Family friendly walks in Northumberland

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Babyroutes Mon 02-Jul-12 15:10:31

I had the privilege recently to visit Kielder Water, N. Europe's largest manmade lake and home to the largest working forest in England. The park is fantastic for outdoor activities of all kinds with kids and babies and has some excellent walking including this family friendly walk from Leaplish Waterside Park which I wrote up for my blog.

Northumberland is a natural place to stop-off for those of us travelling with kids from 'dahn sarf' on the long drive up to the Scottish Highlands, as well as a fantastic destination in its own right but I'm ashamed to say that until my daughter arrived and having a baby car passenger made us appreciate the leisurely journey I had dashed past this magical part of the world.

I'd love some more ideas for family friendly walking in Northumberland. Any suggestions lovely Mumsnet bloggers?


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