vaginal birth after having abdom myomectomy

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Ykanela Wed 21-Apr-10 13:14:30

Hello I'm 32 to weeks pregnant,29 years old, last June I have abdominal myomectomy, my fibroid was Intramural size 12 cm. the doctor told me I will have a C-section by my 37 weeks, but just today he say my uterus and placenta are looking good and I could be able to give birth natural,he say I could choose, have somebody be in the same situation?
is my first baby, I have 3 miscarriages before, I would like to have more babies, it is true a C-section put you on to risk of having more babies?
I know exist a risk a uterus ruptured having a natural birth,I have less than one year since my operation last year.
I don't know what to do, I feel so confused right now, somebody help me please

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carrotsarenottheonlyvegetable Wed 21-Apr-10 13:26:01

I don't know about your specific surgery, but the risk of rupture is likely to be dependant on the location of the scar and how well it's healed. If your doctor says it's safe, then it's safe - they generally er on the side of caution.

The biggest question is, do you want to try for a vaginal birth? If it's important to you and the doctor says it's safe, then go for it. The evidence shows that vaginal birth after c-section is better for the baby and mother, and I would guess (but it's a GUESS) that it would be the same for you. If you are happy to have a c-section then you may wish to just do this. It's possible - you need to ask - that two lots of surgery may mean you'd have to have a section for a second baby. As for whether it reduces your fertility, I can't think it would help but I really don't know (many people have several sections and conceive ok...).

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Wed 21-Apr-10 13:27:47

i had an abdominal myomectomy in March 05 and a vaginal birth in Oct 06, with no problems related to my operation. smile

myectomy2020 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:28:50

I know these posts haven’t been active for a long time but would really like to know if you had a vaginal birth as I had an intramural fibroid of 12cm aswell and am trying to conceive at the moment. I would want a vaginal birth if we manage to get pregnant.

myectomy2020 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:30:36

I know this post is really old but would love to know which hospital you were able to have a vaginal birth after a myectomy or name of the doctor please 🙌🏾

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