online education - any good??

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Cindy74 Mon 19-Mar-12 02:31:25

My child's teacher (my daughter is 11) has recently recommended online education as an inexpensive way of improving her test scores and grasp of the curriculum, etc.

She recommended a few sites, one with 24 hour access that covers all ages 4 - 18 (can't remember the name of it annoyingly) but it sounded too good to be true..... what are your thoughts and experiences?

Thank u!! x

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YummyMummy81 Mon 19-Mar-12 02:41:42

Hi - firstly good to know I'm not the only mum up at the wee small hours! Your question caught my eye cos I was in a similar situation 6 months ago. Did your child's teacher recommend 'tute.on'? My 6 year old son has been using tute.on since just before Christmas and we've noticed a real improvement in his mental arithmetic and reading comprehension. It's £25 a month which we feel has been money well spent. There are 4 or 5 other children in his class that are now subscribing and they seem satisfied... Not sure if other mum's have had a similar experience?

Hope that helps

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