Guest post tips please!

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Maarias Sat 12-Nov-11 16:04:01

Somebody has approached me to write a guest post on my blog. I wondered whether there were any ground rules for this kind of thing (can you tell I'm a lawyer by background?!).
What happens about copyright etc.
Any other tips appreciated.

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FlamingoBingo Sun 13-Nov-11 21:11:58

Not sure about copyright, but be sure why you're having a guest post and tell your poster if you have any guidelines. I got stung once by having a guest post who wrote something that completely didn't fit with my blog ethos, so I now have a set of guidelines that I send to anyone who wants to write a guest post. I don't accept any from big commercial enterprises, just from people who have similar aspirations and ideas to me.

Maarias Sun 13-Nov-11 23:00:42

That's useful. Thanks!

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ScatCatShoo Mon 14-Nov-11 04:32:42

Maarias, please make sure this guest post thing is legit. I had a few people asking me if they could guest post on my blog, and I said no, as I was not sure about them at all.

So double check credentials before you allow them access to your blog.

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