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The PESH deli - where the goal is to get a nice holiday/back in the saddle

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skihorse Fri 12-Feb-10 09:37:14

I haz made new fred.

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CurlyCasper Fri 12-Feb-10 09:44:21

Thanks ski. I am working from home today, so aim is to not be here too much. Have midwife at 11. Will be nice to finally meet her!

Hmmm, I have no saddle to get into and SFF plans to achieve the holiday goal before I have sprog. Without me sad. No idea what my goal is other than to survive living with a baby <eek>

Oh yes, it's to get a new house that we all fit in.

so this is the PMA thread?

HawaiianCuntShine Fri 12-Feb-10 09:48:21

ski both sound absolutely drooly to me. I haven't been skiing in years, frankly not sure I could stand the cold, but my memories sure tell me I'd love it! I've always wanted to go to Banff and get pampered after a cheek-chapping day! Must confess that I love skiing in Colorado, though - much sunshine and snow there.

Casper I followed you and DressingGown and put Bear's pic up on my profile!

skihorse Fri 12-Feb-10 09:59:00

Hawaiian The hot springs at Banff are indeed wonderful - I've never done anything like it before, sitting in that warm water with snow falling was just incredible. I did like Colorado - but what the Canadians have in their favour is the refusal to build "malls" at the entrance to the slopes. Vail and Keystone both felt to me like I had to walk through a mall just to get on the lift... me no likee! As far as snow goes, it seems that this year Mammoth is getting it all. Jackson Hole one year for me... I just love LL because it's so "easy" - I need new boots and I know a good fitter, I know the daycare is brilliant (and next to the base lodge), I know the town, etc., etc. It just seems that for me it'll make it a whole less complicated. Are you getting ready for the Olympics? That's pretty much how I'm going to spend my weekend - lying on the couch screaming YAY for Lindsey Vonn and NAY for Bode Miller. <does "fall Bode fall" thoughts>

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skihorse Fri 12-Feb-10 10:00:06

Cassie I worked from home yesterday and went out for lunch. There was a little person there ~6 months or so (was sitting up) - I must be on drugs because I looked over and thought "meh, I could squeeze that out - it'd hurt, but I could do it". Then I saw some really teeny tiny baybees and I could do that nae problem!

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CurlyCasper Fri 12-Feb-10 10:01:06

am liking very muchly 5-0! Bear is a beauty. I am quite enjoying working from bed, in my knickers, with a dog by my side. 'Tis the way forward.

skihorse Fri 12-Feb-10 10:01:55

But you're right, Banff and interior BC have had terrible snow this season - as have friends in Quebec, Vermont and even the Colorado gals are bitching. At least New Jersey's getting some! wink

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skihorse Fri 12-Feb-10 10:04:11

Cassie In bed with the dog wearing just knickers. Poor SFF.

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CurlyCasper Fri 12-Feb-10 10:08:09

good on you ski! When I was at the labour ward on Saturday I saw a couple that looked like they'd be a piece of piss to push (nice alliteration methinks). But they were probably prem or something. As much as I want a well baby, I thought "I'll have one of those, please". <delusional>

HawaiianCuntShine Fri 12-Feb-10 10:14:45

<snicker> at the malls at the base! When I lived there I always went to Winter Park which was the least like that - however now I hear it's all commercial too - BIG BOOOO! but I bet i can find a local spot that's not too bad. I just love the sun and snow mixture. Went skiing in short-sleeves many times! I actually learned how to ski in Austria.

skihorse Fri 12-Feb-10 10:20:33

Curly Great! Perhaps there's some mental shift that us differs do that it does become less scary. confused Because I looked at these two tiny ones yesterday and I honestly felt confident about it. The heads were actually smaller than I'd imagined... although I need to stop staring at baybees until I've got a proper bump because I probably just look like a baybee-snatcher rather than someone genuinely curious. blush

Hawaiian The Scottish hills aren't commercial - ye can get a bowl of haggis broth at Aviemore and probably/possibly a coke but don't go expecting a pair of chanel goggles! wink

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HawaiianCuntShine Fri 12-Feb-10 10:34:11

I never where Chanel - I've heard their sunglasses are made from goat plastic! <clutches burlap recycled handbag> either that or they don't make anything that fits me! one or the other <meh>

HawaiianCuntShine Fri 12-Feb-10 10:35:54

Curly I broke my cardinal rule this morning and invited the dog in bed this morning for a cuddle! IT was marvelous until I was covered in doghair! I concur - tis the way forward, esp if I hit the lotto and can start my B&B!

HawaiianCuntShine Fri 12-Feb-10 10:39:06

Sooo my choices are New Jersey or Haggis? niiice I think I'll rinse off the kayak and get ready for Valentine's Day the Hawaii way. Must go to bed... before it's 1am.

Have a fauxmojito on me - made with catnip.

skihorse Fri 12-Feb-10 10:40:07

hawaiian I have it on good authority that their scarves will fit! wink We're terrible for letting the dogs up - and they are cheeky. By the time I got out of the shower this morning there was one lying either side of him - one looking defiant and the other one sheepish.

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CurlyCasper Fri 12-Feb-10 10:42:24

Having the dog within stroking distance is ALWAYS good. It releases hormones that make you feel better. trufax. Right, I must go and put some trousers on and mosey on over to the medical practice to have my bump squeezed, HB heard and blood results given (fingers crossed for low odds!)

And I'd better PIAP too. Maybe not in that order wink. Hasta luego biatches.

Ponymum Fri 12-Feb-10 11:13:43

Here's hoping for good result casp.

We just had an 18 hour power cut.hmm No electricity. No hot water or heating either (as friggin oil fired boiler apparently can't function without electricity to the control boxangry). No phone as all phones are plug in kind. (Why?) No mobile signal cause we never have any anyway (and even if I drove up the road it would be pointless as I discovered my battery was flat and obv I couldn't charge it).

When it happened yesterday I thought oh it'll be fixed in half an hour... wrong! Gathered with neighbours in the farm yard and we found none of us had a phone that could be used! Village cut off, no way to contact anyone in the outside world. Very weird.

So.. by 5 pm had resorted to candles, c*ping gas stove, improvised dinner and bottle warmer for the foal. Then I was left all alone in the dark as MrP had to go to a work do. Was actually quite creepy sitting alone in the cold and dark - and so horribly quiet <shudder>. Tried to read by candlelight but decided that the gruesome crime scene in 'The Murder Room' was not appropriate reading matter.hmm

They were working on it all night but have now decided that it is a major fault which can't be fixed, so this morning they trucked in two giant generators to serve the village until who knows when.

I am now trying to decide what to do with the contents of the freezer. Everything still seems pretty solid (apart from the icecream which I had to eat last night, obvgrin) but some things like my homemade lasagnes are a tiny bit bendy on the edges. How long is too long with the power off?

iggypiggy Fri 12-Feb-10 12:40:50

casp hope you get good stats!

Wierdly my blood pressure was lower than it usually is - is that normal when you get diffed?! May explain the occsional dizzy moments..

18 hour power cut pone shock does you live in the middle of nowhere?! I quite like the romantic idea of a power cut - but not when it is this cold!

CurlyCasper Fri 12-Feb-10 12:55:30

I'm thinking 1 in 11,000 is pretty good, thank you very much ladies. smile Shame whoever was at the other end of the phone when I was with the midwife couldn't find the other results from the triple test on a new-look form hmm. She's going to try and make sense of it herself and call me back later.

That was about it. no HB checks before 20 weeks and no belly squeeze.

Major judgey pants action in the waiting room. diffed-20 something with two existing kids, going on about trouble with all her babies' daddies and saying she'd take them on Jeremy Kyle shock. She spent the whole time berating her "badly behaved" five year old daughter who was clearly bored and only got attention from her mum when she acted up. Poor girl sat quietly for a while and was totally ignored while mum talked all about her man troubles and how wonderful her son was. I was bursting to say something and I could see the eyebrows on another differ, across the room getting higher and higher, as my judgey pants wedgie started to splice me in half [anger]

Jeez pony i'd have been bricking it, or just taken to bed until there was sufficient daylight. Poor you having to handle it all with the foal in tow! Now, get yourself a good warm cuppa.

skihorse Fri 12-Feb-10 13:31:53

Ponymum You do like a bit of snow-based Yorkshire-valley drama doncha? wink Shut the freezer door and it'll be good for another 24 hours although I'm not sure why it's defrosting at all. I said shut the effing door! Seriously, if it's hotter in your kitchen than it is outside get them outside.

iggy I gather it's normal unless you're one of the unlucky ones for whom it swings totally in the other direction. Apparently it'll drop lower after 20 weeks.

curly Judgey pants are made to be worn - I can't be doing with this entire "don't judge" movement. If nobody judged we'd have anarchy.

all - I know you all have lovely mums and you probably won't know where to start with this - well, perhaps pony will. Twice in the last year I have announced a pregnancy to my parents. Both times no questions were raised with respect to paternity. In the end I sent a rather pointed message saying "My boyfriend's name is jailbait". Nothing more was said. No where is he from/what does he do/what is he like, nothing. This morning I received an email from my mum requested a photo of me & jailbait stood with the pram. hmm She is extremely judgemental based upon a person's looks and I can't help but feel she wants to find out which colour he is. She will hate him anyway because he's Glaswegian and "NQOC". I'm tempted to tell her to fuck herself over the photo but jailbait says we should cover his face in boot polish and send one. WWYD?

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iggypiggy Fri 12-Feb-10 13:38:34

I would stand next to someone else inthe pics ski - find a friend who you think would cause maximum upset in terms of looks.

That's good re: BP - I wasn't sure - should just have googled rilly... duh...

caspie good stats!

CurlyCasper Fri 12-Feb-10 13:43:23

put a woman in the pix instead - the more lezzer stereotype the better.

does she want to judge the pram too? confused

In the interest of trying to rise above it and include her, why not send a nice pic of the two of you at, for example, a wedding. why does it have to be a differ-related pic?

Cosmosis Fri 12-Feb-10 13:44:39

I feel the need to point out that we are not actually calling it either Barrie or Pauline, they are just what we are going to tell people instead of our real names.

CurlyCasper Fri 12-Feb-10 13:45:45

oh, that's a shame cossie wink

iggypiggy Fri 12-Feb-10 13:48:27

and just what is wrong with those names??? <glares at cossie accusingly> you know they are on our shortlist angry

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