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1safedaddy Sun 19-Jun-11 10:44:45

Fingers Count!
It is a great concern to me as a parent who has suffered a severed finger that left me with a life-long disability that our children are not being shielded from reasonably foreseeable injury in fact. As adults we are reneging on our responsibility to children. Clearly children need to learn by experience, so after falling over a few times they learn.

There are solutions on the market - but do they viable!
Door finger injury in the home, school and other commonly frequented places such as leisure centres, cinemas, and McDonalds are foreseeable. However door finger injury in many schools generally inadvertent yet foreseeable and avoidable. These unshielded (or fitted with deficient shields) doors can cause digit amputation and are therefore not excusable as accidents. Please spare four minutes of your time to see what the British Safety Standard expert says at: ((

I also noticed that McDonald fast food restaurants are promoted on: . This is a company that uses a mixture of safe shields, unsafe roller-blind shields, or no shields at all. At least they are attempting to get it right on some doors. But is it ethical for mumsnet to be promoting any company that despite some safe practice fails to protect our children consistently from foreseeable traumatic injury that could lead to lifelong disability?

Please Support my campaign for safer doors and genuinely practice and genuinely safe shields.
I am a victim of door injury and know what it?s like to have this permanent disability. Please insist upon safe risk assessment and safe door finger protectors from those responsible for your child's safety? Your home, school, restaurant, leisure centre, cinema, etc. are all high risk areas.

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