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The Wagon Round 2: wonder how many will fall off this time?

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GiraffeYoga Sat 05-Jun-10 10:27:07

New Threaad Wagoners!

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NatalieJane Sat 05-Jun-10 10:41:27

<sticks superglue, pva, pritt stick, spray mount, sticky tape, nomorenails, and anyother sticky glue thing to the bottom of my feet> I am not falling off anything, will just sit here on the wagon sofa and not move...

Diege Sat 05-Jun-10 12:37:49

Hello! Thanks for the new thread GIRAFFE! Love the title grin
Hi NAT,if it's ok with you a lift from Preston would be great. I don't know Blackpool at all so would be good not to arrive there on my own!
Still feeling bleughh, though back from time now, £30 are watching BGT repeat this afternoon (I've told them it's the final blush and may pop out later again if weather holds- very dark skies!

essenceofSES Sat 05-Jun-10 14:04:31

Hello! Sat in hairdresser waiting for highlights to take.

Giraffe - thanks for new thread!

Nat - hope the pox doesn't spread any more. Good luck with your assignments - sounds like you're doing really well with it all though!

Diege - hope you did manage to enjoy your evening and sorry for feeling bleugh today.

DH has taken DS to Bluewater. Hoping they think to bring me back something but I doubt it!

Starshinetiger Sat 05-Jun-10 14:24:49

Thanks for more birthday wishes. Plans gone a little awry - DH is very ill - well, he is laid in bed all day feeling sick, achy and cold (?!?! - very definitely ill, as it is roasting here). Took DC to park this am, but not by bike as only have 1 bike seat per bike - DS said was feeling ill on way there and we only stayed 15 mins, then he had 1.5 hour nap in his bed when we got back - really unheard of.

Have skyped my DB and DSIL in Oz though and am planning my official bday for a day in next few weeks when we're all feeling well and weather is good (fear that combination is too much to ask for grin).

Ah well, didn't really want to get a year older anyway and maybe if I don't actually get to celebrate my birthday, I won't get older grinwink

Diege - hope you feel better very quickly.

Ses - enjoy hairdressers and hopefully DH and DS will surprise you.

Thanks for new thread Giraffe - I did realise we needed one this am, but did not have any creativity to create new title.

Diege Sat 05-Jun-10 14:26:00

Ooh SES talk about rubbing it in wink, I'm sure they'll look great. Agree that it's unlikely you'll get anything from dh! BTW (being nosey) has there been anymore progress on ttc chat of late?

essenceofSES Sat 05-Jun-10 14:32:23

Star - does sound like DH is properly I'll
Makes you sound v posh though if you're going to have an official birthday another time! (Also nice to have an extended birthday).
Hope DH doesn't get any worse and recovers quickly.

Diege -Thanks for asking! No further ttc/GOF conversations. I decided to leave it for a few days to a week to take the pressure off and I'm trying to focus on the positives of not ttc. Not easy but I may have a bottle glass of chilled Pinot grigio later!
Mood between me and DH has been more relaxed and fun so hoping this is the right way to go for the moment.

essenceofSES Sat 05-Jun-10 14:33:27

Pesky iPhone... Should have been properly ill !!

Starshinetiger Sat 05-Jun-10 14:49:15

Yes Ses - he is properly ill poor thing - and I read ill in your first post, so shows I was reading quickly blush

Meant to say to you - I know you have always said you wanted 2DC close together, but I do honestly think that the age gap we have betwen ours - 2.5 years is great too. They change so much from 1-2 years and then 2-3 years that it is nice to be able to focus on your 1st DC solely for first couple of years. At the time, I we had planned to start trying so we would have had more like 2yr age gap, but circumstances prevented that and in retrospect, DH was much better able to look after DS while I had MS and it was easier with DS that he was a bit older when DD was born. I know that you manage whatever the age gap, but don't be put off - DS and DD are very close too despite her being 2.5 years longer.

Well, that is a waffle, but I hope you get the gist!

allshoppedout Sat 05-Jun-10 18:29:44


cheers for new thread

happy bday star toogrin
my dh is poorly too has a virus is aching
isnt too bad

i went into town this monring bought myself
kswiss trainers in sale,tshirts,jewellery and cuddly toys for car. dhs sister got me great rucsackgrin

had yummy bits for lunch
having dominoes for teagrin

essenceofSES Sat 05-Jun-10 20:19:09

Oh no! Sorry for the poorly DHs.
(Do they have allergies to their DWs birthdays??!)

Star - what you said did make sense thank you!

Anyone else watching BGT? I loved Twist & Pulse but really hope the impressionist wins as he was great and isn't a singing or dance act. Having said that, the dog is up next and could also win...!

cantmummyhaveabreak Sun 06-Jun-10 09:06:26

Morning. Just book marking. Catch up later if possible!

GruffaloSoldier Sun 06-Jun-10 09:18:41

morning everyone!sorry been awol again!had my sis and niece here til Friday then my training weekend this weekend-last day today! I'm not well though,have deduced from my symptoms that I think I have an ovarian cyst so going to docs tomorrow to check it out.what a pain and I feel rubbish.sorry for me post,I'm on the train to london.will try post properly later.hope everyone is enjoying their weekend: )

maxxymoosmummy Sun 06-Jun-10 09:45:38

morning thanks for te new thread GIRAFFE
been a busy weekend, and ended up going out with some friends for a meal and few drinks last night, missed DS lots, and cant wait for him to come back. he stayed at his dads smile

notsyre what to do today but want to do somthing. any ideas for a sunday?

hope everyone is well, and no more cases of the pox.

NatalieJane Sun 06-Jun-10 10:29:14


Am in for a moan I think, though have no idea what about, do you ever just wake up and are just grumpy? hmm Nothing wrong, just, can't be arsed with the world today?

Diege, it'll be no problem at all, let us know what time you train is due in and we'll be there, we'll have to decide on a place to meet in Blackpool as well, I've been a few times so know most of it but not terribly well. Was going to suggest meeting at the tower but then thinking about it, the bottom of the tower is pretty big, we'd still never find everyone! Maybe at the entrance to one of the piers?

Ses, hope you're pleased with your hair

Star and Tink, sorry for poorly DH's, hope they're not making too big a deal of it! Tink, hope you enjoyed your shopping? silly question! And Star, hope you get the birthday you deserve sooner rather than later

Gruff, how is your mum doing? Hope you enjoyed the time with your family

MMM, no, no more pox here, still not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, part of me just wanted them all to get it over and done with, but then I feel bad for wishing them ill confused

Right, am off to grump about while designing a lighting plan, no wonder I'm grumpy, it's Sunday, DH has been called out, I am sat in here again doing this course, what happened to Sunday; a day of peace and rest?! (Though get the feeling I'd still be grumping if he was home and I wasn't working... one of those days methinks!)

Diege Sun 06-Jun-10 11:24:48

Morning! I'll join you on the grumpy seat NAT. Have also woken up with a mood on, though think in my case it's more to do with imminent arrival of MIL...I know it sounds awful, but she is so 'stressy' and really puts me on edge. I feel like I can't relax or be myself in my own home, she just sort of hovers over me without saying anything. Which is very weird I think confused I think as with most things the anticipation will be worse than the reality hmm
That's great about the lift NAT, many thanks. I'll make sure that I bring lots of yummy food for the day - am really looking forward to it smileHope you can get out of 'the glums' as my friend calls it - weather isn't helping either!
GRUFF hope you're ok and that the dr. can shed some light on possible cyst. I know they are very common, but can 'flare up' from time to time and cause pain.
TINKS glad you had a good day yesterday - your food plans made my mouth water!
STAR, boo to poorly other halfs, though it did sound like he was pretty rough, so fairs fair I suppose wink - bad timing though!
MMM sounds like a good night last night; must be great to have a bit of a break.
Well,apart from MIL visit, dd1 out all day with a friend at Oulton Park (some car thing, think it's on ITV4?)and ds out with dh for an hour on the bike, looking too cute with his bike helmet on!. Hoping to get some more bits listed on e-bay and tidy up a bit. BIG dentist visit tomorrow - the dreaded brace! Very nervous,though at least you won't hear my lisp on here grin

maxxymoosmummy Sun 06-Jun-10 13:53:36

awww not good about feeling down NAT and DIEGE,
im actually feeling really happy today, not sure why as M is being a pain. doing everythin he knows he shouldt be. hes having a nap atm so took the time to tidy the kitchen and living room otherwise there will be more mess than started with if he was awake. so best get on and be back later
hope both your moods pick up soon.

cantmummyhaveabreak Sun 06-Jun-10 15:22:14

Afternoon. Been a productive day here, house blitzed, car washed, DH has just made muffins with dd1 & ds!

Sorry to hear of your troubles gruff, hope it's something that can be treated easily .

Deige& Nat- Meeting at south pier may be best, closest to town for me to walk there or get a bus to, and ideal to find a spot to set up a nice picnic for lunch too.

maxxymoosmummy Sun 06-Jun-10 15:34:54

CANT south pier is the one all the way up near the sandcastle hmm dont you mean north pier or central?

NatalieJane Sun 06-Jun-10 16:55:32

I have cheered up a bit, DH came home and I went to bed for an hour, must have needed it because usually when I sleep in the day I feel worse for it, but I am feeling a bit more 'with it' now! Helps that he's just ordered my new phone, and now he's at the shop, coming home, pouring my wine, sending me to the bath while he sorts dinner out - steak chips and onion rings again, 3rd time this week, can't get enough of it at the moment, am sure he wishes I was saying that about him! LOL And then, after dinner I'm cutting his hair, kind of a let down hey?!

Which ever pier (or other place if there's anywhere easier?) that's easiest for you guys, DH knows Blackpool like the back of his hand so you name it, we'll be there

Am thinking weather wise, it might be best to have a 'just incase' plan, just incase it is chucking it down or something? Blackpool is no fun in the rain! Though that might just be my control freakery shining through?!

Diege, hope MIL visit wasn't too bad?

MMM, enjoy the peace while he's asleep!

Hello everyone else

allshoppedout Sun 06-Jun-10 17:18:03

right ladies
i want to get a new watch looking @ one of these know they r kids ones blush does it matter hmm

luv the following 5840274&sr=1-35 840158&sr=1-19 58&sr=1-16 275840687&sr=1-15

understand where u r coming from re mil diege i am excatly the same

i am obssessed with kit kat chunkys @ the mo nat

know what u mean about waking up in a mood i do someimes

i saw bgt luved twist and pulse too

NatalieJane Sun 06-Jun-10 17:35:58

Only thing to watch for re. the kids ones is if it would be big enough? Short of that, can't see why it would matter. You go for what you like

Right, ditched the bath for a shower, still not sure about the wasps nest in the bathroom, we've not had any in for over a week now but still can't get imagined vision of laying down in the lovely roll top bath and then suddenly being in a swarm of wasps! Really can't wait to have a bath though, shower's are great for everyday and couldn't do without one, but oh for a lovely hot looooooong soak in the bath!

Oh well, wine time, bit early but who cares?!

cantmummyhaveabreak Sun 06-Jun-10 17:39:14

Yes I had meant north pier. Back-up for bad weather could be my house? It's a mess- honestly! But I'd be happy to have you here to keep out of the rain?

Otherwise I haven't a clue where else we could go.

maxxymoosmummy Sun 06-Jun-10 18:53:34

well had a very productive day, tidied kitchen, and living room, just got to decide which toys im taking from M, to make more space. but leaving it till he goes to bed.
been to my friends for a little wile and just got back. going to try get DS a bath now before bed, but dont think it will happen without a fight.

most back up plans for blackpool meet cost money that i can think of.
theres not really anywhere to go without spending lots of pennies. depends what sort of thing you would like to do really.

NAT not good about the wasp nest, jus have visions of it happenin argghhhh. i wudnt cope. hope you enjoy your wine.

at work tomoro, really dont want to go but got to be done.

allshoppedout Sun 06-Jun-10 20:46:05

cheers nat re watches. hv seen some others that i like instead.
got dd1 more doodles yest took them back today as i lost receipt had to exchange.
bought dd2 pink doodle sandals. she is now a 3.5fgrin.
dd1 back 2 school tomgrin back 2 normality

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