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Little girl lost...

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TimeSculptor Sun 07-Aug-11 14:06:58

How did you feel when your little one first started school? My day seemed very long and lonely. Little Girl Lost

I've put this picture poem on my blog and I hope it's ok to link to it, as (like others) I've been waiting ages for Mumsnet to add my blog. I've had several nice emails asking me to be patient.
I am being patient... but there isn't a 'patient' face, so I'll just have to smile

strawberry17 Mon 08-Aug-11 07:48:26

Those days seem long ago for me as well, now mine are 17 and 13. I remember feeling it was the end of an era, my Dad always said to make the most of it because we walk this way but once.

I have a feeling mumsnet aren't going to add my blog, I sent it in ages ago, have had polite acknowledgment, but I have a feeling it doesn't really fit the criteria, or it's a bit crap, but they maybe too polite to tell me, but I'd rather know than not know.

ElaineM67 Mon 08-Aug-11 13:47:04

I know the feeling; I can't believe are mine are now 15 and 13! That's a wonderful poem, Jane! Thank-you for sharing

Elaine x

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