Balancing Act

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MillyAndFriends Wed 25-Apr-12 00:34:37

Glad to know it's not just me.
The thing that keeps me going is I really want out - Despite being super motivated and planning etc would be great to have a magic elf to double up and share my workload!
On the positive side we could stay as is and not change.......that would be horrendous -Scares the living daylights out of me that I will still be in accountancy in 20 years time!!! Yikes.

Like the idea of a new law......I would vote for it!

Off the bed now, blog finally finished and have work tomorrow.

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NicholasTeakozy Sun 22-Apr-12 18:53:33

Is there nothing this government won't bring in a new law for? sad


skylarkuk Sun 22-Apr-12 18:48:28

Ditto! Yep me too, have a full life and have signed up to go to college too, the very thought fills me with panic! grin

MillyAndFriends Sat 21-Apr-12 14:55:37

Starting to realise it's a balancing act between

Normal life:
Work, chores, grocery shopping,spending time with Prince Charming, friends and family

And squeezing in the stuff I need to do if I am serious about leaving accountancy:
Learning to sew, draw, write

Uhmmmm And on top making sure I keep my blog up in between...

Does anyone else feel the same or is it just me?


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