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November 2010 Babies - meeting our MWs and going for scans!

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Loopymumsy Thu 25-Mar-10 06:24:45

Message withdrawn

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Loopymumsy Thu 25-Mar-10 06:33:34

Message withdrawn

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bunnygirl80 Thu 25-Mar-10 06:48:00

Loopy thanks for the new thread.

I for one will not be giving up the virtual alcohol - if I can't drink the real stuff then I at least want to pretend to be having cocktails etc when I'm online grin

balijay Thu 25-Mar-10 07:30:32

OOoh new thread - good morning everyone! I have a feeling us Nov ladies are going to get through a fair few threads!

Am 5w 6 days here - not much to report. Still drinking decaff coffee which is nice - am expecting to go off it anyday.

Good luck to all those due for a scan - thinking of you x

Loopymumsy Thu 25-Mar-10 07:43:23

Message withdrawn

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crumpetsolo Thu 25-Mar-10 08:03:05

Had my scan on Tuesday and tada a heartbeat - yay! But the Bean is only 7 weeks and 3 days (like I thought) so I have to go back in three weeks for another one. I'd forgotten how nervewracking it is before the sonographer turns the screen round for you to see. And I'd drunk a pint and half and my appointment was running late so I was BURSTING for a wee, which didn't help. Good luck everyone with scans coming up

bunnygirl80 Thu 25-Mar-10 08:11:06

loopy it's well past Pimms o'clock where I am grin And I always count it as one of my 5 a day because of all of the fruit in it

Am now reminded of the time DH made a jug of Pimms but we didn't have any fresh mint so he put a large quantity of Coleman's mint sauce in as a substitute hmm It added a rather interesting vinegary quality to it grin

applegirl Thu 25-Mar-10 08:12:13

Morning all!

Thanks for the new thread and the new list Loopy. I'll join you for a jug of Pimms too - never too early for strawberries wink.

Boobs have reached a new level of pain in the last day or two - finding a comfy sleeping position is impossible! hmm I have dug out a couple of sports bra's though, which are WAY more comfy than the normal underwired ones I wear - although I am feeling far from doing anything sporty at the moment!

craftykamo Thu 25-Mar-10 08:15:40

Morning all. The morning, noon and night sickness is really starting to kick in now. Yesterday a spoof ad for marmite fabric conditioner set me off - the prospect of yeasty-smelling towels had me properly gagging! Think I might sue Marmite for distress...

Waiting to hear back from the EPAU at work about reassurance scans, as my booking in appointment isn't for another five weeks I think I'll go mad by then. Was worried about confidentiality but if I keep turning green at work I think my boss may guess soon anyway. Ginger isn't working, eating just makes me feel bloated and sick - what else can I do? Do the wristbands really work?

sapphire87 Thu 25-Mar-10 08:18:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Thu 25-Mar-10 09:26:02

Message withdrawn

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addictedtothefirsttrimester Thu 25-Mar-10 09:44:05

morning all, just marking on 'threads i'm on'

PrivetDancer Thu 25-Mar-10 09:48:08

The due date from my doc was 2 days different from the mumsnet calc, but I'll wait for scan to bother changing it (tomorrow! So scared!)

those of you who have had scans at 6 weeks - did you have to have internal ones?

Booboobedoo Thu 25-Mar-10 09:55:31


Bit of a crappy start to the day - DH has been made redundant. We're planning to move, buy and car and (obviously) are expecting our second baby.


craftykamo - I've got no idea if the sickness bands actually work, but I'm wearing them all day on the basis that I might be even worse, otherwise.

My inner ears are a bit dodgy, which may have some bearing on my morning sickness. I think they're only supposed to work if that's your specific problem, and there aren't any definitive answers on why some women get so sick.

Welcome to all those who've just joined us.

It's great seeing all of you who've 'graduated' from the conception boards. That was me the first time around: I found them such a lifeline.

EDD 1/11/10 8+3

Kyuri Thu 25-Mar-10 10:04:08

Oh Boo how unsettling for you sad here's hoping that it opens up some new doors for your hubby and you. My DH took redundancy a few years ago and although it was a really worrying time it turned out well in the end.

Privet I had an internal scan at 7 weeks but think this was because of the equipment at the fertility clinic rather than anything else. At least with an internal you don't need to have a full bladder.

umf Thu 25-Mar-10 10:06:11

Booboobedoo oh no, what horrible timing for you. All sympathy!

TwoDotZero Thu 25-Mar-10 10:08:43

Hey digitalgirl this is pg2 for me too. I'm much slacker this time so far.
Have been eating salad this week and have just remembered (i think) I was warned off bagged salad 1st time round. I will be eating it this time.

haven't been reading much, just mn and looking up pics of how big the baby is.

I'm still bf ds1 so just decided to go with eating whatever I can be bothered to cook as long as it's something.
I don't really drink so alcohol not a big problem.

Generally have 1 proper coffee a day. Can't go cold turkey, but didn't like it much yesterday so well see.

Have quit smoking and that hurts but yes it is very good and necessary.

Sadly just realised that mint aero is made by nestle. I try not to to buy nestle so am on the hunt for supermarket own brand version. I've got to have it.

Booboobedoo Thu 25-Mar-10 10:10:35

Thanks umf and Kyuri.

Atm I'm just really sad for DH. He went in early to see the CEO, and now has to stay there all day knowing. He works so bloody hard, too.

balijay Thu 25-Mar-10 10:32:38

"Boo", that is really pants. Chin up tho, you never know what is around the corner x

Anyone else feeling completely irrational? Nearly had a total breakdown last night on realising that we couldn't find the plug for the airbed (we have guests staying). Cue me going " Its 9pm, I can't not have a bed to sleep in, I just can't!!!" After much sulking on my part OH found the plug and blew up the bed. At least he found it amusing. Hmph.

sapphire87 Thu 25-Mar-10 10:33:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Booboobedoo Thu 25-Mar-10 10:37:12

lol @ 'rocks in socks'.

sapphire - keep nibbling. Even if you keep being sick, it'll stop you getting too bad.

Also, have to been to the GP to ask for anti-emetics? If not, please do so. There's a lot of evidence to suggest that catching the symptoms early can stop it escalating.

imissushi Thu 25-Mar-10 10:50:15

Not sure if I should be posting on this or the old post, so I'm sorry if you read this twice!

Hi all,

I'm 5+1 and had my first gp appointment yeseterday. They are incompetant at the best of times, and yesterday was no exception. When I left I realised they hadn`t even asked me when medication I was on and I take quite a lot of prescriptive stuff. Luckily I checked this all with various specialists before we started ttc.

I now am aparently not due for any medical anything until I hear from the hospital that my GP will write to (Whittingham in Highgate, London) when she gets round to it.

I`m pretty concerned at not getting any advice or support for the next seven weeks, until my 12 weeks scan.

Is this normal? Should I change GP? Is there any other way of getting some medical support without paying a fortune?

Any advice would be very gratefully recieved!

PrivetDancer Thu 25-Mar-10 10:51:46

Sorry about your news boo. but as others have said it could be the best thing to happen, and the job market is generally very buoyant at the moment, so hopefully he will get something much better soon. If I was him I'd be taking a bloody long lunch today though!

sapphire circumstances to get a scan at 6 weeks are basically paying for it to try to halt growing paranoia! I am actually convinced that they will tell me it's not viable tomorrow and strangely resigned to that. Hopefully I will get a pleasant surprise.

digitalgirl Thu 25-Mar-10 10:53:17


Loopymumsy Thu 25-Mar-10 11:44:45

Message withdrawn

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