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New Bloggers Welcome

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butterflyexperience Fri 29-Jul-11 13:41:05

Welcome new Bloggers smile

This the place to introduce yourself, your Blog and any new posts you write.

We answer technical questions and support each others decisions.

If you feel lost or have a question please ask and I'm sure someone will get to you quick.


seachange Fri 29-Jul-11 13:56:05

mumsnetters who blog, or bloggers on the mn network? confused

What's going on? Whose pig is this?

seachange Fri 29-Jul-11 13:58:48

And if it is just for the MN network bloggers, surely it should be made private so the rest of us don't wander over here by mistake and get told off?

butterflyexperience Fri 29-Jul-11 16:59:29

I am nobodies pig thank you angry

Anyone is welcome and no one will be told off...
What is going on over here???

seachange Fri 29-Jul-11 17:39:56

Lol, it's from an Eddie Izzard sketch where he's talking about a new gameshow he's invented, where no one knows what's going on and a pig starts running around the audience.

I wasn't talking about you shock just that there seems to be a bit of confusion on these threads about mumsnetters who blog and those on the mumsnet network. Not sure who is supposed to be posting where.

Apologies for the obscure reference.

seachange Fri 29-Jul-11 17:42:06

I'm not sure "anyone" is welcome, there's this

PLEASE NOTE: This topic is for discussions between members of our Mumsnet Blogging Network. It's not the place for promoting other blogs. If you do that here, we may well delete your posts.

at the top of every page hmm

butterflyexperience Fri 29-Jul-11 18:12:32

Ahhh I see....<humbly accepts your apology>

I would imagine anyone interested in Blogs or Blogging would be welcome? There have been a few threads started that are non-blog related so I guess this would not be the place.

Anyway, just wanted to welcome anyone that was interested in Blogging or who was new to the game.

Blogging can open up a whole new world through online friendships or support through common interests.

grumpypants Fri 05-Aug-11 10:22:45

so, if I've just set up a blog, can I post here to ask questions, or do i have to apply to join the network (which I imagine I can't do, as I haven't been blogging for more than a week)?

MmeLindor. Fri 05-Aug-11 10:53:27

Oh dear. Can we have a thread in Bloggers topic that doesn't turn into a bun fight.

Ok, as far as I have understood the "rules" of the blogger topic/network:

You can apply to join the Network, give it a go even if your blog is quite new. You might not be accepted until you have shown that you are going to be posting stuff that doesn't go against MN rules, but why not apply anyway? It can take a couple of weeks to go through, so you can blog away happily until then.

The forum part (this topic) is for bloggers to discuss their blogs, share new posts and ask for advice. Not for promoting other blogs (such as those selling things) but for sharing amongst ourselves.

I presume that MNHQ would prefer that bloggers who post on here to be members of the Network (and tbh, why wouldn't you want to be, as it is good exposure for your blog).

It is open for everyone because some people don't actually blog but like to read blogs, and it is a good place to find other bloggers. And because if you close it off to MN bloggers, then prospective new bloggers won't find it.

grumpypants Fri 05-Aug-11 17:28:25

oh okay. have contacted MN to ask if I can apply, as so new to it all. Thanks - that makes sense, just don't want to ask stuff if I'm not meant to.

MmeLindor. Fri 05-Aug-11 18:18:01

Good for you. Do a link to your blog cause I am nosy while you wait.

I don't think that linking to a blog on Blogger Network is bad, if you say, "hi, I have applied to join, I have been writing my blog for x years and it is here..." perhaps with a summary of what it is about.

grumpypants Sat 06-Aug-11 08:38:53

grin will do - friend has asked for upsdate so you may get more than 100 wds!

PeppermintPanda Sun 07-Aug-11 23:19:47

Mind if I barge in on this thread too then? I've just applied to join. <bites nails nervously> Only got three posts up so far though (it took me a while to dig out the scanner and figure out how it worked!).

This is me. Any feedback would be welcome. I'm a bit clueless about blogging really.

butterflyexperience Mon 08-Aug-11 16:10:56

Your illustrations are lovely peppermint! And welcome smile

PeppermintPanda Mon 08-Aug-11 22:28:58

Thanks Butterfly! smile

MmeLindor. Tue 09-Aug-11 19:30:42

Lovely blog, Peppermint. And such wonderful illustrations. Glad to hear that your DD is doing well and am crossing fingers, and pressing thumbs (German version of crossing fingers) that the next scan shows everything is fine.

breadfortheboys Tue 09-Aug-11 21:12:00

Hi All, just checking in to introduce myself. My blog is:

Peppermint, just taken a look at yours and I LOVE it. I am no good at drawing at all but your blog makes me feel in awe of your skill but also makes it accessible enough (being about everyday life) to want to try to draw something IYSWIM.

PeppermintPanda Wed 10-Aug-11 17:26:24

Thank you MmeL. Bread, your blog makes me hungry! And it makes me wish I could cook. Drawing is one thing, but cooking is a complete mystery to me. I love the lego man ice lolly!

thebabywife Fri 12-Aug-11 09:47:14

Hello - I'm a very new noob, just got me email yesterday. I blog www.thebabywife.comhere and tweet here Looking forward to chatting with you all

thebabywife Fri 12-Aug-11 09:48:19

So new, I can't work the link thing on here....I'll get there, I hope!

thebabywife Fri 12-Aug-11 09:48:46

Try again

MrsFergie Fri 19-Aug-11 12:28:01

Hi! I've just been blogging these past couple of months and I'm loving it! Would appreciate any feedback/guidance/tips as i think it's a little all over the place! you can find me at Number Five

looking forward to meeting you cos i think that's the best part of all this blogging malarkey!


Amodmillymum Sun 21-Aug-11 22:43:11

Hi I am blogger too and would like to introduce myself.

My blog is about what it's like being married to the military when you are a pacifist and a feminist. They say love is blind! It is a wholly incompatible marriage which makes for challenging living but lively debate always.

I have been blogging for 18 months now.

I hope you enjoy it. I would love your feedback so please comment.

ScatCatShoo Mon 22-Aug-11 06:20:59

I know I've already been posting updates in the latest posts thread, but I've now officially been accepted into the Bloggers Network, yayyy!! I blog here and my blog mainly focusses on cooking and recipes.


JJ1471 Mon 22-Aug-11 15:38:50

Hi, I'm now part of the Bloggers Network! My blog is here Jennifer's Little World and I'm still finding my voice...I'm blogging about my life and ways to entertain little ones.

I'm loving reading everyone's blogs, it's so nice to find so many great blogs together in the same place.

Lovely to meet you all!

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