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shoesies Thu 08-Dec-11 21:19:29

Hello! * waves *

My blog got accepted into the bloggers network a couple of days ago but I've been skulking around the main talk boards for a couple of years now, since I was pregnant with ds1.

It's a small blog, pretty much solely talking about crafty stuff, dressmaking etc but I recently linked up to the miscarriage campaign via saltandcaramel.com and I feel that my blog is starting to become a bit more 'about me' rather than just sewing!

I've just spent a lovely couple of hours blog hopping on here and I'm looking forward to finding some more smile

You can find me at myrubiesandtigers.blogspot.com I'd love any feedback or thoughts you might have - always happy for a bit of constructive criticism (be gentle!)

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PetiteRaleuse Fri 09-Dec-11 10:18:26

Hello and welcome <Holds up Welcome sign>. Come and post your blogposts on the weekly threads, and share some of that chicken soup. Yum.

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