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First baby due November I the only one?

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rollerbaby Mon 22-Feb-10 18:25:36

Anyone, anyone? It's early days I know...

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hmmSleep Mon 22-Feb-10 18:52:13

Congratulations! Have you worked out your due date?

Well, not my first, my third smile. At least I think it's due November, not sure of my dates but think I'd be due around the 1st! Took one of those clearblue digital tests a couple of days ago which said I was 1-2 weeks pregnant, think my period due about now so guess that makes me 4 weeks! Very early days, fingers crossed!!

rollerbaby Mon 22-Feb-10 19:08:23

Hey congratulations to you too! I'm also due the 1st I think (based on conception date of the 8th... and not my first date of last period which was about 3 weeks before!).

Completely and utterly new to this baby malarky... am working my way through mumsnet guide to pregnancy and learning more than I want to know!!

How old are your other 2 children?

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hmmSleep Mon 22-Feb-10 19:29:08

My daughter will be 4 this week, which I can't believe, and I have a 2.5 yr old little boy. They were both 2 weeks early, so this could end up being an October baby!

Any pregnancy signs yet? I'm already feeling queasy if I go more than 5 seconds without eating, but I had very early and awful morning sickness the previous times too, but at least it means the hormones are doing what they should be. Miscarried last year and knew something was wrong because I wasn't vomiting every 5 minutes, so I'm seeing it as a positive!

Also, whatever you read on here, it's all worth it!

rollerbaby Mon 22-Feb-10 19:59:47

I'm really dreading the morning sickness. So far have had the odd queasy moment but have been trying to eat as regularly as possible to avoid it... constantly starving. Boobs hurting, tired and crying at stupid things on telly!!! I'm praying I might be one of those people that don't get the MS, but my mum helpfully told me she got in morning, noon and night until 7 months with me. Oh good.

At least you know what to expect...not sure if that's a good or a bad thing!

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hmmSleep Tue 23-Feb-10 18:01:10

Just thought I'd give this a bump to see if anyone else out there yet! Hope you're well today honeymoo.

kawaiiko Tue 23-Feb-10 23:18:22

Hello, can I hop over from the October thread? Just been to the GP and he's given me an edd of 02/11/10 so this is the thread for me!

I'm expecting baby #1 and so excited! Symptoms so far include obscene dreams about colleagues blush and the most atrocious wind! But no ms...yet!

I just found some book vouchers today that I thought I'd lost - 40 quid worth! Been on a baby book splurge and bought two Ina May books, one on the continuum concept and one called "What mothers do - especially when it looks like nothing"

As you can see I'm over the earth-mother end of the spectrum...what books have you both got on your reading lists?

rollerbaby Wed 24-Feb-10 07:05:41

Now we are 3, marvellous!

Yes still feeling like 'me' still, whatever that is... and no MS yet. The odd queasy moment but that could be pyschosomatic as much as anything to be honest. I fear it may kick in anytime though and enjoying my food as much as I can for now!!

My symptoms are hurty boobs, poky feelings downstairs and tiredness. Other than that, I feel ok really.

Have not heard of Ina May - I've only bought the mumsnet book so far! I'm trying to keep a lid on it until I'm a few more weeks further down the line. Paranoid, yes, I know. I've got an early dating scan in 3 weeks time (around 8 weeks) so hopefully will feel a bit braver then.

Did you watch One every minute last night? I'm not sure if I wanted to murder the midwife or the dad more!!!

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hmmSleep Wed 24-Feb-10 08:38:12

Congrats kawaiiko, I had a night of weird dreams last night too, that teamed with needing the loo every hour during the night means I feel knackered today. The MS is coming along nicely too, not actually being sick yet but am getting there, should be fun whilst looking after my other 2 dcs!!

No books this time, I gave them all away to pregnant friend after my last one as didn't think we'd be going for a third, dh managed to change my mind smile.

On a more serious note, have started to think about which scans / tests etc I might have this time, have either of you thought about it yet? I didn't have any with my previous 2 dcs, but this time I'm a bit older (35) and obviously have my other 2 dcs to consider. Don't think I'm going to though, I was so distressed by my mc last year I don't think I go go ahead with a termination (sorry, bit serious!)

On a happier note my breasts have started to grow again, yeh! The only time I have any breasts at all is during pregnancy and breastfeeding!

rollerbaby Wed 24-Feb-10 11:31:36

I think we will have to see how the nuchal scan goes and see what the dr says. I'd rather not have an invasive test but then again if the odds are high we would rather know now I think.

Are either of you feeling cold? I literally can't seem to warm up. Sitting at my desk in my coat and shivering constantly...

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MarthaFarquhar Wed 24-Feb-10 14:50:43

Afternoon all.
May I join you?
BFP today!

no idea of dates due to irregular cycle, but I am guessing around 4 weeks which would make me due in November.

hmmSleep Wed 24-Feb-10 15:55:36

Hi MarthaFarquhar Congratulations! Will it be your first?

honeymoo I was feeling cold, then last night I was boiling, it was only 14 degrees, can't win. I have heard of people feeling cold and shivery though.

Anyone thought of their excuses for not drinking, rushing to loo to be sick etc. so people don't guess (unless you want them to) yet?

Don't go out much since having kids wink but last time I used to let someone buy me one alcoholic drink which I would have in my hand all evening but not actually drink, then slyly buy orange juice pretending it was vodka and orange the rest of the night. People guess straight away if you say you're on antibiotics. Can get away with pretending you're designated driver a couple of times too.

Don't know how to hide the morning sickness though. Was hospitalised last time for 2 days because of it, people couldn't understand why I had to go into hospital with a tummy bug!

rollerbaby Wed 24-Feb-10 16:34:06

Welcome Martha!

hmm haven't needed excuses yet but really nervous about next week as I have got 2 big client dinners with lots of senior management etc and it's expected to go large on the client entertaining. Frankly I am dreading every minute of watching a table full of people get twatted when I will no doubt be freezing and tired and bored!!!

Had a queasy moment before lunch and thought I might be sick but was fine... Feel ok si long may that last!

2 days in hospital sounds awful... Surely that is the time to tell people!

Your scaring me!

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hmmSleep Wed 24-Feb-10 17:01:02

Sorry honey bad ms seems to run in the family, not necessarily the norm, and can't be that bad, I'm doing it again aren't I!

Are the client dinners in the evening? You'll be shattered poor thing!

Seems funny calling you honey!

MarthaFarquhar Wed 24-Feb-10 17:20:31

honeymoo I am not envious of your client dinners - hope you manage to stay awake.

this is my second pg - I have a DD of 2.11.
I was prompted to test by very sore boobs, and slight breathlessness, both of which I had with my last pg. Luckily the exhaustion and morning sickness has yet to hit home.

I'm seeing the doc next week, and hopefully will get referred for a dating scan.

I am still a bit in shock about the whole thing. I spend the morning thinking "oh god what have I done" and the afternoon worrying that it won't stick.

kawaiiko Wed 24-Feb-10 19:40:20

Evening all, welcome Martha!

I have been turning hot and cold all day, it's very odd. One minute shivering and pulling in layers and the next wondering if it's a different type of hormonal chnage I'm experiencing!

honeymoo I just watched one born every minute on replay and oh my god what an arse! The partners have all been pretty useless, haven't they?!

hmmSleep I haven't really thought about tests yet. I'm quite indecisive and I just can't imagine having all those probabilities to think about - I think I'd rather just skip it. There's so much they can't test for, too.

My digestive system seems to have joined the symptom party, flipping between one extreme and the other (tmi!) blush And I seemed to have developed a superhuman sense of smell!

The worse thing is feeling so worried, though! I saw a quote in a book the other day that said "worry is the work of pregnancy", and it really struck a chord. First about whether I was fertile, now whether I'll get past 12 weeks...I know think the list will be endless. Practice for when they're growing up, I guess wink

kawaiiko Wed 24-Feb-10 19:41:25

Woah! Someone on the telly just said "flip a couple of burgers" and I had a physical <boak> reaction! shock

rollerbaby Wed 24-Feb-10 19:58:28

Kawaiiko God I know exactly what you mean - we'd only been trying for 5 months, but I was getting very twitchy and worried and now here I am... and I'm worried it won't stick!

I've been a bit daft and told a few close friends... I hope that doesn't jinx it. So have you got MS Kawaiiko?

Yes dreading next week, but let's face it I may as well get used to it! To make matters worse I've just been told it's fancy dress. Great.

We've got an early scan in 3 weeks and I cannot wait. Maybe I'll relax a bit after that.

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hmmSleep Wed 24-Feb-10 20:02:48

Oh no, poor you kawaiiko, thankfully not that bad yet, do remember I couldn't make it around the supermarket without rushing to loo to throw up last time, the meat section was particularly gag inducing, think online shopping might be way forward.

hmmSleep Wed 24-Feb-10 20:04:41

Is there a reason for the early scan honey? Or did it just happen that way. I've not made a dr's appointment yet.

kawaiiko Wed 24-Feb-10 20:38:42

honeymoo - I don't think so, it's too early! Like someone (you) said earlier, I think it's largely psychosomatic. I really hope I don't go off meat hmmsleep - all that lovely iron!

We've told our parents and my sister (and by extension her dp) and on the one hand, it's great to have their support but on the other I too am worried about jinxing things. Oh well, only time will tell.

I saw my gp yesterday, he's a lovely man who treated me for my eating disorder a few years ago and always gets excited when he thinks I've put on weight! He said I'd made his evening

kawaiiko Wed 24-Feb-10 20:39:41

honeymoo - I don't think so, it's too early! Like someone (you?) said earlier, I think it's largely psychosomatic. I really hope I don't go off meat hmmsleep - all that lovely iron!

We've told our parents and my sister (and by extension her dp) and on the one hand, it's great to have their support but on the other I too am worried about jinxing things. Oh well, only time will tell.

I saw my gp yesterday, he's a lovely man who treated me for my eating disorder a few years ago and always gets excited when he thinks I've put on weight! He said I'd made his evening

kawaiiko Wed 24-Feb-10 20:40:18


hmmSleep Wed 24-Feb-10 20:49:34

I've actually turned into a total pie eating carnivore the past wk, it's awful, I've had greggs steak bakes and pasties for lunch and steak for dinner twice! I'm going to be huge!

hmmSleep Wed 24-Feb-10 20:51:44

Glad to hear you have such a lovely GP kawaiiko you'll be seeing alot of him in the upcoming weeks!

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