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Bella2010star Wed 25-Apr-12 21:49:11

Hello everyone! I am doing a new to the mumsnet blogger network and have started a blog called Inspire Imagination Through Creation I have been asking for feedback on various different sites and alot of people are saying to change the background unfortunately no one seems to like the picture I scanned of my daughters to use as a background. I thought it was quite fitting (I like things sparkly) Any guidence on what I could change this to I really do not want it looking boring as I want it to reflect what the blog is about.

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Typecast Sun 29-Apr-12 00:27:53

Have you changed it as it looks plain to me.

Personally, I prefer plain backgrounds and it makes the actual posts stand out more and you can use images in the posts and your header too.

If you were using a picture that was tiled (lots of the same picture filling up the background) then that can feel quite busy and overpowering. Also, if the picture moved as you scrolled up and down the page, that can also be a bit off-putting.

At the end of the day though, it's your blog - you do what you want with it smile

BlackAffronted Sun 29-Apr-12 12:33:23

Its plain when I had a look. I dont like actual pictures as a backround, I think it distracts from the posts. A textured background (which I picked for my blog here) works well, as would a non-fussy pattern.

As Typecast has said though, its your blog and if you like it, go for it smile

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