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Expanding your territory

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LatteLady Sat 11-Feb-12 19:08:24

I have now been blogging for just under 18 months, writing a fairly successful craft blog, averaging at 600 hit per day. My weekly tutorials are my staple, so I have now decided to extend my reach with a Foodie Friday section where I will post up tried and tested family recipes for people to try out over the weekend. My plan is to eventually spin off to a number of separate blogs for sewing, knitting crochet and cooking etc.

I just wondered how other, more experienced bloggers have continued to extend or reinvent their blogs?

BaronessOrczy Mon 13-Feb-12 14:39:25

Wow, that's a really good idea! I'm definitely not more experienced than you, I'm in awe of your stats, but would be interested to know how you got to where you are now - organic growth, search terms, networks - any hints or tips?

Plus, I fancy a read - can you let me know your blog address please? grin

louhutt Mon 13-Feb-12 17:23:05

I would like to repeat BaronessOrczy! What is your blog address and how do you get 600 hits per day?

LatteLady Tue 14-Feb-12 10:16:47

Right, this is my blog

My growth has been organic, I decided that initially I would do at least one post a week, after a couple of months, I realised that most of my traffic came after I did tutorials, so I started to try and do one a month, then back in August I thought I would do one a week up to Christmas. Then I decided that it would be a fixture every Sunday with a quirky midweek post but I am now adding a foodie Friday, the discipline makes me work!

Next was sharing what I did, which means getting into a routine when I post, if it is a tutorial then it goes to:
* Handmade Monday
* Pinterest
* UK Craft Forum
* Ravelry
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Random Tutorials
* Craft Gossip
* One Pretty Thing
* Totally tutorials
* Weekend Wonders

Now a number of these sites approached me after seeing my work on other sites, which is why they now get a weekly update. The other essential thing is to make a conscious effort to leave comments on other people linky parties... it's a courtesy and it gets returned. It is not about repeat posting so your blog looks like the work of a spammer but to pick and choose the right niche for your work.

My intention is after another six to nine months hive off to a series of RosCookedMe, RosSewedMe blogs and so on.

Hope that helps smile

BaronessOrczy Tue 14-Feb-12 11:22:40

Crikey, I'm in awe!

How do you post it to Pinterest? In the interest of gratuitous self publication, here is my blog, any hints and tips very welcome!

ChloeGreene Tue 14-Feb-12 15:26:30

My blog started being about all aspects of my life, my family and friends. I wrote about whatever I felt like on the day whether it was my daughter getting a nose stud or a visit to a gallery.

Then in November I decided to focus on a very specific time of my life - the 1980s - when I was a penniless student, in love, living in a house scheduled for demolition. So now it is a continuous saga about surviving the 1980s and I've gained a lot more readers since I stuck with this one theme.

CommandoDad Tue 14-Feb-12 15:49:47

Wow, LatteLady, you are amazing. I am completely new to blogging (I blog about being a stay at home dad) and would love to up my followers, so this is really great. In fact, I don't think I even know how to find out how many followers I have.... Thanks for the brilliant tips and advice

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