Anyone know how to make my blog show up...

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OldMaWills Tue 20-Mar-12 10:21:06

...on the blog homepage? I can't see it on the recently updated page, although it was updated yesterday.
New to this, apologies smile

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Jill2 Mon 02-Apr-12 22:06:43

Hi oldMaWills
Did you ever get a response to this because, in the past, mine, mummy's notes, hadn't shown up on the most recent blogs. I know that my blog changed from com to, so now that I have told mumsnet about the change, I think that might make the difference. However, haven't posted since, so don't know if that was the problem.

RecipeJunkie Mon 02-Apr-12 22:45:11

Hi - I never see my blog appear, but I pestered and pestered and in the end the nice ladies who run the blog stuff sent me screen shots. basically, there are so many people posting that it can often be a few pages back by the time you get to the homepage. Also, it slots your post in depending on the time you started posting, apparently, which can affect things. If yu're really worried, email them...

Jill2 Wed 04-Apr-12 14:57:44

Thanks. I did e-mail them when my blogged changed from com to, but didn't get an answer. I will see what happens with this posting and e-mail them again, if it doesn't appear.

Vena404 Sat 07-Apr-12 12:27:52

Hi had the same problem, I keep posting but never see it in the recent posts, but I do get plenty of visits.

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