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drip drip drop little april baby shower

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nicnacinoonoo Tue 09-Mar-10 08:01:52

hope i got the title right.

does anyone else think maybe rtuff has gone into labour?? her last message said that the baby was 3/5 engaged which isnt supposed to happen in 2nd or more pregnancies until right before labour! hope she's ok.

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tostaky Tue 09-Mar-10 09:15:59

maybe because she used to post here quite often... Woohoo!

Thanks for creating the new thread nicnac! Like the title too!

tostaky Tue 09-Mar-10 09:18:00

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DwayneDibbley Tue 09-Mar-10 09:34:14

Message withdrawn

Bettymum Tue 09-Mar-10 10:31:53

Hello, just posting so that I don't lose the new thread. Hope RTuff is OK. Will she beat Neeko to it??!

pillia78 Tue 09-Mar-10 11:02:34

Well done and thank you Nicnac!!!

Neeko Tue 09-Mar-10 11:15:48

Hi all. Just addding this to my watched threads. I'll be back for a catch up later.

Snowtiger Tue 09-Mar-10 11:45:45

Hello ladies, and good work on the new thread Nicnac! Just marking my place - DS1 having yet another tantrum, back later!

lineky Tue 09-Mar-10 12:45:25

Indigestion is driving me mad angry I LOVE food and eating but am struggling with juice at the mo!
Saw consultant yesterday - blood pressure best its been since booking so stopping work was obviously a good call. Made 40week appointment too but really hoping I wont have to keep it - wishful thinking I bet.

dani87 Tue 09-Mar-10 13:21:25

hi everyone just contributing to new thread love the title well i have been discharged from consultant led care as this baby doing everything she should be! they dont think its a big baby either! had lovely compliment from consultant yesterday she was shocked saying my tummy mucsles are nicely toned dont no how from all the choc im eating blush!
How is everyone? well ive started taking the raspberry leaf capsuals anyone had experiences with these as was told will help with 2nd stage labour. Also got my birthing ball out the other day but dd thinks its a big bouncy ball for her

wizbitwaffle Tue 09-Mar-10 13:47:13

Message withdrawn

Snowtiger Tue 09-Mar-10 14:14:57

Ooh Wizbit you must be near me, I'm about 10 miles from Braintree (near Kelvedon).

I went to the M&P outlet at Freeport you're talking about - it's very small and is only factory outlet so not a huge range, probably worth phoning them first. Otherwise you might be better off heading up the A12 to the big Mothercare at Ipswich, much better selection!

Am officially 35 and a half weeks and today feeling very strange - odd pains, feeling weird, knackered, twingey, emotional, shivery... could just be because I'm tired and DS1 apparently has decided that naps are for poofters.... but there's a little bit of me thinking "hmm, what if he's on his way?"

Neeko Tue 09-Mar-10 14:32:59

Hi again. If any of you remember MrsKate who has been on here a few times, but I see isn't on the list, she is having a c-section later today due to pre-eclampsia. That'll make her our 1st (unofficial?) graduate! She is 36 wks.

Wish it was me... not the pre-eclampsia and c-section, but you know what I mean.

I'm 38 weeks today and have had lots of pains etc for days now but no progress. Have a sinking feeling that I could go 2 weeks over. I'm a bit late to joinn the pity party, but going to anyway.
- huge elephant-like feet
- heartburn all day
- can't get comfy at night
-nightsweats (BEFORE birth, I mean, really!)
-stabbing pains in my "foof" grin
- lots and lots of braxton hicks
-dodgy tummy
-loads of texts saying "are you in labour yet?" smile

Hoops sorry to hear that your DP is now away til August. I know you knew this at the outset but I'm sure it doesn't help. How much contact do you get while he's away?

Dani great news - congrats!

Wizbit Mine is the takely from Mothercare and it's really good. DD was in it until nearly 3 and it still looks like new. Hope you get one that you love.

Bettymum Think there'll be at least half a dozen graduates before me smile

OK, labout "starters"
-fresh pineapple
-Raspberry leaf tea
-semen blush
-scrubbing floors
-climbing up and down stairs sideways

Any others?

Bettymum Tue 09-Mar-10 15:03:30

A nasty shock??!

I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and starting on the raspberry leaf tea, actually I've got capsules rather than tea. Don't think they made any difference last time but def. worth another try!
I did a quick visit to Costco at lunchtime today and was eyeing up the fresh pineapple, but it's a bit early to be starting on that I think...specially as my work colleague dreamed last night that I'd had the baby in the office and my boss had delivered it shock. Now I'm not really precious about where I have the baby, but the office really is just about bottom of my list for relaxing places to give birth.

rlp Tue 09-Mar-10 16:09:36

Can I join late? I am due 24th April 2010 with my second child.
I have a daughter who will be 4 in May and we know this one is a boy. I am planning a home water birth this time.
I am 33 weeks now and have had a generally healthy pregnancy but find heartburn and feet in ribs rather uncomfortable now.
Last time around I went over and was induced at 42 weeks so I wonder if I should really be on the May thread? I hope not as I've had enough (and it would be hard to get a homebirth in those circumstances).

thedollshouse Tue 09-Mar-10 16:36:27

Welcome rlp smile

So what is it with the pineapple thing then? I have eaten loads of the stuff throughout the pregnancy, perhaps I should lay off it if it brings on labour, I still have nearly 5 weeks until my due date!

HoopsAndBelly Tue 09-Mar-10 16:56:42

hello peeps, marking my place on the brand new shiney thread......

dwayne yeah have lots of family and friends to take care of me and mini-hoops

I can't believe I'm 37 weeks on Friday.......that means he's nearly fully cooked grin

Hope everyone else is feeling fab and has everyone had a really bad urge to clean everything that stands still??

Mistymoo Tue 09-Mar-10 17:03:10

Glad everyone is OK, if not a bit uncomfortable. I'm just the same.

I'm convinced this baby will be late as my other 2 were late. It would be a bit of a shock if it was early!

PrincessTweetz Tue 09-Mar-10 18:43:18

Yay!! I never lost the thread!! :O
Dani, I blew ...or rather pumped old gym ball up for dd as I knew she's be after my nice big shiny new one, and I'm glad I did cuz she just bounces around on it all day! She loves it...but scares me every time she goes near the shelf..she's a lil maniac on it!!!
My home birth kit got dropped off today, complete with a nice big yellow hazardous bag for the placenta!! Wasn't expecting to see that...neither did I expect to see a catheta confused, or the thing you break your waters with, or so many blood pots if I need to have my bloods taken! I cutest thing in there is my baby's cord clamp!! Aww...I'm gonna have a real baby to attach it to lol very soon....I hope hehe

Zeeky Tue 09-Mar-10 19:05:16

I've the best way to induce labour is the 3 hots:

- Hot bath
- Hot curry
- Hot sex

Fresh pineapple is a myth, as you would have to eat about 7 whole ones for it to have any effect shock. Also, raspberry leaf tea is apparently another myth.

Another good induction method is Clary Sage essential oil. Put some on a warm flannel on your bump. Apparently, it is so potent, that pregnant midwives are advised to stay well away from it!!

pillia78 Tue 09-Mar-10 19:16:20

Evenng all, went over wth DS2 and had to be induced (Despite DS1 being 1 day early)I tried everything and even had a nasty shock as I fell down the stairs 2 days before my due date. Am allergic to pineapple so just ended up with a very sore throat and swollen lips! Going to do Raspberry leaf capsules again as had DS2 in less than 2 hours! Going to assume I will go over again and it will then be a surprise if I don't??!

Snowtiger Tue 09-Mar-10 19:21:32

Well I haven't gone into labour yet so today's twinges were obviously just that.

DH very excited at the prospect of Hot Sex, Zeeky, he's still moaning about the fact that he thought he'd be getting plenty of it when we started trying for our second baby, and then I went and fell pregnant within oooh about twenty minutes!!

Personally am quite happy to go with curries - I hate pineapple and am far too uncomfortable to fancy sex! I didn't get a chance to try raspberry leaf tea / capsules last time as DS1 arrived 9 days early but will see if I can get some this week - they sound just the ticket.

HoopsAndBelly Tue 09-Mar-10 19:35:03

hello again,

I had a midwife appointment today and she said that I'm 4/5 engaged, what does that mean? Everything looks great with mini-hoops and his pram arrived today......I got the Mama's and Papa's Ultima 8 in 1 and it looks fab and really easy to manouver.

I have heard about the raspberry leaf and will be starting the tablets soon, my mother has suggested castor oil mixed with juice, have googled this and it's frowned upon by midwives apparently so probably won't be trying that!!

With regards to my DP neeko I will only speak to him once a week if I'm lucky but will be keeping in touch via letter.....not really looking forward to him going but hey-ho it's his job

How is everyone else getting on??

lwnewmum Tue 09-Mar-10 19:54:11

Just want to join in... I'm due 16 April with first baby and have only just found this thread.

As for raspberry leaf, obviously I have no personal experience but SO many people have recommended it to me. I was a bit skeptical but will keep an eye on the posts here and see if it works after all!

Neeko Tue 09-Mar-10 20:22:29

Raspberry leaf is supposed to strengthen your uterus rather than induce labour. That means when you do have contractions they'll be more effective. I'm game for it all but sex, although ask me again if I go two weeks overdue.

Welcome to the newbies smile

Hoops 4/5ths engaged means you're lo is in teh right direction. You can be engaged for a few weeks with your 1st so doesn't necessarily mean birth is imminent. With 2nd and subsequent babies you're often not engaged until just before labaour or when you're in it.
That must be really hard to have limited contact even if you are used to it. Glad you've got support and we're here for the ups and downs too.

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