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Pregnant with Quadruplets

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QuadMama Thu 22-Dec-11 19:15:31

Hi all mummies, babies and bumps

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to you all. Yes the title is correct lol, I found out at 10 weeks I was expecting quads (naturally conceived). Scans have shown that I have two ID twins and two fraternals. I am now 19 weeks and everything is going well so far. I also have a 27 month old son, so I am really worried about how I am going to cope, but I am just taking it one day at a time.

I am also part of the mumsnet bloggers network with my diary blog which will follow my journey through pregnancy and beyond. Please have a look if you are interested:

Have a great Christmas!


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scarletforya Thu 22-Dec-11 19:25:39

shock WOW congratlations OP!!!


Hope you are taking great care of yourself!!!

rosieposey Thu 22-Dec-11 19:29:47

Ahh congratulations smile thats lovely - it will be hard work but you will cope.

Good luck with the rest of your pg and try and get plenty of rest this Christmas!

blushingmare Thu 22-Dec-11 19:35:07

Holey moley! Congratulations! And good luck!

Oeisha Thu 22-Dec-11 19:35:35

Congratulations QuadMama! Crikey! grin

QuadMama Thu 22-Dec-11 19:38:08

Thank you all! I will be putting my feet up as much as possible. Hope you have a good Christmas too. Em x

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Tenebrist Thu 22-Dec-11 19:48:50

Wonderful news! naturally conceived quads is a real achievement! And what an interesting mixture of fraternal and identical. If the size of your tum at 19 weeks is anything to go by, they're all doing really well in there. Make sure you take it easy over Christmas. I hope your DH is cooking the lunch (and letting you do all the eating). Do keep blogging.

Rhinestone Thu 22-Dec-11 19:58:31

Oh my goodness!! Congrats and I guess you have some very fun times ahead!

AwayinaKayzr Thu 22-Dec-11 19:59:27

Wow!!! Congratulations gringrin

LunaticFringe Thu 22-Dec-11 20:02:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatAndKit Thu 22-Dec-11 20:06:09

OMG! wow! Wishing you the best of luck and hope you continue to have a healthy pregnancy

ShowOfHands Thu 22-Dec-11 20:17:41

You do know that's four babies right?




What a wonderful thing to be celebrating this Christmas. Well done you.

QuadMama Thu 22-Dec-11 20:22:09

Thank you all for your kind messages!

@Tenebrist - they are doing well which is such a relief, currently they're all sitting on the 50th percentile. He's been amazing and I'm definitely doing all the eating in our house at the moment smile

@LunaticFringe - hehe, I have to admit peoples faces are quite a sight sometimes smile

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Enfyshedd Thu 22-Dec-11 20:23:04

Congratulations QuadMama - Wow, and there I was worrying about coping with 2 DSSs and a baby in 6 months...!!

LunaticFringe, I'm with you there grin How would you be able to keep a straight face???

toddlerama Thu 22-Dec-11 20:31:16

AMAZING!! I'll be following your progress OP.

NatashaBee Thu 22-Dec-11 20:33:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spiderlight Thu 22-Dec-11 20:34:22

Congratulations - amazing!!

Rollersara Thu 22-Dec-11 20:41:15

Congratulations x 4!

Pancakeflipper Thu 22-Dec-11 20:43:43

Oh my, I am feeling faint at hearing quads, I hope you were laying down when they told you.

I am off to read your blog this evening it looks like a rollercoaster read.

Take very good care. I guess once they are here we aren't likely to see you for a while because you might be a bit busy.

QuadMama Thu 22-Dec-11 20:43:50

Thanks so much ladies smile!

@ ShowOfHands - hehehehe that's exactly how i've been ever since I found out smile

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QuadMama Thu 22-Dec-11 20:45:39

@Pancakeflipper - Thanks! I was but it still didn't help smile Hope you enjoy, I won't lie it is a bit of an up and down read at times, but it's all truthful smile x

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Cankulzof Thu 22-Dec-11 20:47:09

Congratulations - blimey!

Great blog. A good pal of mine lives in your neck of the woods and has recently had twins; she mentioned that she was planning to go to a playgroup for multiples and their siblings. I can find out details if you like?

QuadMama Thu 22-Dec-11 20:49:34

@ Cankulzof - thanks! and yes please that would be great smile

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Bohica Thu 22-Dec-11 20:50:08

Oh wow! Congratulations smile

LikeAnAdventCandleButNotQuite Thu 22-Dec-11 20:51:07

Oh my word!! Congratulations to you and your soon to be mahoosive family! Get the relatives to rally round and make the most of the next few months.

Love to you all

<< un-mnetty xxx>>

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