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sonnyandluca Mon 21-May-12 21:35:27

Hi everyone.

I'm a stay at home dad of two toddlers, and have been blogging about our adventures for a few months.

I was hoping that some of you wonderful bloggers with experience of the blogosphere would be so kind as to take a quick peek and help me out with some questions I have?

My posts are generally a light-hearted record of what we get up to and our general mishaps and embarrassing moments but what I'm wondering is...

Before trying to find a wider audience should I be looking to find a more specific/niche subject matter?
How would I go about trying to reach that wider audience.

Also, I've designed the blog myself from scratch so any feedback on the design and content would be a massive help (I can't get subjective feedback from family and friends as I think they worry about my fragile mental state since taking on the kids full-time!?!)

Finally (I promise), can I post any of my blog posts on a relevant mumsnet forum or is it only really meant for asking questions?

Sorry for such a long post and thank-you so much in advance for taking the time to reply (if anyone does ... please...)


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BlackAffronted Tue 22-May-12 07:25:26

Firstly, welcome!

We have a thread running on here where you can post yor latest blog post, its usually near the top somewhere.

I love your blog design! I wouldnt change anything about it smile

Comment on other blogs/post to Twitter & FB etc to get to a wider audience.

I havent got time right now to read yoru content, but I will have another look later.

sonnyandluca Tue 22-May-12 09:22:29

Thanks for your kind words and advice, I hadn't even noticed the 'latest posts' thread, oops.

Thanks again,

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