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TheAlphaParent Sat 19-May-12 15:02:02

Hi guys.

I wanted to share with you a scam that's doing the rounds, as I've recently been bitten by it. Basically you receive an email with someone offering to write a guest post for your blog. However the guest post violates Google's terms and your blog ends up being penalised in Google search. I wrote about the details of this scam in my blog:

Has any of you received such emails?

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LittleRedFarm Sat 19-May-12 21:01:24

OMG what a stroke of luck it was that you removed the link. I've just started a new blog and was hoping to build an audience by guestposting but now I'm worried hat people will think I'm a scammer smile

Tee2072 Sat 19-May-12 21:12:46

I don't think I'd accept any guest blogger that I hadn't approached first!

Glad you took the link out.

TheAlphaParent Sat 19-May-12 21:51:10

I'm tempted to email the scammer back with a link to my blog post exposing her brew

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annelg1 Mon 28-May-12 09:43:45

Thanks for this. I receive a high volume of mail asking to guest post and I usually say yes. This post has taught me to be more careful. I have some high rated blogs with good traffic. My writing blog attracts a lot of guest posts so now I'm going back to check them all.

JoanneMallon Mon 28-May-12 14:38:10

I get offers of guest posts like this several times a week, and delete them without replying because all they amount to is spam. Though I do pause for a little chuckle if it's a particularly badly-written email - as if you'd let someone who can barely write an email post on your site!

All guest posts are not the same though, and posts from other bloggers, or from you on another blog, can be a great way to get your writing in front of a new audience, and get a good backlink that will help you in search engines.

Tee2072 Mon 28-May-12 17:12:42

I actually may have just gotten one, although this one said they had already been in contact (they hadn't) and were wondering if I was interested.

No. I'm not!

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