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July Babies - Follow on from Pukey Tums and Burpy Bums

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stac14 Sat 02-Jan-10 21:02:12

Hey Ladies we have reached the big 1000 so I thought another thread needed to be started grin

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Heated Sat 02-Jan-10 21:25:16

Hey, well done stac14. How is everyone?

Am going for 12wk scan on Tues but have had another bleed. I veer between feeling pragmatic what will be will be to worried/upset as he/she has been a baby in my head from the word go.

Anyway, sorry for the downbeat update, hope everyone else had a really nice Christmas.

kkfairybrains Sat 02-Jan-10 21:30:54

thanks for getting that done stac
happy new year to every1! gonna be an exciting one for us all!
haven't been posting much cos been very busy between work and then after christmas the tiredness was just horrendous cos of all the work i took on before it! finally starting to feel normal again! had 13 friends and family up staying wit me for new years and we went down to the pub where bf works and managed to stay out until after 3! go me! really enjoyed it though and it was even more enjoyable to get up and be the only perky one with no hangover while every1 else was walking round with their eyes hangin out of they'r heads! normally i'd be the worst of them so was a welcome change!
yay 4 every1 who's felling movement! really looking forward to that part! only a few more weeks! does any1 else feel like their pregnancy is going so quickly?! think its with christmas in between it all thats makin it feel like that. only 5 and half more weeks and il be half way!
to those still suffering with nausea and sickness(cant remember who it was sorry!) yes it does come to an end and hopefully for the 2 o u very soon it will be a distant memory and you'l feel normal again!
was thinkin today about starting to buy stuff like all the basics just to start building them up and then after the next scan start buying buggies and all the bigger stuff. would be interested to hear evry1's thoughts on this cos dunno am i jumping the gun by starting 2 early! was also browsing lokking and buggies and am totally clueless as 2 which type of one 2 be lookin at. i know it seems very early but just want to have an idea of what i mite look 4!
anyway this post is waaaaaaaay 2 long.def have to start posting more often! hope every1 feeling well and happy xx

stac14 Sat 02-Jan-10 21:52:57

Hey heated I have my 12 week scan on Wednesday and while I am feeling excited about seeing the baby my nerves are stretched in case something is wrong. Have you bled before? (sorry I may know this but my nappy brain is shocking at the mo) Have you called NHS24 they may scan you quicker to put your mind at rest hun. Hope everything is ok.

kkfairy DP and I have refrained from looking at all just not as just reached 12 weeks today but think after the scan we will start to decide the things we want. Are you 15 weeks already? Glad you had a good new year, I also enjoyed feeling fresh as a daisy yesterday lol

Hope everyone else arrives soon grin xxx

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TishTosh21 Sat 02-Jan-10 21:57:29

heated Ive got my 12 week scan on Tues too, ive been driving myself crazy thinking something will be wrong, fingers crossed for the both of us smile

WinterMadness Sat 02-Jan-10 21:59:34

Nice one Stac You're on the other thread aren't you? Would you ask them to join us?

KK everyone's needs are different. I love my mamas and papas 'skate' but it wouldn't suit everyone. I also love Britax carseats but most of my friends have maxi cosi. You just need to do a search on your specific criteria to see what you fancy. I'm having the same dilemma over which double buggy to go for!

Chulita there'll be 19 months between my two, sounds like you'll be the sameish?

Heated Sat 02-Jan-10 22:02:02

Hi stac14, thanks for replying and very good wishes for Wednesday.

For reasons that I didn't enquire into at the time, they told me (when I had an early 7w scan after the 1st bleed and cramping) that they won't scan me again if I bleed. Also they don't scan unless you have a scan form from the GP and it's never in the same day, so actually Tues is the earliest I could get seen. But it seems like a very long wait.

Heated Sat 02-Jan-10 22:03:17

Thanks Tish-Tosh smile, best wishes for Tues.

stac14 Sat 02-Jan-10 22:11:44

yeah winter I will defo post the thread see if they want to hope over, its quite quiet but the ladies are lovely

heated they are a nightmare sometimes arent they, think that on the basis your scan was ok at 7 weeks you will be fine hun. I havent bled but have cramped a lot with this pregnancy had scan at 7 weeks as they thought it was ectopic and then they sent me for booking in the next week, were I got another scan and thankfully the heartbeat was very strong in both. I think we are bad for working ourselves into a frenzy especially in the run up to a scan. I go from positive to negative constantly. Did they say why they wouldnt scan you again if you bled?

hey tish you ok hun? just posted the link on your other thread. The scans arent coming quick enough are they lol

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thesecondcoming Sat 02-Jan-10 23:40:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WinterMadness Sun 03-Jan-10 08:28:53

Well, huge news here! DS (13 months) started walking yesterday! Yaaaaaayy! And then promptly slept really well! Yaaaaaaayy again! In fact I had to wake him at 7.45 cos Ahe's not a good eater at the best of times and I thought if his day's messed up it might impact on tonight's sleep. So anyway, it's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for your frame of mind! Feeling really perky today and on a mission to get loads done

I was lookng through the 'Due December' thread last night looking for inspiration with names. DH wanted a particular name if ds was a girl. I wasn't keen but unfortunately it's raising it's head again. Doubly unfortunate is my next door neighbour's little girl has the same name and we're friends. My gut tells me we'll have another boy so hopefully it won't become an issue but I chose ds's name so reckon I'll probably have to compromise. Boo hoo.

Anyone else scouring the trailers on tv programmes looking for names? Lol, I look at everything now hoping something will stand out to me!

violetbubbles Sun 03-Jan-10 08:46:59

Hey everyone - just checking in. I've been exhausted lately but have managed to keep up with the thread Good luck to everyone having scans this week. It's perfectly normal to be worried. I was totally stressed out in the run up to my scan so understand how you feel but I'm sure everything will be fine!

kkfairybrains I've started thinking about buying stuff too...mainly because lots of people keep saying that I really should start doing my research abut buggies/cots etc because the time will fly by...but I'm pretty relaxed about it at the moment and am just focussing on looking after myself and my little one rather than rushing around the shops looking for good deals on buggies.

Winter - hurrah for DS's first steps

Well, the unsolicited advice has well and truly started so I'm constantly chanting in my head "It's okay, they're just excited and don't mean to be patronising, just smile and say, thanks I hadn't thought of that yet". grin. Someone actually said to me yesterday that I seemed a bit too calm, like it hasn't hit me yet. WTF? Nobody understands more than me that I am pregnant! But again, I just smiled and said I was taking it one day at a time. <rant over>

Anyone else getting lots of well meaning but unsolicited advice at the moment?

TishTosh21 Sun 03-Jan-10 10:21:15

Hi stac thanks for posting on other thread! Yeah im ok but as i havent had any scans yet I have absolutely no idea how its all going in there so obv im thinking the worst!

Hopefully all my worrying will be about nothing and ill post the scan pic on my profile on Tues.

Buckler Sun 03-Jan-10 11:29:20

Hey Stac thanks for link. My 12 week scan is not till 19th Jan will be almost 13 by then!! Ages to wait!!

Good luck for everyone having scans over the next couple of weeks sending positive thoughts.

stac14 Sun 03-Jan-10 11:38:25

aww winter thats fab bout ds's walking and a full nights sleep. Are you going to find out what your having? I'm being nosey now but whats the horrid name? If its your friends dd name could you not say you feel you would be copying?

violet hope your feeling better now, i'm starting to feel less tired but have the cold so thats knocked me just now.
tish are you feeling any better now you know the stats and read the positive responses? I'm driving myself mad at the moment too. Just wish it would hurry up lol.
Hows everyone else today? All good i hope. XxXx

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WinterMadness Sun 03-Jan-10 12:40:05

Oh don't get me wrong stac it's not horrible, just pretty common. I mean common as in popular not as in chavvy by the way! DH doesn't care about copying. He doesn't understand 'the rules' when it comes to that sort of thing

WickedWitchSouthWest Sun 03-Jan-10 12:45:31

Just whacking our list on here...will catch up in a min grin

June 29(-july10th) – MrsDmamee,33 #3
July 2nd – Mouseybrown, Plymouth 34 #1
July 2nd – FlowerBee, Hertfordshire, 27 #1
July 2nd – kkfairybrains, #1
July 3rd - Daisy2010 #1
July 3rd – WickedWitch, 29 Bristol #2
July 3rd – Apuski, 38 #2, Cheltenham
July 3rd - Wintermadness, 29 #2, North East
July 4th - violetbubbles, 33, #1
July 4th – Crabby, 34, #2
July 5th – Gibbon, 36 Essex #2
July 5th – MumfieMagic, 37 Cirencester #1
July 5th – Celery, 34 #4
July 5th – GhoulsAreLoud, 31 #2
July 5th – YellowYoYo, 32 #2
July 6th - Tink80, #3
July 7th – Irishfairy, 25 #1
July 7th – randomama, 31 #2 Lakes
July 7th - sleb1, #1
July 8th – WhatSheSaid, 38 #2
July 8th – FactsAndFigures, 31 #2
July 10th – berberis, 35, SE London, #1
July 11th - DeeLite, 35 #1
July 11th - beckyg123, 28, Glasgow, #1
July 11th - Champagneforlunch, 29 #3
July 12th – Page62, 34, SW London #3
July 12th - yesway, 34, NW London #4
July 12th - Heated, 37, Midlands,#3
July 13th - LazyEmma, 31, #2
July 13th - MissWooWoo, 38 #2
July 13th - GlastonburyGoddess, 24, SW, #3
July 14th - TheSecondComing,36,Manchester #3
July 14th - MelissaM, 34, Hants #2
July 14th - tjtheminx,37,USA, #2
July 15th - BettyButterknife, 32, Bristol #2
July 15th - Firerise #1
July 15th - grumpypumpkin, #1
July 15th – TishTosh21, Kent, #1
July 15th - Bruhaha #2
July 16th – Norky, 29, SE London #2
July 16th - Mousemole, 35, Glasgow, #3
July 16th - Amiable, 39, N London #2
July 16th - Wonderstuff, 30, Hants #2
July 16th - SonSon,36, Inverness, #3
July 17th - Stac 14, 30, Glasgow, #2
July 18th - Emmame
July 19th - Dairylea
July 20th – iggypiggy, 33, SE London, #1
July 20th - EmsieRo, 28, South London, #1
July 21st - Lifeistooshort, 33, Bristol #3
July 21st - skihorse, 35, The Netherlands, #1
July 21st - RufflesKerfluffles, 28, SE London #1
July 22nd - CurlyCasper, 30, Midlands #1
July 22nd - Kittykat77, #3
July 22nd - Winnie78, #1
July 22nd - Westyorkshiregirl #1
July 22nd - TotalRockChick #2
July 23rd - Givecarrotsachance, 36, Yorkshire #2
July 23rd - timefliesby 32, SW London #2
July 24th - Gracie123, 25, Cumbria #2
July 25th - Spirael, 27, W Yorks #1
July 25th - Emster30, 29, NE London, #1
July 25th - Chulita, 27, Dorset #2
July 26th - rockinghertosleep, 32, Glasgo #2
July 29th - winjy #1
July 30th - Kinnies #3
July 30th - Tobago04, #3
31st July - mumtoo3 #4

WickedWitchSouthWest Sun 03-Jan-10 13:04:58

Hello ladies! Lovely shiny new thread I'm shattered! Where is this energy increase then? Perhaps if I get off my increasingly round arse and do some exercise I might feel better?! Will go and collect my bike from mum and dad's later I think!

apuski Cheddar, Winscombe and Axbridge are nice and not too far from the M5. I wouldn't want to go to far along the A38 coz it's a bastard of a road, really dangerous!

heated good luck on Tuesday. I really hope it's just one of those unexplained things.

tish fingers crossed for you too!

kk It's a bit odd this time having #2 as we have everything! I do admit to having bought a new pram though (got a bugaboo cameleon with everything on ebay for £300 and it's virtually new!) but I did that when I was only 8 weeks blush it was too much of a bargain to pass up! Plus our old pram I absolutely hated and managed to sabotage the wheels so we HAD to get a new one grin We had a Graco Tour Deluxe and good points were the large shopping basket, easy to steer and the cup holder. That was it really It was too heavy to lift, dd grew out of the carrycot at 5 weeks so I had her facing away from me in the hard-looking pushchair seat sad. The reason for going for the bugaboo was that it's been out for ages now so problems are known and there are known fixes, the handle is height adjustable (dh is 6'5 and I'm 5'3!)
and it's completley adjustable and reversible with a large carrycot coz I think I produce long babies! I also had a play with the new iCandy Peach and LOVED it but it's so damn expensive and no chance of a second hand one right now and my budget was £400. Oh, you've just reminded me, I need to get a buggy board for dd coz even though she'll be 4 I expect her to be tired walking home from school! I'm also going to customise the bugaboo with a funky hood and footmuff but will probably wait til after Beanie arrives to can get a sex specific pattern.

winter yay to your ds! We've had a row about names already dh hates everything I like and yes we are both scouring books, magazines, tv progs lol

violet yeah, everybody's an expert aren't they? You wait til you get a bump and then it really starts! I got "oh aren't you small" (as if I'm starving myself or something) "a front bump means a boy" (er, have you met my dd?) oh it goes on and on! Carry on as you are grin

Wow, that's an eipc...!

kkfairybrains Sun 03-Jan-10 13:34:37

winter yay for babys first steps! so sweet! they look so funny when they just start walking! yeah britax and maxi cosy seem to be the only 2 names am hearing on the car seat front.i want one that u can just click in and out and dont have to be messing with seatbelts all the time.
wwsw yeah iv been hearing about that bugaboo chameleon alot actually.just gonna have nto go to a shop and have a feel of them all i think! i'v seen 2 people with these really simple looking maxi cosy fuss about them at all and the 2 people iv seen have had the babies facing towards them and iv been scouring the net and cant seem to find which one it is!deadly idea about funking up the one u bought!
stac im 15 weeks on friday.feels so weird to be saying that!
to evry1 worried about scans,its completely normal and i think every1 here felt the same before theirs!if the truth be told even when u see eveything is as it should be you still find something else 2 worry about! think we'r just pre programmed to worry about everything.
re the baby names i know the girls name i want and we both seem to agree on it! i have a cousin with a little girl with the same name but i dont really mind about that! lookin everywhere at boys names and cant seem to find one that i absolutely love! dean is the best of the boys names so far!

Spirael Sun 03-Jan-10 13:52:32

Hi all! Just checking in and getting this topic into the list of ones I'm on. I hope everyone's doing ok today.

I've got my next scan on 13th January, I'm already excited for it! I'll be just 13 weeks then, according to my fractionally revised date. I reckon I'll stick with 25th July on the list though, as sods law dictacts that's when I'll be giving birth.

I've been feeling a bit better over the last few days, finally! I stayed awake to 11pm last night and didn't feel sick all day! Acne seems to be clearing up as well. I never thought such things would be so exciting. wink However my chest has reached new levels of ache... Bah!

I've been doing research into various baby-related items since I was about five weeks along. blush I'm heading to the Baby Show in London in Feb to do more research there. Currently I'm eyeing up the Britax B-Smart 4 for travel system, which is the improved version of the Vigour 4 and released at the end of Jan. I want to have a play with it first, though... I've seen the Vigour and liked that though, so I'm pretty sure I'll like the B-Smart.

DH and I have had a selection of names decided from the moment we started TTC. I seem to like getting ahead of myself in preparation! We've got a nice list of around five girls names to choose from, but we only have two boys names so I want to find another couple of ones we like... So we have options after it pops out. I just know if I try to settle on one name, it'll not fit right on the day.

My current problem though is maternity wear. I can't seem to find much anywhere! Leeds city centre is awful, none of the usual suspects carry their maternity range in the stores. Went to an out of town M&S yesterday but they barely carried any of their range despite it being a huge store. I seem to be a funny shape, with a tiny waist and huge hips/thighs, so I always like to try things first and avoid ordering clothes online.

Anyone got any ideas where I can try?? I might head for some of the retail parks next weekend. There's a Mothercare World at one and a M&P's at another, which might have something..?

stac14 Sun 03-Jan-10 14:08:45

Hey buckler welcome to the thread hun, I have my scan on Wednesday soo nervous but I will be 12+4 by then. Do you want your stats added to the list?

kkfairy think your right about the worrying all the way through. DP and I agree on the boys names we have chosen but keep disagreeing on the girls names, think this is because dp is convinced it will be a girl lol

violet yeah getting loads of advice given out and the horror stories of labour, which I promptly have to remind them I have already been through lol Your being very good in the way your managing to smile and not tell them to f**k off grin

winter I have no clue what the difference between prams and buggies now, my son is 10 and it was mammas and papas prams then but I dont know if they are good or not

How is everyone else? xxx

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Chulita Sun 03-Jan-10 14:35:21

Ok, I thought I'd hit a new low and slayed an ante-natal thread (should've kept an eye on the length of the last one blush)

wintermadness DD is 13 months and started walking 6 days ago and she'll be exactly 19 months if little bean shows up on the due date. When's your DS birthday? [nosey emoticon]

CurlyCasper Sun 03-Jan-10 15:58:34

There you all are! Just marking my place. Got my booking in/12-week scan etc this Thursday, a two-day late birthday pressie. Feeling ok because I finally found the baby's heartbeat on my home doppler yesterday. It's amazing and I just can't stop listening in now! grin

ApuskiDusky Sun 03-Jan-10 16:32:55

Found you!

WWSW cheers for the inside info, bugger about the A38 though, it looked like a good route on the map. I think Winscombe looks good, and a bit bigger than some of the other villages - not that I'm getting ahead of myself, of course!

Winter, exciting to hear about the walking, time to move all breakables up a level... as for names, I hope we're having a girl, as I used up the only boys name I liked for ds. My current dilemma re names is whether it would be wrong to consider a name that is the name of an ex-girlfriend of DH's - would that be weird?!

And maternity wear - I have spent most of today clearing my wardrobe of 'things that no longer fit' and 'tops that are too short' and am rather daunted by how little is left - so have done a little online shopping - bought one pair of maternity work trousers (and they are not black! A rarity indeed!) and a couple of normal tops that are long enough to cope with another few months of wear, and will then be good for fourth trimester. But now is a really bad time to buy, all the sites have are out of stock sale items, so I shall have to be patient before buying anything else.

thesecondcoming Sun 03-Jan-10 17:13:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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