement, basically, attention. They don't need jiggling up and down on a lap for 3 hours a day being told shush.

Babies that are 4 - 5 months plus are wanting to move, 9 months plus are wanting to crawl, 11 months plus are wanting to walk, and run. Sticking them in a pushchair and encouraging them to sleep is not to anyone's benefit.

An option to work from home instead of the office could work. Because you can use the house, the toys, the garden etc and do the hour on, hour off type of system, but I think in an office workplace it would be complete mayhem.

A nursery or creche in the workplace, that parents can pop in and out of all day long, that doesn't cost several hundred pounds a week. That would work.

Childcare in the UK is a a broken system at the moment, any system that costs you an entire salary to go to work does no favours for anyone. Parents, employers, even non working parent colleagues, but taking babies to work just feels like a really bad fix that no-one really benefits from (except perhaps the government)

TheNewson Wed 18-Jul-12 17:20:49

God, I can't think of anything worse (for me anyway).

I only took them in once to work for a visit when they were two (I have twins) and they ran off in different directions. It was stressful, yet only a 30 minute visit!

It was hard enough getting colleagues to take me seriously as they did not have any kids, let alone bringing them in.

At another place of work the manager used to bring her daughter in a fair bit, but she was one well behaved and older little girl. Even so, it was not the most professional of set ups, but each to their own.

If it's allowed and suits the individual, colleagues and organisation, then great.

But personally, it would be a nightmare!


poppyseeds99 Fri 20-Jul-12 13:05:23

"They don't need jiggling up and down on a lap for 3 hours a day being told shush."

I totally agree with you, sandra. When I was little I remember going to my mum's work place on teacher's strike days and being told to Be Very Quiet Indeed. It felt weird and hushed, like going into Gringotts or something...

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