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antenatal yoga near wanstead?

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emmaW29 Sat 06-Feb-10 11:53:49


I'm 6 weeks pregnant and just joined mumsnet. I'm moving to Wanstead in a couple of months and have been trying to find aome antenatal yoga classes nearby. Does anyone know of any?


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totalmisfit Sat 06-Feb-10 13:59:44

Hiya, I used to live nearby and went to a very good class 4 years ago, when i was expecting dc1 - its up at the Quaker Meeting House on Blake Hall Road. Can't remember the name of the lady who runs it, unfortunately (Arlene, possibly) but it's well worth a google.

poshtottie Sat 06-Feb-10 14:18:26

You could try looking on here

emmaW29 Sun 07-Feb-10 08:07:24

Thanks! I'll give it a try

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emmaW29 Sun 07-Feb-10 08:12:19

That website was great, thanks

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poshtottie Sun 07-Feb-10 08:45:46

The British wheel of yoga has a list of teachers aswell. This is who I trained with but I also have done other courses with Birthlight. Both excellent.

poshtottie Sun 07-Feb-10 08:47:03

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