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Due in May - Secret Stork this way

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Yorky Mon 04-Jan-10 13:39:13

Thought it would be easiest to put names down on a separate thread as the main one is so busy message are easy to lose, I'd hate anyone to be missed out.

Suggestions for amount to spend - £10? and when to post by? Would anyone prefer presents for Mum rather than baby presents?

DH has volunteered to coordinate it so none of use knows who our stork is, but if anyone has another wiling 'volunteer' I'm sure he won't mind!

I'll start the list (Was going to add those I could remember from the other thread but baby brain has set in!):-

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JamesAndTheGiantBanana Mon 04-Jan-10 14:44:46

Due in november? we're due in may, hon! grin

LuckyC Mon 04-Jan-10 15:59:14

Count me in, what a great idea. Tenner sounds good to me.

ForcesSweetheart Mon 04-Jan-10 16:07:18


Dunno how to change the subject line of a thread to make it May, does anyone else?

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Mon 04-Jan-10 16:24:36

I've requested MN HQ to change it to may when they've got a spare minute.

pigleychez Mon 04-Jan-10 17:40:30

I love buying baby things.. count me in


JamesAndTheGiantBanana Mon 04-Jan-10 18:06:10

Thanks MNHQ!

I'd be up for doing it but I'm skint til the end of february, can't even do any baby shopping of my own til then, it's so annoying! £10 seems fine.How does it work? would we all forward our names and addresses to you, Yorky?

Yorky Mon 04-Jan-10 18:36:28

Aren't MNHQ great!
Have put DS to bed and left DH bottling DD (teething massively atm so I blame baby brain and sleep deprivation!!) and came down to start new thread and its all fixed while I wasn't looking!

I suggest you all email my DH on with your MN name, your real name and address, whether you know if you're having a boy or girl, and maybe any allergies so you don't get sent chocs if diabetic for example, or bath stuff which makes you break out, then when the deadline comes he'll e-mail you with the details of who you're buying for.

When do you want the deadline for joining in to be? And when shall we post? I'd suggest it wants to be a bit early so the twins and other likely early babies aren't rushed at the end

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kateyjane Mon 04-Jan-10 23:33:06

Hi Yorky I would love to join in. £10 sounds great. I will e-mail Mr Yorky!
What a brilliant idea, thanks for organising it all.

ForcesSweetheart Tue 05-Jan-10 08:29:40

Agree the deadline should be pretty early, as I for one will be having my CS around April 19th and probably won't be in any state to shop/post for a while after that!

alexw Tue 05-Jan-10 09:48:24

Have emailed mr y. Great idea!

LuckyC Wed 06-Jan-10 09:20:57

Have also emailed Mr Y.

myfirstbump Fri 08-Jan-10 13:34:04

Am emailing Mr Y now! Have taken a while to work out what everyone was talking about on the main thread... Mush for brains at the moment. Don't know if it's snow or baby!

sweetkitty Mon 11-Jan-10 17:09:18

have emailed MrY smile

ForcesSweetheart Thu 18-Mar-10 11:53:07

Are we still doing this? Dunno how much longer I'm gonna be mobile enough to shop so would be handy to know who I'm shopping for sooner rather than later if we are. Lis x

memorylapse Thu 18-Mar-10 19:47:44

must have missed this...count me ingrin

will email mr yorky

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Fri 19-Mar-10 07:41:29

Oh, I must have missed this - if we're still doing it then I'm in.

Will email Mr Yorky.

Yorky Fri 19-Mar-10 10:26:37

Quick update

Deadline for emailing mr dot yorky at hotmail dot com is THIS Saturday evening (20th)

He needs your MN name, real name, address, expecting boy/girl if known, any requirements - like dairy intolerance don't buy chocs, if you prefer present for mum/baby/don't mind

Think we agreed £10 spending limit

Then posting first weekend in April

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memorylapse Fri 19-Mar-10 13:11:26

I emailed mr yorky but tell him to check his spam box as emailed him from my business email which sometimes goes to spam

Yorky Fri 19-Mar-10 20:44:41

Message from him indoors - ML, you're in.
11 ladies so far
AW from Harrow, can you e-mail him your MN name please?
James, are you still interested cos he hasn't had an e-mail from you?

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memorylapse Fri 19-Mar-10 20:57:48

yay! I like buying pressiesgrin

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Sat 20-Mar-10 09:24:39

Yorky - I emailed him yesterday, can I just check I'm in?

Thanks for organising this

Hollyoaks Sat 20-Mar-10 13:29:10

I've sent off my email, hope I'm not too late to join the list

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