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Just moved to Twickenham, looking for pregnant friends..

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Georgia1bumpy Wed 23-Dec-09 20:32:25

...I'm due April and there are no NHS ante-natal classes in Twickenham, but lots of coffee shops! Let me know if any one out there might fancy a new year coffee. Georgia

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girlsyearapart Thu 24-Dec-09 06:57:42

Where are you having the baby?

I had mine at Kingston and they did a morning of ante natal there.

I made some 'mum friends' at post natal which I got a letter about once the baby was born.

Also another idea is to sign up for pregnancy yoga somewhere, you can meet people that way?

If you try the Maple Leaf pharmacy at Twickenham Green they usually have adverts about it.

Good luck smile

MrsBabyBoo Tue 29-Dec-09 18:40:45


I'm currently in Richmond (trying to buy a house but planning to stay local). Our first baby is due in May. I am planning to attend NCT classes, despite the cost and also yoga. It would be good to meet other mums to be, although I am feeling a little in denial that it is really happening!


Georgia1bumpy Fri 01-Jan-10 19:37:12

Thanks Girlsyearapart and MrsBabyBoo, nice to hear from you.

Girlsyearapart - I think you're right about meeting other mums at post-natal things, I just need to be patient! I'm already doing pregnancy yoga in Richmond, it's v good. Thanks for your advice, will def try Maple Leaf pharmacy at Twick green too.

Victoria - ha ha, yes denial is natural I think! But then it should give way to excitement, at least that's how I'm feeling. How is your house hunt going? Good idea to buy if you can and be in before baby comes, that's why we've just moved to Twickenham, though we're just renting. I'm doing yoga, it's this one: I'm really enjoying it and the teacher is very nice. Come along, it's every Tuesday night at 6.15pm. Maybe see you there?


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RachelGood Tue 19-Jan-10 12:03:13

HI Georgia,
I live in Twickenham as well and my first baby is due in June. I would love to go to yoga, I'll look into that vanilla yoga, and see if I can make it.
I don't work on Wednesdays or Fridays, so if you would like to grab a coffee, that would be great. I don't have many friends at all (except work mates), so am really open to meeting new people.
Let me know when you're free!

MrsBabyBoo Thu 28-Jan-10 13:28:09

Just to say that I tired to get to the yoga classes mentioned, but they are all booked up so going to find somewhere else recommended by my phsyio. We think we've got a flat sorted and will still be local. Can't wait to move but these things take ages!

Ladyred Fri 29-Jan-10 14:33:57

Hi Rachel & Georgia

I am due 1st May and live locally in Isleworth. I am also looking for pregnant friends too to relate with as most people I know do not have children or having any.

A work colleague of mine recommended Antenatal classes booked through the NCT. Have you got any advice on whether these are any good or not.

I am due to attend the NHS antenatal clinic in March and not sure what to expect really.

Any advice?

katelouc Sat 06-Feb-10 10:47:22

Hi There.

I just found this thread as I was searching for info about the suspension of Antenatal Classes.

I live in Hampton Hill and I have spoken to to the Rich & Twick PCT and they have said we should register with Kingston for a Saturday morning course and that there is a drop in session once a month at Teddington clinic for breast feeding info etc. This is available for 32-38 weeks. Hope this info is useful. If its any consolation, the PCT are quite dissapointed themselves and cant understand how they can justofy this suspension...its financial by the sounds of it!

The downside of this of course is that you dont get to meet people locally so if you fancy a get together at all (pre or post baby) that would be great!

Kate xx

katelouc Sat 06-Feb-10 10:48:19

p.s, im due 24th May x

Georgia1bumpy Wed 10-Feb-10 11:21:09

Hi all,

Lovely to hear from so many mums-to-be in Twickenham area - sounds like we should set up a coffee to say hi. How does March suit everyone - are we all on maternity leave by then or those due in May probably will still be at work?

Kate - yes, I called PCT too and got the same message. Sounds like PCT Vs hospital and no one will take responsbility in the NHS for ante-natal classes. Heh ho. I've booked in to morning course at Kingston hospital with partners on 27th Feb if any of you will be there.

My sister did NCT ante-natal classes and if you have time/money I would definitely recommend them - they're so much more in depth than any NHS class and great place to meet people. My sister has made lots of friends.

Victoria - glad flat sorted, hope moving + being pregnant hasn't been too stressful.

By the way, Anna who teaches Vanilla Yoga is moving her Tues evening class to a new venue so it can hold more people so she might have more spaced in March. It is lovely to have an hour a week to just relax and 'be with your baby' as she says.

Take care all and hope to meet up soon,


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Ladyred Wed 17-Feb-10 13:49:49

Hi Georgia / Kate

I tried to leave messages at the Kew NCT but have not had a response as yet for over two weeks, same goes for Anna at Vanilla Yoga...still waiting on a call from her.

I am due on maternity leave at the end of next week so I will be free in March.

I have the NHS ante natal class booked by the hospital already so will just go to that and read up on other things if i cannot get a response from the NCT.

BTW i am due 1st May.


jwl Sun 28-Feb-10 08:36:39

Hi Ladies!

I'm new to the boards and actually also new to Richmond (moved here about 2 weeks ago). I would love to meet up with some mums in the area. My EDD is July 6th.

Ladyred Wed 03-Mar-10 11:14:06

hi jwl

When are you due to go on maternity leave? I have just started and 3 days in i am already bored.

I am about 32 weeks now and the tiredness is already kicking in.

Is it your first baby?

I am new to this site so not sure how you post private details without everyone seeing it i.e. for meet ups etc.


jwl Sat 06-Mar-10 14:00:12

Hi Amal!

I'm actually not working, so I have lots of time on my hands. Well, we're in the middle of nesting and need to find some baby furniture as well.

It will be my first child, is it yours?

I think we actually have to pay to write each other private messages, but I'm sure we could meet at a public coffee house.

Let me know when you're free to meet up.


Ladyred Mon 08-Mar-10 14:29:05

Hi Jaime

Its my first child also, we have managed to get our nursery set up a while ago so don't really have much to do really.

I recommend mamas and papas for furniture, its great - very sturdy.

I will give you my email address as i do not always check mumsnet and we can arrange something then....

Speak Soon


MrsBabyBoo Wed 17-Mar-10 13:46:16


I don't get updates for these posts so sorry for slow response.

How did the antenatal class go? I'm booked on the Saturday morning one in a few weeks at Kingston. I start my maternity leave after next week due to the house move - not sure exactly when that will be though!

I'm doing an exercise class in Kew, it's good but proves how unfit I am.

Have you organised a coffee meet up? When in April is baby due? Time has really flown by, I have 8 weeks left until my EDD. Do you know whether you are having a girl or boy? We've kept it as a surprise for the day - something to look forward to.

Hope you are well


Ladyred Thu 25-Mar-10 14:13:23

Hiya MrsBabyBoo

Baby is due 1st may so i don't have long left. Are you having your first baby too?


MariaJS Tue 30-Mar-10 10:57:04

Hi everybody,
I am another mum-to-be, due end of June and living in Twickenham. Would be great if I could join you for a coffee, if that hasn`t already taken place.


first1 Thu 01-Apr-10 14:42:51

Hiya, another first timer here! Due 17th May. I'm near Hampton Court, booked into Kingston Saturday antenatal on 10th April if anyone else is? Hope everyone is well. I'd love to meet some local mums!


MrsBabyBoo Thu 01-Apr-10 14:59:56


I am on my first baby. It's all very exciting but unknown and has been stressful until starting maternity leave and completing on our new home today!

I have started NCT and it's really good so far. Makes me realise I did know quite a lot already despite feeling clueless.

If anyone fancies coffee in or around Twickenham I'm sure I can fit it in around decorating the nursery and furniture deliveries. My email is

Lucy - I'm booked on the same antenatal course at Kingston! I guess I'll see you there. Oh and due the day before you.


Ladyred Tue 13-Apr-10 12:55:47

Hi ladies

I hope all you are well, I have not logged on for a while as I have been busy doing the last minute preparations.

I have 2 weeks left and starting to feel it so much that I cannot even drive.

I think once baby is born then I don't mind meeting up for a coffee.


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