"Do Something Yummy" Writing Prompts - Week 2

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Typecast Mon 06-Feb-12 08:50:21

Hello again everyone,

MASSIVE thanks to those of you who joined in with the writing prompt link up for CLIC Sargent's "Do Something Yummy". There were over 35 posts linked up which is AMAZING for the first week.

The prompts for week 2 are now live and it's the same script - one personal, one yummy and one creative writing. It's up to you what you do with them. Your only limitation is your imagination.


It's easy to join in - you pick up the prompts from my blog on the Monday, write your post and return on the Thursday to link up with everyone else. All other details are on the prompt post.

Looking forward to seeing what you're writing about this week.


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Typecast Thu 09-Feb-12 08:45:33

Bumping this thread just to let you know that the second link up is now live


You just enter your name and the URL of your supporting blog post into the widget half way down the blog post. If you're joining in - THANKS!! If you're not joining in then it would be great if you could share one (or as many as you can) of the blog posts linked up.

Thanks again


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