How can Facebook help me get larger readership?

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MeHeandThem Fri 16-Dec-11 13:07:15

Hello. I've just set up my facebook page as everybody is saying I should really have one for the blog. So now it's done but I still don't get it. How am I going to get new readers from facebook? Sorry for being dumb but I'm missing something here. I've added the widget Facebook like on the blog and also I have posted a post yesterday saying we are now on facebook. What is next? How will people find my facebook page other than coming from my blog?
Thanks a lot for your help. Then I'll do twitter and that's again a whole new world to me so I probably will come back with questions!! Thanks.

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Badgerwife Fri 16-Dec-11 13:15:25

I have no wisdom for you but will be lurking; I have a page and have resorted to begging my friends to like me, it's getting awkward.

MmeGuillotine Fri 16-Dec-11 19:16:08

Like most things about blogging, it's a bit Chicken and Egg but fundamentally, people will go to your blog first and then sign up for the Facebook page rather than vice versa. The point being that you then keep it updated with new posts and extra chit chat which will then appear on their Facebook timeline, enticing them to click and read the post.

Or something. smile

strawberry17 Fri 16-Dec-11 21:48:02

I have a newish page and I've found it just gradually grows, I seem to collect 3/4 new people each week, partly through logging onto my page, commenting on things through my page, it just kind of morphs a bit.

lowimpactmama Fri 16-Dec-11 23:20:15

This is interesting, as I also have a facebook page but am finding it strangely hard to connect with...I feel like i'm relearning FB! Very strange (have been on facebook proper for years). Reckon I'll just keep on blogging and the Facebook thing will come with time...

Badgerwife Sat 17-Dec-11 10:06:17

What annoys me more than anything, is that my friends comment on the post on Facebook rather than on the blog. Grrr

SanTEEClaus Sat 17-Dec-11 10:11:57

I don't have a FB page but I do have a Twitter feed that sends my blog posts to my regular FB profile.

I get hits then from both sources.

And Badger, a comment is a comment, IMHO! grin

Benghiman Sat 17-Dec-11 12:41:05

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

SanTEEClaus Sat 17-Dec-11 13:02:11

I would say LinkedIN is for a business blog, not a social one.

Typecast Sun 18-Dec-11 15:04:48

I use my facebook page as an extension of the blog as well as having the posts uploaded on there. It does grow organically rather than hundreds of people "liking" it in one fell swoop.

I don't mind people commenting under the post on the facebook page (rather than the blog post) as that shows the page is interactive and sometimes it's easier for people to stay on facebook rather than click away and click back again. As long as people are reading then I'm happy smile

I've also got my blog posts fed automatically to my Twitter feed too - but there's a warning comes with my Twitter feed - it's all me, rather than "official blog".

Badgerwife Sun 18-Dec-11 23:08:50

sadly, people comment on the wall of my personal friends-only Facebook account, not the blog page. It's still lovely, but a bit hidden.

yummymummyreally Mon 19-Dec-11 07:12:34

I have a week old Facebook page for my blog. Only 8 likes to date, but I did it as it's a helpful way for people to be informed of my latest post ( for example I have liked the mums net page and like seeing the updates through fb which I am on regularly, and it does entice me to click in then. )

Still can't get the fb code pasted in the right place to get the like button on my blog though. There appears to be two lots of code. I know where the second lot goes, but not the first !

Totally rubbish at twitter... Having to learn it myself, so I will let you know if I pick it up!

Typecast Mon 19-Dec-11 12:24:31

2 lots of code? I think that's so that you can "like" an individual post and I think you can only use it on Wordpress self-hosted blogs. If you just want your Facebook page Like Box on your sidebar then use the iFrames code (it's tabbed at the top of the social plugins page on Facebook) when you click "get code".

ScatCatShoo Tue 20-Dec-11 00:35:35

I have a FB page too. The key is to market the FB page as a bit 'behind the scenes' if you see what I mean? Ask questions, make comments, post links, share interesting posts and statuses, make it all a bit silly and fun, and above all keep it interactive.

If someone likes you, check to see if they have a page, and like back.

If someone comments, reply back. If someone likes a post, thank them.

If you write serious stuff on your blog, link it up, and add relevant links. Don't just make it about your blog though, add relevant links etc from other places like newspapers. Encourage people to participate.

This will mean that when you add a new blog post, it'll show up on people's walls and you are more likely to get hits from it. I get a fair amount of hits from my friends and family, but there are a lot of strangers out there who like my page, and interact with me on it.

MeHeandThem Tue 20-Dec-11 20:19:14

Thanks for your replies. I only have 2 likes, one being me for a test, and the other one from my very good friend!!!

I need to continue updating it though which seems like double the work, the blog + facebook but I'll do it. I want more readers. Twitter seems to be better, from what I can read. I'll try that after the holiday.

Yummymummyreally, it took me forever to get the like button to work. I'm on wordpress so I can't really help you, but I did manage in the end. Good Luck!


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lowimpactmama Tue 20-Dec-11 21:55:42

ScatCatShoo great advice there! I like that behind the scenes vibe. It's exactly what I like about certain FB pages [resolves to get more into FB in the New Year]

yummymummyreally Tue 20-Dec-11 22:58:40

MeHeandThem-make that three likes! And I will keep working on it.

Typecast. Good tip re the iframe code as I had automatically tried the html. But sadly iframe isn't working either. Oh well. I'll keep trying!

strawberry17 Wed 21-Dec-11 07:58:55

Where are you MeHeandThem? I tried searching for your page, couldn't find it, put a link on here and I will go there this eveningsmile

MeHeandThem Wed 21-Dec-11 21:04:42

Thanks YummyMummyReally.
Strawberry 17, our blog is There is link to facebook on our page. And I can't find you either!!!

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strawberry17 Wed 21-Dec-11 22:03:42

I found you, I have commented on your page, I am [[!/pages/Prozac-Withdrawal-Blogspot/272717486084935 strawberry17's facebook page]

strawberry17 Wed 21-Dec-11 22:04:27

strawberry17's FB page

Typecast Tue 03-Jan-12 09:58:43

Hope you don't mind me adding this here. I wrote a How to create & manage a successful facebook page hints and tips type of post.

yummymummyreally Tue 03-Jan-12 17:09:18

Typecast... Like the post. Had given up on the like button, but will be going back to try it again, as well as customising my landing pages. Good post. Thanks!

Typecast Wed 04-Jan-12 00:52:09

Thanks yummymummreally smile

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