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RenderedSpeechless Tue 08-Dec-09 07:00:31

im posting this here because ther is no 'bag-a-bargain section and it isnt a promotion or discount code.

anyway, you can get this in Sainsbury's. only applies to 40 pack. it's likely to be hidden amid or behind the 35 pack ones (which are £5.98). you may have noticed that different supermarkets have different number of nappies in their pack. seems sainbos received some of tesco/asda's lot mixed in with their own.

this should be available nationwide, as i know people who live in london, preston and somerset who experienced the same.

will be interesting to know if any-one else gets some, and how many. i got 6 packs today (that's all there was) and friend got 4.

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RenderedSpeechless Tue 08-Dec-09 08:35:00

hardly post on here but felt compelled to share, so bumping this.

two things i hate spending money on are petrol and nappies!

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comefollowthatstarwithme Tue 08-Dec-09 08:40:49

Thankyou dd has just moved up to size 3.<<wonders if she can squeeze her in a size 2>> grin.

Bumping for anyone with a size 2 baby.

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