June-ior middleweights - fighting on through the second trimester (Due June 2010)

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CantSleepWontSleep Thu 21-Jan-10 15:12:52

Here we go ladies - I'll C&P the stats in a tick. Don't forget to add the gender on if you find out at your scan

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CantSleepWontSleep Thu 21-Jan-10 15:17:54

27th-3rd - ScaredofEverything, 33, #2
30/05 GoodName, 31, #1
31/05 RnB, 31, #3
31/05 dinosaurinmybelly (DIMB), 37, #3 GIRL
31/05 - mampam, 30 #3
1st - Washersaurus , 33, #3
1st - ELM, 29, #2
1st - bambino02, 23, #2
1st - whenwillisleepagain, 42 #2
1st - PogueMahone, 35, #3
2nd - scrappydappydoo, #3
2nd - MrsGravy, 33, #3
2nd - meggymegmegs, 31, #1
2nd - Justbeme , 41 #3
3rd - nickytwotimes, 35, #2
3rd - Tafftaff, 36, #2
3rd - Jenba, ?, #3
4th - minimoonumbertwo, 33, #2
4th - madamefreckle, 34,#2
4th - sunshiney, 34, #2
5th - Dizzymac, 35 No.3
6th - AlwaysHopefull, 35, #2
6th - zumm, 37, #1
7th - LittleRobbo, 34, #3
7th - MrsC09, #1
7th - mumandlovingit, 28 #3
7th/11th - PorridgeBrain, 34, no. 2
8th - Tobermory, #2
8th- Saucepanman, 31, #4
8th - MrsAlwaysRight 31, #2
9th - greensnail, 27, #2
10th - charlottew 32, #1
10th - upsydaisysexstylist #3
11th - woofie, 33, # 2
12th - UnrequitedSkink, 33, no. 2
12th - Rangemaster 29, #3
12th - Georgee, 38, #1
12th - Fabi76, 33 #1
13th - ChairmumMiaow, 29, #2
13th - sobloodystupid, 34, #3
14th - Fillybuster, 35, #3
15th - MummyWantsANewBag, #2
15th - Ponymum, 41, # 2
15th Millymollymoo, ?, #4
16th - NizzyNoodles, 35, #3
17th - Bluesnowfalcon 28 #1
17th - Summerhols, 31, #1
17th - chestnut100, #1
18th - theperfectbaguette 34 #1
19th - Ladyemmalou83, 26 #1
20th - addictedtofrazzles, 33, #2
21st - Gizmo, 39, #3
22nd - gaelicsheep, 33, #2
23rd - GinaFB, #1 - scanned
23rd - Sunshineday 39 #5
23rd? - Spudthescarecrow #3
23rd - Earlyonemorning, 35, #4,
23rd - SecretLemonadeDrinker, 23, #3
24th - GibberingGinger #2+3
25th - Ilovemyterrier, 38 #1
25th - readysetgo, #1
26th - Celery, 34 #4
26th - herewegrow 31 #2
26th - imkeepingmum, #1,
27th - Stac14, 30 #2 -
27th - muchchocolate, #2
27th - nikkisbump #1
28th - diznom 32 #1
29th - CantSleepWontSleep, 36, no3
29th - MrsDmamee #3
29th - MumfieMagic, 37 #1,
29th - playftseforme, no 2 + 3
29th - JBroRo, 30 #1.
30th - Monthlymayhem, 34, no. 2
30th - MonkeyMargot, 35, #2+3
30th - LaTrucha, 36, #2

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greensnail Thu 21-Jan-10 15:23:17

Thanks for starting the new thread CSWS and great choice of name, well done georgee

cadmum so sorry you'll need to have the surgery, and how traumatic to have to consider a hysterectomy amongst all the other emotions you must be experiencing. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. I'm sure we'd all like to hear how it goes if you feel up to coming back to update us at some point. If not, I wish you and your family all the best and lots of happiness for the future x

Cadmum Thu 21-Jan-10 15:23:30

I am glad that the link fit. I did not mean to be #1000.

CSWS Sorry for the confusion on my last post. The consultant suggested that the op itself carried a high risk. Waiting until tomorrow is not the problem. I am just not sure that it is not a case of a hysterectomy being easier for him, iyswim. He seemed rather shocked that we might ever consider having another baby.

As far as the diagnosis itself, I was somewhat relieved that there was no ambiguity. Even dh and I could clearly see that the middle of the placenta is right in the middle of my cervix.

I feel very afraid but I understand this to be the only option. I am off to ask if any other MNer has had a similar experience as there doesn't seem to be much on the internet.

Cadmum Thu 21-Jan-10 15:24:39

greensnail I will certainly be back to update. DH may even sneak in a post as I am expected to be in for 5 days... EEK!

Flossysmum Thu 21-Jan-10 15:35:25

Hello again

after a half hour trawl to find the end of the last thread I managed to post the last message! rofl so no one would see it haha!

I have 3children and am expecting a 4th which was quite a shock as my youngest is 7 shock

I am due 3rd June and have my 20week scan next week when I will be 22weeks lol

hope to get to know you all

big hugs


ASecretLemonadeDrinker Thu 21-Jan-10 15:42:47

Oh Cadmum x My hospital has those PatientLine TV things with internet access - they are slow and a nightmare to type on the tiny keypad but if you feel up to it please let us know how you are x

Hiya Flossysmum I am new (ish) to the thread too, should be bait easier now there is a new one as no way could I read 900+ !


RnB Thu 21-Jan-10 15:51:32

Thanks everyone for your support - am feeling a lot better about it now. I have booked a private scan for monday evening...

Cadmum the best of luck with the operation. Stick to your guns, don't be forced into having a hysterectomy . My sister had a C-section because the placenta was completely covering the cervix when she had her son - the doctors were also very concerned about hemorrhaging (she had to sign a hysterectomy consent form). But all was fine, and her recovery was quick.

sunshineday Thu 21-Jan-10 16:13:07

Cadmum hope everything goes well tomorrow and you dont need the hysterectomy,

Rnb glad you booked a private scan it will help to reassure you.

good to see that lots of you have had scans and all is well. Good luck to those who still waiting. My scan is next Friday so looking forward/feeling a bit nervous about that. I heard the heart beat for the first time on Tuesday when I saw the MW will be seeing her every 3 weeks now and the consultant every 4 weeks, so pleased with that.

GibberingGinger Thu 21-Jan-10 16:19:40

CSWS -thanks for sorting out the new thread.

Cadmum -sorry that it seems to be going from bad to worse. And sorry for the insensitive post yesterday - I have a habit of not coping well with bad news and changing the subject until I've had time to process the news. Keep in touch from time to time and let us know how the move to Cambodia goes (that was you wasn't it - I loose track)

Hi Flossysmum- welcome to the busy june thread.

No news really from me, usual gripes of nausea (still!) back pain and heartburn, but nothing serious fortunately. Just biding my time until scan (12days and counting)

meggymegmegs Thu 21-Jan-10 16:35:45

playftseforme I'm really interested in the bugaboo and the Wirral is definitely within striking distance for me, but I completely understand if it’s a pain for you to fetch it up to your parents, so don’t feel under any pressure! It might sound a bit weird, but I’d so prefer to buy from someone on here than a random from eBay although of course there is in reality no difference whatsoever blush.

CAM me with details of how much you’re looking for and what bits and pieces you’ve got if you do still want sell, if not, no worries at all smile.

Nice new threadage CSWS grin.

mampam Thu 21-Jan-10 16:52:46

Our 3rd thread. I wonder how many we'll get through by the time we give birth??

Greensnail hmmmm sudoku. I've never done one in my life, always appear like there's too much thinking involved but now I've got quite a bit of time on my hands..............

LittleRobbo I didn't really find anything overly helpful when I googled but one thing I was reading described the placenta as a 'temporary organ'. So it'll be gone in less than 20 weeks and any nasties (which I very much doubt there is) will be gone too. I was looking at a picture of one and they are all lumpy, bumpy and knobbly anyway. smile

I think like most things Placenta's come in all shapes and sizes. When a friend of mine was born (she's the same age as me) her mothers placenta was taken for medical research because it had developed inside out!! Wierd or what??

GinaFB Thu 21-Jan-10 17:10:48

Cadmum good luck I hope it all goes well looking forward to hearing from you when you are feeling better. x

I am back from a MW appt, it was supposed to be my 16 week appt but I have been poorly so at 18wks its a little late. I had some spotting yesterday and was very panicky but it seems it was a one off and she found the baby's heartbeat straight away which has made me feel much better.


fillybuster Thu 21-Jan-10 17:15:11

CSWS - nice move on the new thread, you got there just in time grin and <applause> to georgee for a classy title

(Although I'm rapidly progressing to heavyweight at the moment, despite 24 hours off food! hmm)

Cadmum - will be thinking of you over the next few days & really hope that this doesn't get any worse for you right now. Fingers crossed that the c-section is as bad as it gets, please let us know how you're getting on if you can face MN at some point.

Flossy - welcome

Just back from the physio at the hospital - so glad I went as she has given me some excellent advice and some good exercises to try and help with the pain relief. Was shock that my 3 week follow-up appointment couldn't be booked until first week in March though!! Actually, was more shocked at the non-existent state of my 'core' muscles and pathetic glutes, given that I've been reasonably good about going to the gym over the past couple of years...just not the past 20 weeks blush. Time to get going again, I think, before I turn into a total blob...

MrsDmamee Thu 21-Jan-10 17:29:57

Cadmum thinking of you

LittleRobbo Thu 21-Jan-10 17:32:32

CSWS lovely and smooth transition to new thread,great. I am in fear of making a cock up again so would you mind updating my info to edd 8th and age 35 now! Thankyou.

Georgee great title well done!

Thanks all for your reassurances,DH is really annoyed at me for googling,i know i shouldnt have,and wish i hadnt of. Thanks for looking mampam some of the placenta pics are gruesome looking arent they? cant believe some actually eat them,eurgh too gross. I've just been to get some tea and have bought some beautiful pink roses to celebrate LittleMissRobbo!

Welcome Flossy

gizmo Thu 21-Jan-10 17:41:55

One busy day at work and you've all moved thread!

Just a quick note to say that I truly feel for you Cadmum and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope it goes smoothly and you can get back to your family for some peaceful grieving and healing time. It's shocking how fast things are moving to me, as an outsider - I hope you're getting time to process things.

LittleR I think Mampam is right, placentas can develop in very variable ways. Fingers crossed this is one of those benign medical curiosities.

Very little of interest here except that I have convinced work that I will need a proper maternity cover for this leave - w00t! This does wonders for my self respect - there's nothing like being told that your job can be done by any old random office administrator to destroy your belief that you are adding value to the office.

I did have an appointment with my midwife yesterday but since a) she is of the box ticking persuasion and b) she was running an hour late shock it was short and not particularly informative. We listened to the baby's heartbeat for all of 15 seconds. Heartrate of 140, make of that what you will.

Filly is it possible to make a difference to your core muscles in the second trimester? I'd love to know if there is a way: I took delivery of a very chic little black maternity dress yesterday but it looks a lot less chic draped over my rather lumpy torse hmm

LaTrucha Thu 21-Jan-10 19:23:05

Hello new thread!

NizzyNoodles Thu 21-Jan-10 19:27:18

Just checking in - hello to everyone and what a lovely new thread!

whenwillisleepagain Thu 21-Jan-10 19:41:47

Lovely to find the new thread.

Cadmum - sending you a hug and best wishes.

MonkeyMargot Thu 21-Jan-10 20:45:44

Good work on new thread CantSleep. In the nick of time!

cadmum gosh what a decision to make. Do you have much of a choice in the matter? Clearly your health has to be the priority here. Hope you C/S is the worst you have to face tomorrow. Good luck.

Congrats to all those with positive scans yesterday. greensnail lucky you getting to see baby today and again tomorrow! I can't wait for my scan - but I'm probably one of the last along with PlayFTSE. Not til 16th Feb.

mampam concur with CSWS re. getting a really good TV series you've never had the time to watch. Did you ever see Damages on BBC2 with Glenn Close? A truly gripping legal drama - very dark and very twisty!!
And sudoku is good. Or how about online Scrabble on Facebook? I am an addict - I challenge you!

For those suffering with back pain, I saw an osteopath today for the first time. I had chronic pain during my first PG, so wanted to preempt it this time around. Was so worth the money, if only to completely relax for an hour. Also got some good tips on how to sleep, exercises to do in the day etc.

filly am with you on the exercise front. I have done diddly squat since discovering I was PG this time. Am feeling very wobbly and now the nausea has gone, there's no excuse not to do some gentle exercise.

P.S Going on holiday next week, and need to buy a cheap, lightweight buggy, mainly for airport. Any recommendations?

gaelicsheep Thu 21-Jan-10 21:14:34

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow Cadmum. xx

IckleJess Thu 21-Jan-10 21:28:13

Hi all, I'm new to this thread.

I am due 23rd June and we found out last Sunday that we are having a little boy

This will be baby no.4, we already have DS (14), DD1 (10) and DD2 (2).

Nice to meet you all

gaelicsheep Thu 21-Jan-10 21:54:02

Welcome to Flossysmum and IckleJess! smile

madamefreckle Thu 21-Jan-10 23:03:40

Cadmum - Thinking of you tomorrow. Hope it all goes as smoothly as possible and that you can begin the road to recovery - physically and emotionally.

Congrats to those with positive scan results. Woofie - Yay for little Ned! - Good news Meggymegmegs! LittleRobbo - So pleased to hear your news about a little girl! Good luck for Monday. I'm sure there's nothing major to worry about with the placenta - It's only too easy to give yourself 'medical school syndrome' with too much internet research!
R&B - Best of luck for Monday also.

Just going to update the list as best I can with the newcomers - Welcome ladies!

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