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Ashamalee Fri 12-Feb-10 18:03:27

Hi there is anyone giving birth or has given birth at St. Georges recently? I am receiving my antenatal care there and I am finding the process quite scarey because of the miscommunication and disoarganisation. Any reassuring stories? Is it as bad I think it is?

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covycrump Tue 16-Feb-10 12:55:11

Ashamalee, my DS is now 8 weeks old, and I had a mixed bag experience with St George's - the birth itself in particular, care on the post natal ward and scanning bits were great, but I too found the ante natal care hit and miss, chaotic, sometimes misinformed, and quite frustrating! Are you Ivory team, with appointments at the hospital itself? If so, be reassured that although one or two of the midwives are hopeless, others are excellent. If you've had a bad first appointment there, the next may well be much better. Take a good book with you, as they keep you waiting a looooong time. Look at the checklist of what should be covered at each appointment (near the front of the pregnancy notes booklet), and prompt them, as they don't always seem to know what they're meant to be doing. And don't take what they say as gospel - some of them didn't know about birth-related procedures and services within the very same building. Ask me instead!

There are a few threads about St George's in the Childbirth talk section of Mumsnet, which you might find useful if you have a look through.

Ashamalee Thu 18-Feb-10 21:34:32

Thanks so much, I can handle the Antenatal part as I seem to be getting all the right info from my GP who is sympathetic! I have heard bad things about the postnatal stuff so I am glad to hear you were happy. I am due in 8 weeks.

Congratulations! How have you been since the birth? Have you been getting sleep?

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CathN Sat 27-Feb-10 11:03:34

I'm also giving birth at St Georges (due September) and asked a similar qn a few weeks ago which got lots of helpful answers. You can see them here:
So far I have only had a booking in appointment at StG and combined bloods taken. 1st scan is next Friday. Been pleased with the service I've received so far - everyone has been very friendly and helpful.

Chesterado Sat 27-Feb-10 14:21:03

Hi I'm having my first at St George's in June. We also had a lot of administrative confusion in the early days but it seems to be ok now. The postal strike and my holidays were equally to blame but I found the best way round this was to ring up and speak to someone in the booking office (I still got 4 different letters about my booking in appt - spread over 3 different dates - but at least I knew which was the right one!)

I've been lucky to have an uncomplicated pregnancy so far so have only had the bare minimum of contact with them but have found them good and supportive at both scans and v quick and helpful with the one extra test we needed for for genetic reasons. I'm also a bit nervous about post-natal care but crossing fingers it will be alright on the night/day....

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