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yummymummyreally Sun 05-Feb-12 08:49:27


Topical post today! Me, trying to understand if anyone actually knows 'how' to drive in snow.

Why has the predicted snow caused driving chaos? Is it because we don't know how to drive in it?

Have tried to start a twitter hashtag on it (oooo look at me, all social networking...though probably on my own!)

It's at #cannotdriveinsnow if you are interested!

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RealitySickOfSick Sun 05-Feb-12 08:51:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FiveHoursSleep Sun 05-Feb-12 11:09:23

It's a Silent Sunday today.

LittleRedFarm Sun 05-Feb-12 12:05:21

I have posted an update about my cultural exchange project.

Ladypunk Sun 05-Feb-12 13:11:28

Greetings smile

Here's my offering:

Some thoughts about daddyhood.


bottleinfrontofme Sun 05-Feb-12 13:28:17

did you like to ride your bike when you were young ?

CinnamonStix Sun 05-Feb-12 14:03:15

Haven't blogged in a couple of weeks blush, but here's my post on DH's graduation last week!

louhutt Sun 05-Feb-12 15:19:41

I have posted today about Ethial Parenting!
Not to be taken seriously!

louhutt Sun 05-Feb-12 15:20:07

That should say Ethical! Sorry.

CinnamonStix Sun 05-Feb-12 19:41:06

From no posts, to two in one day...

BsDad Sun 05-Feb-12 20:09:44

This week I met a woman whose son, I am convinced, is autistic. Would you have said something?

RhinestoneCowgirl Sun 05-Feb-12 20:22:59

Yesterday I blogged about The Biggest Knitting Needles in the World

staranise Sun 05-Feb-12 20:28:54

Ooh, I know what you mean Rhinestone, I love quick knitting with big needles (though not sure I've ever tried with size 20!) - have you ever seen those pouffes (sp?) made with enormous needles, like cabers?

Here's today's blog about what a nice Sunday we've been having:

lowimpactmama Sun 05-Feb-12 21:47:01


Hope you all enjoyed the snow.

Here's my Sunday post on how to make Seville marmalade - I am amazed that I managed to make this while DS had his nap!

JoanneMallon Sun 05-Feb-12 21:49:54

Been to the movies this weekend to see Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and it wasn't half bad. Even if Michael Caine does ride a bee.

Violet5 Sun 05-Feb-12 23:11:48

I've just been accepted by MN smile

Oh and I'm hoping to take the kids to see Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island so will enjoy reading your post JoanneMallon smile

justaboutisnowakiwi Mon 06-Feb-12 03:40:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flubba Mon 06-Feb-12 06:50:58

Very thoughtful post BsDad - have commented too.

So, for all you sewers out there, a little help with your pins! smile

justaboutisnowakiwi Mon 06-Feb-12 08:44:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MmeLindor. Mon 06-Feb-12 08:49:33

ooooooooooooooh, haven't been on blogger network much recently. It is busy busy busy here.

Anyway, here is my latest post on why I am Counting My Blessings

If anyone would like to pick up on this, and write a post do get in touch with Aillidh's mum on FB. They are desperate for publicity.

imthatwoman Mon 06-Feb-12 09:43:21

some wise and interesting words, esp on the bone marrow story. i've been listening to second child and trying to work out if he's telling us more than we might think with his first words and actions...

QueenMaeve Mon 06-Feb-12 10:34:50

fine line between cute and cheeky is what I'm discovering with my 3 year old

FiveHoursSleep Mon 06-Feb-12 10:43:48

Whether snow is a good thing or not depends on the day it falls on. Literally.

WordsAreNoUseAtAll Mon 06-Feb-12 11:10:00


Namechange ahoy.

Anyhow, the latest Camel's Hump offerings.

(I keep missing posts off these things, but we have loads. We are practically Comment Is Free. Honest.) (Seriously though, if you visit the site, have a click around)

Are books the main thing in libraries, and are we thinking of them the wrong way?

More bastards in the offy.

A recipe for courgette and smashed pea pasta.

Right, off to read all of yours. I'm doing a lot of stumbleupon atm, so I will stumble anything that fits the subjects that I like smile

BaronessOrczy Mon 06-Feb-12 12:13:59

Afternoon all

A bit late in the day, but a snow swimming cat related post from me today

Off to catch up on everyone's posts now!

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