Newbie - Wordpress HELP!!!

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stinkingbishop Fri 16-Mar-12 09:26:15

Hello lovely ladies. Just started my blog this week about twins (due Monday, gulp, so thought I'd make a head start).

I have several practical questions to get it purty and functional before I start pushing it out there. Would be VERY grateful if anyone could help as pregnancy brain is not helping me.

1. Header - how do I stop it coming up with the automatic 'just another wordpress' sub heading and replace with my own? I don't have Paint/Photoshop BTW.

2. How do I get different headers on different pages?

3. How do I get an 'about this blog' bit on the front page - maybe an excerpt in the sidebar?

4. On the home page, with all the blog entries, I want people to see there are lots (well, 4!) Is there a way of doing excerpts from entries and having a 'read more' click through?

5. Links to sites I like in sidebar? Thought that was 'blogroll' but patently not.


It's BTW if anyone wants to look, will apply for MN network when I'm happy with it!

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lemonygem Fri 16-Mar-12 22:10:27


Hopefully this can help...

1. You can change the strapline by going to your Dashboard > Settings > General Settings. It's the "Tagline" option.

2. When you say headers, do you mean images in the header? The only way I can think of doing this per blog post is to add an image in at the top of the post. You can upload a header image if you go to Appearance > Header

3. Probably best to do this as a two-stage thing. First, create a page by going to Pages > Create New Page and make an About page with all the bits and bobs you need, then secondly, going to Appearance > Menus and creating a new menu with the link to your about page

4. Go to Settings > reading and select "Summary" where is says "For each article in a feed, show"

5. Again in Appearance > Menus, create a menu based on links and add the links you want to appear in that particular menu : )

Happy 'pressing : )


stinkingbishop Sat 17-Mar-12 11:37:53

Thanks so much Gem!

1. Done, hurrah

2. Will do, cool

3. I have an About Page with content, it's in my top menu - how do I get an excerpt with an image in the righthand sidebar?

4. Have done, but it ain't working...could that be because all my posts are on the homepage? Or have I not set it up as a feed properly? Argh!

5. Will do

Thanks again.

PS - it's

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stinkingbishop Sat 17-Mar-12 16:00:12

Also, and sorry for using you as my personal can I set it up so when I have the twins next week I can tweet the news and pics and it will pop up as a post on the blog's homepage??

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stinkingbishop Sat 17-Mar-12 16:55:20

Scrub that, worked out how to do it so all Twittered up now! [smug emoticon]

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lemonygem Sat 17-Mar-12 19:54:24

Haha, excellent news! Glad you got it working! : )

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