Double or Single duvet?

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happyberries Wed 23-Nov-11 14:38:56

Our three year old twins loved sharing a bunk bed (just the lower bunk) while on holiday, we are planning to get one for them to grow into. I wonder whether we should get a double duvet instead of a single which will fit the bed perfectly, as they might otherwise fight over a single duvet. Any advise? I'd like to get organised and buy some bedlinen in the sales before they are all gone. Thank you.

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GertieGooseBoots Wed 23-Nov-11 16:42:48

Hello! You've posted this in the Bloggers section - you might get more luck posting under _Chat or Parenting sections?

happyberries Wed 23-Nov-11 20:38:40

Oops thank you Gertiegooseboots

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