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10/10 Babies - The sun is showing and the pumpkins are growing

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Hermya321 Wed 14-Apr-10 11:40:50

Here we go, pull up a deck chair, catch some rays and help yourselves to a mini eggs ice cream. grin

Link to the stats list.

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Tyson86 Wed 14-Apr-10 11:54:03

Hello, just booking my seat

Hermya321 Wed 14-Apr-10 11:56:49

Hello Tyson!!

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SamanthaB123 Wed 14-Apr-10 11:59:34

Hello! Found the new thread, thanks for the stats list link!

Nymphadora Wed 14-Apr-10 12:22:56

Copied over from the other one as Hemya & I crossed posts!

samB had it this am but didn't feel I should follow straight on from reading Tinys post.

Got in at 8:50 for a 9 am appointmentBaby was facing head outwards so difficult to get a proper view for ages. She ended up poking it right in my side to get a side view. Got some pics, DH v excited but I didn't think they were that great. Going to tell kids tonight then its a free for all over who tells who! My Mam seems to be stalking me until I give her permission to spread the news

20 week scans

meanbeansmum 5th May
seashells 17th May
JenniMoo 20th May
AbFab 21st May
KSal 21st May
Tyson86 27th May
SilverSky 27th May
MummylovesSadie 28th May
shieldbug 1st June
DillyDora 3rd June
SamB123 7th June
Hermya321 8th June
Nymphadora 9th June
Xavielli 15th June

Yay not last now! Should have been the 4th but am at work and as its half term I'm V busy.

How are people dealing with appointments/work? I work pt and its quite flexible so at the moment I work appointments into my days off. There is part of me that feels that I shouldn't faff about changing them and just take them in work time if thats when they fall but then there is the travel 1/2 hour+ each way.....

Elsa123 Wed 14-Apr-10 13:14:15

How are you all getting 20 week appointments?! I've heard zip. Congratulations Nymphadora- how lovely for you, so pleased x x

SeaShellsOnTheSeaShore Wed 14-Apr-10 13:14:36

Hello everyone!

Tinywelsh- I'm sorry to hear your news, I hope you can get all thesupport you need here or in rl- we're thinking of you (((hugs))) <hides from the moldies mafia for hugging , you prob need it though>

working sucks, I'm knackered and wil try to never take Sahm status for granted again! I'm ok ish at being an office monkey, but feel out of my depth ( temping in office at present)

DillyDora Wed 14-Apr-10 13:30:06

Oooh, it's nice here isn't it? Can I put my beanbag down here, lovely, sigh!

I've got a flexible job too so just taking appts as they come, thank heavens!

Sorry work is a bit rubbish seashells it just kind of! Aw well, you've got us, and a few pennies in the pot.


MummyLovesSadie Wed 14-Apr-10 13:31:06

Tiny I'm really sorry to hear your news, (sad) this two weeks wait is going to be so hard for you. I know I sound like a broken record but you are welcome to have a peek at the other thread I'm one. One of the ladies has had four mc's & one of them was to Edwards & she is now due to give birth to a baby girl in 7 weeks. There is a another lady there who was a week ahead of me but her baby was diagnosed with multiple chromosonal abnormalities & has sadly had to have a termination last week. You would get a lot of hand holds & support there no matter what your outcome is. Good luck.

Nymph yay! Did you have a blood test too? Sorry, I'm a bit obsessed with blood tests at the mo!

DillyDora Wed 14-Apr-10 13:38:23

MLS What's the story with you at this point? I've lost the thread a bit...

Nymphadora Wed 14-Apr-10 13:40:08

20 week appt was given at 12 week one elsa when are you seeing MW? You're going to have to ask her or GP to chase your 12 week one up

mls no bloods, seeing consultant on Friday they might want some?

Has everyone else got MW appts coming up?

DillyDora Wed 14-Apr-10 13:43:29

I'm seeing the consultant for the 16 week as I'm asthmatic ... apparently it's standard and then they'll sign me back off to the mw once they've decided I'm not going to cark it in the delivery wink

I had blood tests at 12 week scan - combined test, which you have to opt in for, (being 37 and the worrying type, I opted in). They said they would call within 2 weeks if there was a problem.....


MummyLovesSadie Wed 14-Apr-10 13:47:45

Dilly I had my combined blood test yesterday (my second blood test after my 12 week scan) & I'll get the results tomorrow by phone. Eeeek.

Nymph I'm seeing my consultant on Friday too. Perhaps you live in an area where where they do the nuchal scan but not the blood test? I wish I'd not had the blood test as it's seriously messed with my head confused. Yes my next mw appointment is next Friday.

Hermya321 Wed 14-Apr-10 13:49:34

I'm actually not coping with work at the moment and have got some time off to get my head together. But tbh I've had a difficult couple of months and me thinking 'arghhhh gonna have a baby, have no money' was a bit like lighting the touch paper.

As to my next appointment, I've got one at 16 weeks to have the triple blood test. They offered it to me, so I thought why not. TBH if I didn't have that the next time I'd see my midwife would be at 20 weeks and I felt that 9 weeks between appointments was a bit much.

Is it just me or does some of the antenatel care that some of us are getting seem to be a bit substandard? I mean yeah it's better than giving birth in a shed with a piece of rope and a bucket, but they seem to really let themselves down on the real basics like giving people appointments.

Sorry having a non cheerful day.
Nymph What do you do? Are you an occupational health type wizzy person?

Elsa Mine was made when I had my dating scan.

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DillyDora Wed 14-Apr-10 13:54:27

Good luck MLS, I was talking to a friend about this the other day and she said that there are so many false positives on these tests and we all get so worried when we needn't really. I know of course sometimes there are problems, but sometimes not!!

Hermya funny you should say that about the care, I really wish I'd had a better scan (like, been able to see the screen for more of the time!) but otherwise it's good, I have to say, my lot seem very very organised about appointments. Sorry about the work thing, it's definitely my biggest source of stress too. Well, that and money wink. Bah - here, have a mini egg!


shieldbug Wed 14-Apr-10 14:51:18

tiny just heard your news and sending lots of hugs in your direction. Hope you are getting lots of support and hugs in RL and that you are able to take some time out to come to terms with what this might mean. Like everyone else, I hope and pray the test was in the 1% inaccurate band.

Elsa when I had my 12 week appointment, they told me to book in for the 20 week scan at the same time. Might be a good idea to phone and find out if you can make an appointment rather than waiting.

MLS good luck for tomorrow.

My news is that all my tests came back negative so no obvious infections. I've just decided to go about my business as normal again and assume that it was nothing significant.

shieldbug Wed 14-Apr-10 14:52:22

xav meant to say- what AWESOME cakes. Serious respect for your skills!

DillyDora Wed 14-Apr-10 14:56:02

Xav OMG your cakes!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me you do this professionally. Also - very very very cute kids!

Xavielli Wed 14-Apr-10 15:16:11

Thanks for all your comments guys! Thats awesome! Too much hard work to do cakes professionally. I turn into a stroppy mare when I decorate lol.

Tiny - Sending you lots of love. My sister had an Edward's pregnancy 3 years ago so I know how devestating it can be. I don't know what choices you have been given with regards to continuing with the pregnancy and the outlook if you do, but I hope you get the support you need either way.

Nymph Grats on the scan.

Right. Back to making the house a little more presentable (Yes, I was going to do it last night but I collapsed in an exhausted heap from my cakey-makey frenzy) Birhtdays are tiring!!

SeaShellsOnTheSeaShore Wed 14-Apr-10 15:22:54

Lol dilly grin I just hate being the new girl, and I seem to have arrived in the midst if a hectic week after they fired the last temp within one day shock I wish it was a ver job- at least I'd know I could cope in all circumstances to some extent rather than wanting to batter Microsoft outlook into a pulp

I finally am evangelical about macs- the last 3 days have removed all doubt!

Xav- happy housescrubbing! You could go professional with those cake making skills

Hermya321 Wed 14-Apr-10 15:28:54

Thanks Dilly I'll add them to the stash of Harribo that I'm drowning my sorrows in.

Is anyone else finding that they can't eat as much as they did a few weeks ago. I kid you not, I had a piece of cheese on toast for lunch yesterday and I was still full from that come tea time. I managed about a third of a bowl of pasta and then gave up. I mean I don't really snack either (save for the occasional sweet every now and then) and I'm very [hmmm].

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floozietoozie Wed 14-Apr-10 16:07:10

Tiny I'm so sorry about the news. Really hope you are the 1% but if not, that you get the best help for whatever decision you make and that you have a happier outcome in a future pregnancy. Thinking of you.

SamB am in the same boat as you today, absolutely whacked. Think the three hour sleep/5.30 start on Mpnday and working late last night caught up big time. Lying down now and trying not to get worked up about ongoing statement of special ed needs battle with the council for ds. Grrrr.

floozietoozie Wed 14-Apr-10 16:21:23

Nymph you're entitled to time off for mat appts you know.

I'm seeing the consultant in two weeks then midwife at 15 wks and triple test at 16. My 20 wk scan isn't until I'm 21 weeks though, I worked out, so I'll definitely be last for that.

Oops not doing much resting here am I? I justhad to go down to answer a builders question about the kitchen so it sort of woke me up a bit. Ds is still zonked on the sofa, bless. Ikea (again) wore us both out.

Elsa123 Wed 14-Apr-10 16:44:54

Shieldbug I think you're right, as I never got the NHS 12 week scan due to their incompetence and I'm not due to see the mw for another 3 weeks (or whenever I can get hold of her as its normally fortnightly).

SamanthaB123 Wed 14-Apr-10 17:07:42

Elsa123 When I first saw my midwife at 8 weeks she put in the request for the 12 week scan at the hospital where I am most likely to have the baby. They wrote to me to tell me when the scan was. My 20 week scan is at a different hospital, the cottage hospital where the midwife is based which is more local. She made that appointment while I was there which is why I knew the date for it so early. If I were you I would telephone the hospital where you should be having the scan to find out what is going on. If you look at their website it will become clear whcih department do ante-natal scanning - at my hospital it wasn't anything to do with maternity but obsetrics and something else which I forget. It might take a while of ringing around but you should get success in the end.

Nymoh I work full time and teach - I was lucky that the 12 week scan was in the Easter holidays so I didn't need to do anything about time off. The school are really good about having time off for this kind of thing although I have tried to make the appointments at time when I know it is easier to release me.

I have found working really difficult, teaching is a tough business with morning sickness. Luckily it's the easter holidays at the moment so there has been some respite. I am terribly beind with my workload though and feel awfully guilty. I am usually hardworking and reliable and at the moment I am doing the minimum. I was supposed to do all my planning today but have been asleep on and off for the whole day. It's a good idea to take some time off and to get yourself sorted. At the end of the day you and the baby are the priority now and it's important to know when you need to stop (I am rubbish at that and just continue until I fall over).

Might get dressed in a minute shock, don't know what happened to me today, feel like I've been hit by exhaustion...

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