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PESH Deli - Taking the B out of BESH

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skihorse Thu 11-Mar-10 09:26:23

A new thread for the gabbers.

Hopefully we will find out during the course of this thread whether dear cheggers has laid a baybee or two yet! grin

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GrumpyGasper Thu 11-Mar-10 09:53:35

ooh yes, maybe this will be "the one where Cheggers goes pop" grin

givecarrotsachance Thu 11-Mar-10 10:05:40

grin cas

skihorse Thu 11-Mar-10 10:15:09

rots Truth be told, only on horseback. Every bench, picnic bench, ditch, fence is eyed up! grin

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Ponymum Thu 11-Mar-10 10:19:44

rots In answer to your horsey question - yes. We might be driving along in the car and there's some rolling fields and hedges to the side, so in my head I'm urging on, checking strides, taking the hedge at a glorious flying leap, etc.

MrP thinks this is a great joke as apparently when I'm doing this my upper body is ever so slightly bouncing forward and back with the movement of my imaginary horse!blush He says I also move like this whenever I am watching anything horsey on the telly. (But I get the last laugh, as we have now realised the foal does it too!grin)

Ponymum Thu 11-Mar-10 10:26:48

I would like to announce that we have at last achieved role reversal in the marital relationship. Not only am I farting like a trooper, but last night I snored! Not just little girly snores either. I felt a nudge and woke up to be informed that I had to stop snoring as it was bringing the house down. He had already tried ear plugs and pillow over the head but the thunderous noise was still getting through!shock

skihorse Thu 11-Mar-10 10:31:03

ponymum and the black mambo strap-on? hmm

Following up from the talk about films - and I'm with you carrots I cannot, could not, will not watch a horror - even though I try and tell myself there's a make-up girl just off camera... Behold: entists-say.html

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GrumpyGasper Thu 11-Mar-10 10:41:28

pony I'm right with you. Pregnancy has attacked my sinuses and I have a bit of a cold right now. SFF is moaning every day about my snorting and snoring blush and had threatened to move to the spare room. (think he would if I hadn't stolen the spare duvet for our bed and covered the spare room bed in clothes and shit).

My nose is also getting bloodier. I have never had a running nose bleed in my life, but think it's now only a matter of time given the level of scarlett I'm flushing away on tissue each day. (SFF saw it the other day and panicked thinking I was have a vaginal bleed) And the hayfever season is yet to begin. Joy!

Horrors - no, no, no! My imagination is too vivid. I can do gore, but not ghosts/hidden evil/suspense. So Hostel (sick) was fine. But Blair Witch etc = Grumps behind a cushion and never seeing the end of the film.

iggypiggy Thu 11-Mar-10 10:47:08

Oh I see - you've all deserted me and started chatting over her <sulks>

Am posting my last coment again then:

rots that doesn't make sense... I iz confused by your sentence - did you mean me pointing it out irritated you? but I wasn't trying to be pedantic - I was trying to be funny - cos I knows full well I lost the nob/ knob arguement <iz confused>

I do the strides thing - but I is still teaching - so am always striding distances for that - but ponies are harder than horses on that front!

iggypiggy Thu 11-Mar-10 10:47:26

loving my shit spelling there.

Ponymum Thu 11-Mar-10 10:56:37

grasper I have had the full on running blood nose quite a lot. Seems to have receded to merely pink snot now, but about 4 weeks ago I was frequently walking around the house with tissue shoved up my nostrils. I considered tampons even - it just wouldn't stop flowing!

And on this note - why have I got so much FJ? It is like someone left the tap on.

GrumpyGasper Thu 11-Mar-10 11:04:42

Fluid-tastic pony grin

I am going to have to tighten up my kegels. I had an embarrassing incident during a violent coughing/choking fit last night. I ended up in tears... So glad I was in the comfort of my own home. blush blush blush

Cokie Thu 11-Mar-10 11:28:42

Each time I sneeze a little but of wee comes out. I can not stress enough the importance of pelvic floors and no wussy clenching PESH's - it has to be full on ability to 'write your name with a pencil' type clench.

pandora69 Thu 11-Mar-10 11:34:38

WRT the jumps and strides thing, I'm crap at counting strides anyway. I let big horse do all the counting for me (he is the brains of the partnership XC - and he only has one brain cell! confused I'm going to be totally stuffed when I get a new horse, but then my friends remind me big horse couldn't jump for toffee when I first got him, so maybe I taught him to jump under hynpnosis or something. What I DO do is scan the countryside as I am driving along for hunt jumps and XC fences. You see quite a lot of these in the most unexpected places. Before big horse goes I am going to have to get someone to wear him out for me so is isn't having any thoughts about his occasional funny ideas, and then have a naughty little preggo jump on him - for old times sake smile

Gasper mentioned Blair Witch - we live in a forset behind a weird little cemetery, and DD likes to play hide and seek in the woods, but when she hides she just stands there with her hoodup and her back to you. It freaks me out - she sometimes looks just like the little girl in the basement at the end of Blair Witch.

Pony, I live in terror of snoring like my mum!

pandora69 Thu 11-Mar-10 12:01:03

Oh oh oh! Someone had just texted me and DD IS ON PAGE THREE OF HORSE AND HOUND! Sorry, was I shouting there grin Typically the postman has not been yet so I haven't seen it.

iggypiggy Thu 11-Mar-10 12:04:15

pandy I'll look tonight - it should have arrived today grin

Cosmosis Thu 11-Mar-10 12:16:29

you horsey types are not alone. TGO and I do this re mountain biking, picking a line down a trail, looking at interesting trails leading off from the side of the road etc.

We had a wellbeing scan last night, was lovely to see Artie waving at us again. It also appears to have inherited its fathers freaky long toes! AIBU to get totally emotional and soppy about the whole thing? Is most un-BESHlike, I do apologise.

iggypiggy Thu 11-Mar-10 12:17:28

Cos I fink we is all getting like that - so YANBU grin - yay for long toes grin

SomethingSuitablyWitty Thu 11-Mar-10 12:26:56

Ha! I'm back. I've been working (a strange and novel sensation that I had almost forgotten in the past weeks of all-consuming madness) but now my boss has gone on holidays - that was a mistake. grin

Anyway, I went to the doctor on Monday, who was lovely, but a bit bemused by me: it went something like this:
Her: so, any idea about dates? Me: Yep, 5 weeks on Thursday
Her : bloodtests for immunity to rubella/ toxoplasmosis etc.? Me: Check
Her: Folic acid? Me: Check
Her: Healthy Eating? Me: tell me something I don't know.
Her: well, erm, that's everything I think? Me: Aren't you going to take my blood pressure?

But she did answer the questions I had about when to contact my gynaecologist and the kind of scans to expect. Apparently over here there is always a first scan from 7 to 9 weeks to check for a certain number of things. So I rang Tuesday about that and got an appointment when I will be 6+5 - I hope that's not too early, but doc thought not. Just kinda counting the days 'til then. It is the week after next. Seems faaaaar away. I am still sort of symptom free, but hopefully by then I may have a few. Would be reassuring.

givecarrotsachance Thu 11-Mar-10 12:30:00

iggs No, I annoyed myself grin. I'll shut up now.

You know, I've never fessed up about the seeing a stride thing. I'm glad its not just me!

Great news cos

pandora oooohhh mine will be here shortly - I'll take a look! My mum gets in every now and again in the driving section but only a little line entry if she does well in a comp, not a pwoper mention!

I've had pelvic floor probs since LC and have recently determined to fix it. Was it pony who says she has PV muscles of steel coz she ACTUALLY does the kegels? I have thought of going to see the docs but couldn't really do it as the obvious convo will be,

Doc, "do you do your kegels then?"
Me, blush "every now and then"
Doc, "meaning...?"
Me, "once a week or so if I think about it"
Doc, "well fuck off and stop bothering me you total moronic woman and come back when you've done them 10 times a day for a year and you're still having a problem."

Ponymum Thu 11-Mar-10 13:05:52

pandy Bit young to be a page 3 girl, isn't she?wink And we all know you had nothing to do with getting that photo taken... no, no, just a chance encounter with the H&H photographer when you just happened to have dressed your daughter up all cute and freckin' blow dried the pony!grin

rots Yes I do my PV exercises, but it sadly has not resulted in a pelvic floor of steel. Remember, I'm the one who managed to do an embarassing little wee every time I had a violent MS vomit.blush I was actually thinking of changing my MN name to pelvicflaw at one point. But then again, I have never weed on a saddle, unlike some...

CUNextTuesday Thu 11-Mar-10 13:10:23

Loving this Fred that skates contributed to. Particularly like the Times article referred to, and SGB's comment about women-hating nonsense grin


pandora69 Thu 11-Mar-10 13:36:34

Pony do you think I'm abnormal for blow drying the pony? It was either the pony and DD who went out, or big horse with 'For Sale' painted down his sides. Never both of them out at the same time - oh, no! Not if all involved want to emerge alive.

Changing the subject, I'm nearly 15 weeks now, and feeling rather OK actually. To my surprise, as I HATE being pregnant. I'm not sicky, not tired, not even feeling too pissed off I can't have a bottle or 2 of wine (although I did have a sneaky half glass of champagne last night.grin) While this is defo going to be the last baybee, I can kind of see why being pregnant isn't too much of a chore to some women now. Last time I felt like my flying and my riding were being stolen from me, but this time I am so busy looking after DD that the flying and riding just fit in the gaps around that, and there is not so much to steal. Plus being pregnant isn't stealing DD from me, iyswim.

Just read back through that garbled thought train above, and realise what I am trying to say is that because I have less of a life now, I feel less miserable about being pregnant. Nice!

salander Thu 11-Mar-10 13:45:36

pandorasbox what flying do you do??? very interested to hear

ponestr also loooooads of fj, i mean like LOADS. glad i am not alone

and thanks for all the top tips re pelvic floor exercises....although just read scary thing that dancers (which is wot i am one of) have terrible deliveries cos of v unstretchy pelvic floors...<wibble>

VoilaAnotherGimlet Thu 11-Mar-10 14:05:08

Plenty of ffj here too.

When you do Kagels, is it supposed to be uncomfortable in your abdomen, or am I doing it wrong? (Note that I am permanently full of wind/poo atm)

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