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August 2010: we're popping already!

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Chulita Fri 02-Jul-10 11:40:47

In Sweet Memory Of Belle, Daughter Of CazEM. Our First August Angel Was Born Asleep
21.6.10 at 00:08, 4lbs 5oz

1st July - CherryPie BOY

20 July - Aussie #1, Nottingham , age 36 BOY
25 July - Emster #1, Walthamstow, 29, SURPRISE
22 July - 4 Aug) Chulita #2: Dorset , 27. BOY
26 July - Anifersgirl, #1, age 33 South Bucks, 33week scan extended breech GIRL
28 July - CazzyBabs #4, Cambridge , SURPRISE
29 July - CherryPie3, #3, West Yorkshire , Age 25, SURPRISE
29 July - BouncingBlueberries #2 South London , 33 SURPRISE
31 July - Missus84, #1, Bristol . Age 26 BOY
01 Aug - Nikalah, #1, Dorset . Age 35, GIRL
01 Aug - Bumblingaround #4, SURPRISE
02 Aug - Dibbydab, #1, Devon . Age 34 SURPRISE
02 Aug - summerymummy, #2, age 29, Berkshire , SURPRISE
02 Aug - JamieJay, #1, Cardiff . Age 29 - GIRL
03 Aug - fuzzybunny, #2, age27, Somerset SURPRISE
03 Aug - carolondon #1 North London age 37, BOY
04 Aug - kcoffin #3. GIRL
04 Aug - girlyearapart #3 kingston Hospital Age 31 SURPRISE
05 Aug - RachelParker #1, age 26, Wandsworth ( London ), GIRL
06 Aug - YummymummyKJulie, #1, NW London , GIRL
07 Aug - NichyNoo, #1. Brussels . Age 30 - BOY
07 Aug - Weehector #1, Largs. Age 36.. BOY
08 Aug – ElusiveMoose #2 Kent 33 BOY
08 Aug - DriedApricots #2, Surrey, SURPRISE
09 Aug - possiblenewmum #1, Guildford , age 31, GIRL
09 Aug – Alice #2 Suffolk age 25, BOY
09 Aug - thecoffeelady #2, Fleet, Hants, age 32, SURPRISE
11 Aug – CellyD #1, Walthamstow, SURPRISE
10 Aug – SayAnything #1, Brussels , age 33, BOY
12 Aug - tunise, #4, Suffolk , age 31. GIRL
13 Aug – Neenz #3 Liverpool (32) - SURPRISE
14 Aug - LCRLCR #1, Brighton , age 34, SURPRISE
14 Aug - Burkoid, #2 SURPRISE
14 Aug – babyducky #2, Brighton , age 24, SURPRISE
15 Aug – LizzieA #1 Wirral, 33, scan ok BOY
15 Aug - thedogwalker #1, age 37, Germany (originally from Halifax), BOY
16 Aug - parkgirl #1, 20wk scan fine - GIRL
16 Aug - Tah2 #3, South Wales . SURPRISE
16 Aug - Vix206 #1, Leicester , 32, BOY
16 Aug – cakeywakey, #2, age 32, GIRL
17 Aug - Doodleydoo #2 Kent still just 34, SURPRISE
18 Aug – Isheisnthe #3 Camberley, FPH, Age 33, BOY
18 Aug - biddysmama #2, Lancashire , BOY
19 Aug - marzipananimal #1, York , age 24 SURPRISE
19 Aug – Bubbabear #1, Reading/Berks age 30, BOY
20 Aug - JessieEssex #1, age 33, SURPRISE
20 Aug - USMum27 #1, age 26, Wandsworth. GIRL
21 Aug - CrunchieNutterII #2, age 34, Devon , SURPRISE
22 Aug - Poncherello #2, North London , SURPRISE
23 Aug - chickieno1 #1, SURPRISE
24 Aug – JaysFourth #4, age 38, GIRL
24 Aug - growingbump2, #2, age 25, Isle of Man , SURPRISE
25 Aug - Sal321, #1, age 31, Essex SURPRISE
25 Aug - Sam86 #2 Liverpool , GIRL
25 Aug – aendr #2, Huntingdonshire, 33, GIRL
25 Aug - Joey30, #1, Halifax - West Yorkshire , age 30., BOY
25 Aug - Soontobefatnat #1 SE London Age 30, BOY
26 Aug - pamplem0usse, age 26, #1, Herts SURPRISE
27 Aug - Jamiki #3, SURPRISE
28 Aug - LittleMissSnowShine, #1, age 26, Belfast, SURPRISE
29 Aug - Hildainstant #1, Sunderland , age 30, SURPRISE
29 Aug - LilyPad72 #1, age 37, Berkshire , BOY
29 Aug - starshaker #2 & 3 Ayrshire Age 29 VIOLET TWINS
30 Aug - Sparkle #1, age 31, Kent SURPRISE
31 Aug – vitapulchra, #4, Guernsey , 32, BOY
?? Aug - LittleMissSnowShine
02 Sept - MrsZaC, #1, Glasgow , age 26 SURPRISE
08 Sept - ronx, #2, London , age 37, SURPRISE

*Boys - 20
Girls - 15
Surprises - 32

TOTAL ----- 67

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pamplem0usse Fri 02-Jul-10 11:52:46

Chulita how are we progressing with the paypal sort out?
Alice's beautiful card for Belle has just arrived with me now (it made both me - and my husband - sob!)...
I'm now in a position to order the rose and pot whenever the rest of the stuff is sorted.
Have we thought about which charity the remainder will go to? How do we want to work this (a vote? ask Caz?)...
And shall I try and set up a page with the picture of the card / rose / pot that I can link to?

girlsyearapart Fri 02-Jul-10 11:58:21

marking my place on new thread.

Still haven't added to the rose fund can someone link for me?

Can't wait to hear cherry's news properly!

liahgen66 Fri 02-Jul-10 11:59:57

Yey, congrats cherry knew it was this the other day.

Chulita Fri 02-Jul-10 12:01:24

pample I rang earlier but had to deal with DD so cut it short, I'm going to hassle them today hopefully and get the name changed. I'll let you know when it's sorted!

gya if you want to contribute it's on a Paypal account, email to donate to is

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LittleMissSnowShine Fri 02-Jul-10 12:22:42

Chulita - thanks for link to abdominal binder, this looks far cheaper than the belly bandit one, def going to order one of these - anything that can possibly help, right?? And great to be on the new thread - starting to seem like the end is in sight (well 7 or 8 weeks away!)

Two other questions to better prepared and more experienced ladies out there!

Femé Pads - To buy or not to buy? The pads themselves plus gauze sleeves are about £20 all in I think - absolute must or waste of cash??

Kari Me baby sling? I quite like the idea of being able to use my hands while holding the baby, even just to read a book, have something to eat, work on laptop, possible breastfeed and a friend recommended the Kari Me sling to me. It looks kind of complicated tho! Seem to be about £18 on ebay - good buy or too fussy to get much use out of??

Now we've got most of main bits and pieces like moses basket, changing table, cot and car seat all bought trying to make sure we don't throw money away on useless crap that sounds like a good idea but will never get used! No storage space for starters wink

Thanks a million!!

USMum27 Fri 02-Jul-10 12:33:39

Many congrats to Cherry on her little boy! I can't believe we're popping already .... shock

We've decided not to move, but in means we'll be in our one bedroom flat for another year, but a very large one bedroom flat. It takes away so much stress and now I can just focus on getting this place spick and span for the baby. Still a bit sad not to be able to decorate a nursery.

London is still boiling hot and I haven't slept in a week -- please tell me it will be cold and rainy this weekend (I never thought I'd wish for that)!

mrsZaC Fri 02-Jul-10 12:37:46

just marking my spot on the new thread

re: Caz fund I think it would be nice if she is able to choose which charity she would like the money to go to, as like someone said she might want to donate to the hospital...or something closer to home.. what do you think?

does anyone elses baby mainly kick on one side? my little one is a right hand side kicker..

Joey30 Fri 02-Jul-10 12:43:51

My baby kicks on the right side too! Bump looks all lopsided too when he does it!!!

bouncingblueberries Fri 02-Jul-10 12:46:31

Yay! A new thread! Thanks chulita

cherry!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Get yourself on here and tell all (because obviously you don't have anything more important to do, lol!)

elusive I'm going to get super stern with you in a minute if you don't finish packing those bags.

I'm intrigued by these abdominal binders - do they really work?

coffeelady I feel your pain - consultants are a massive pain in the ass as far as I'm concerned. angry

Well, I now have the company of a stinking cold sad Not happy. Didn't get much sleep last night as our garden is right beside the railway line and they've been doing work for the past week now. Poor dh is shattered too. Then to make it worse, ds wet the bed last night and got really upset. He's been dry at night for over a year now, but since going into his bunkbeds has wet the bed a couple of times sad poor little thing gets really upset.

Getting loads of braxton hicks today and starting to get the 'basketball between the legs' feeling. Guessing baby has dropped a little. Just wish it wasn't quite so hot and I had a bit more energy to play with ds today. I just want to sleep...

aussie hope you get finished work today and manage to chill out for a bit before your baby arrives. You poor thing, you must be so stresed out. I hope your work are super appreciative of everything you're a doing [stern look]

vix206 Fri 02-Jul-10 13:21:20

Just marking my spot and also saying that I will be sending funds later today for Caz. I think we should let her decide where the surplus money goes to in terms of charity personally.


Dibbydab Fri 02-Jul-10 13:25:28

O.M.G!!! Huge congrats Cherry can't wait to hear all about it - I knew this was "it" for you on Wednesday when you posted!

Last day at work for me - hopefully will get 3 or 4 weeks off before baby arrives, but who knows? DH is away and not back until Tuesday, so I've drafted in my sister to sleep at mine until he's back - just in case you understand...

Got a brill BT Digital monitor and Bumbo from work, some vouchers for beauty treatments and a bottle of Champers which I am v. much looking forward to opening...

Hugs to all x

CellyD Fri 02-Jul-10 16:50:53

Congratulations Cherry!

The arrival of Cherry's LO has focused my mind a bit, must work on getting a hospital bag together.

Like quite a few others have said, I think if Caz can choose the charity, that would be best.

mrsZac for the last week I have had a right side kicker on my hands too, although it is still an improvement on last week when I thought maybe there was some capoeira practice going on.

pamplem0usse Fri 02-Jul-10 18:12:48

OK it looks like the consensus (so far anyway) is to let Caz choose.
Unless I hear any objections I'm going to ask Caz; it would be nice if it went to somewhere she felt a personal connection with.

thedogwalker Fri 02-Jul-10 18:32:43

Hi everyone

I also think it would be nice for Caz to decide where the remaining money goes.

mrsZac, my boy kicks incessantly, but mainly on the left side. Don't think there is much room for him anymore.

Went to supermarket today, but started having BH on the walk round, shock, it was not that easy to walk at the same time. Plus I still feel like I'm saddle sore. What is that all about???

Hope everyone has a nice evening smile

vitapulchra Fri 02-Jul-10 20:37:13

Congratulations Cherry!

I also keep thinking I have ages but as all of my DCs have been early, I should really start thinking about packing.

Can't wait to hear about her little boy!

vix206 Fri 02-Jul-10 20:51:08

I get kicks all over but I have a definite bottom/back that rises up on my right hand side several times a day! really firm and when I stroke it the rest of him wriggles like he really likes it I feel more hiccups (just above pubic bone) and little punches and rummaging around than I do kicks. Get quite a lot of nudges higher up which might be kicks I suppose.

Just had a house viewing and the woman absolutely loves the house and wants to come back with her daughter next week so fingers crossed. Also got a 2nd viewing tomorrow. While DH did viewing I went to Mothercare and got some bargains, mainly an Avent manual breast pump half price at £14.99. They have a good sale on at the moment.

Oh, and I'm totally addicted to ice cubes right now

Alicetheinvisible Fri 02-Jul-10 21:10:02

Hello, just marking my spot smile

ElusiveMoose Fri 02-Jul-10 21:27:39

Also marking my spot. Blueberries, PMSL at the basketball between the legs sensation. That's exactly how I've been feeling for the last couple of day. Still, at least it means that my ribs are no longer in agony. Every cloud has a silver lining grin.

sparkle101 Fri 02-Jul-10 21:34:33


Just marking my spot.

Many congratulations cherry can't wait to hear about baby boy.

Am getting very scared now!

Nikalah Fri 02-Jul-10 22:11:37

OMG - Things are certainly getting close now. I've spent the evening sorting and washing baby clothes and doing a check-list of everything needed for the hospital bag....

It really is getting quite exciting!

The bump seems to have grown during the day and is just SO heavy, finding it so difficult to get comfortable, my whole body aches.

NHS antenatal session tomorrow - when I got the letter it seemed so far away!

Here's hoping it's a cooler weekend!

Emster30 Fri 02-Jul-10 22:28:02

It's meant to only be 25 degrees in London over the weekend - sounds like bliss compared to the 29/30 we've been having!

thecoffeelady Fri 02-Jul-10 23:49:22

Looking forward to an update from cherry soon.

I am hoping it cools down to, I have had no sleep for ages now.

I started on Raspberry Leaf capsules today, I used raspberry leaf tea with dd, not sure it did much but as I didn't really like it, maybe I didn't drink enough.

I am off to bed now as I have a busy day at work tomorrow and both shops are short staffed so it will be a long stressful day with no Doctor Who at the end of it.

On sunday we are going strawberry picking and then on to a local forest to look for mini beasts as DD loves creepy crawlies! after that I am thinking it may be a pub lunch.

I will catch up tomorrow night after I have packed my hospital bag

tah2 Sat 03-Jul-10 01:07:38

Congratulations Cherry

Just wanted to mark my spot on the new thread.

I hope its not too late, but i have just donated for Caz.

I really need to get more organised, we still need to buy some big items like a pushchair, so the thought of packing hospital bags sounds scary!!!

Alicetheinvisible Sat 03-Jul-10 08:02:56

Congratulations Cherry!!!!!!

(internet was very ropey last night)

Why has DD decided she wants to be potty trained 5 1/2 weeks before the baby arrives? confused

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