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'What?' A new fun meme for all you monkeys out there !

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Mammasaurus Sun 14-Aug-11 23:16:09

RAWR ! It’s the ‘What? Wednesday’ Meme ! | mammasaurus

A Mammasaurus meme that you hopefully will raise a few smiles and sniggers along the way !

Here’s how it goes , take a post-it note or small square of paper and on it draw or write anything you like – a doodle, joke, statement, poem – anything -happy, sad, funny, grumpy whatever your mood. At the bottom of this ‘note’ write your blogs web address and/or twitter name.

Next step is equally as fun – pop the note somewhere – anywhere ! On a tree in the park, on the toilet door at a service station , on holiday in another country, bus,festival, library,supermarket shelf …the possibilities are endless ! Now take a photo of your note in its new ‘home’.

The following Wednesday post up the photo and if you like an explanation as to where you left it and why and if anyone has ended up getting hold of you to say they have seen it !

I just love the idea of someone randomly spotting a note left somewhere and their reaction – ‘What ?!’ , hence ‘What? Wednesday’. And you never know someone somewhere may end up reading and enjoying your blog because of it !

You don’t have to do it every week, but there are so many funny ways of doing it that it can’t help but raise a smile…unleash your inner-monkey !

I'll be adding a linky so you can add you links to it - first post is Weds 24th !

Enjoy and have fun !

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