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madamefreckle Fri 20-Nov-09 22:41:58

Hello everyone! grin Welcome to the second thread! Hope you are happy enough that I've gone ahead with this title! If not, I won't be mortally offended if you ditch it and start again!

Here is the list - hope it is more or less up-to-date. Apologies if you're missing, please add yourself on. Pogue - we don't have you on here. Scared - are you still around? Perhaps you've moved to the May thread. Let us know how you're doing.

27th-3rd - ScaredofEverything, 33, #2
30/05 GoodName, 31, #1
1st - Washersaurus , 33, #3
1st - ELM, 29, #2
1st - bambino02, 23, #2
1st - mampam, 29 #3
1st - whenwillisleepagain, 42 #2
2nd - scrappydappydoo, #3
2nd - MrsGravy, 33, #3
3rd - nickytwotimes, 35, #2
3rd - RnB, 31, #3
3rd - Tafftaff, 36, #2
4th - minimoonumbertwo, 33, #2
4th - madamefreckle, 33, #2
4th - sunshiney, 34, #2
5th - greensnail, 27, #2
5th - Dizzymac, 35 No.3
6th - AlwaysHopefull, 35, #2
6th - zumm, 37, #1
7th - LittleRobbo, 34, #3
7th - MrsC09, #1
7th - mumandlovingit, 28 #4
8th - Tobermory, #2
8th- Saucepanman, 31, #4
9th - Woofie, 33, #2
10th - charlottew 32, #1
10th - fillybuster 35, #3
10th - upsydaisysexstylist #3
11th - PorridgeBrain, 34, no. 2
12th - UnrequitedSkink, 33, no. 2
12th - Rangemaster 29, #3
11th - Fabi76, #1
13th - ChairmumMiaow, 29, #2
13th - sobloodystupid, 34, #3
14th - Cadmum, 38, #5
14th ? MrsAlwaysRight, 31 #2
15th - MummyWantsANewBag, #2
15th - Ponymum, 41, # 2
17th - Bluesnowfalcon 28 #1
17th - theperfectbaguette 34 #1
17th - muchchocolate #2
18th - Horton 40 #2
19th - Ladyemmalou83, 26 #1
19th - Georgee 37 No 1
21st - Gizmo, 39, #3
22nd - GinaFB, #1
23rd - Sunshineday 39 #5
23rd - GibberingGinger 33 #2
23rd? - Spudthescarecrow #3
24th - imkeepingmum, #1
25th - Ilovemyterrier, 38 no1
25th - readysetgo, #1
26th - Celery, 34 #4
28th - CantSleepWontSleep (HappyAccident),
36, no3
29th - MrsDmamee #3
30th - Monthlymayhem, 34, no. 2

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gaelicsheep Wed 20-Jan-10 23:16:41

Cadmum - I am so so sorry for your loss. I'm thinking of you. xx

Cadmum Thu 21-Jan-10 03:01:16

Surely there must be good news from scans today?

Hopefully the posts will start again tomorrow.

CSWS is absolutely right that I didn't mean to scare people off.

Back to try and get some sleep...

AlwaysHopefull Thu 21-Jan-10 06:55:02

Don't want to appear insensitive to Cadmum... big hugs to you and hoping you can avoid a section.

Is now a good time to discuss a new name for a new thread? I think we're going to get to the maximum today... There was a great idea a few weeks ago, but I can't remember it. Anyone else any ideas?

LittleRobbo Thu 21-Jan-10 07:58:19

Good Morning all. Well i went to Aquanatal for the first time last night with a friend whos due in April,and,oh my god,it was hilarious! Really good exercise,loads of lovely pg ladies,and just so funny,we laughed all the way through and the midwife who runs it is fabulous. If you have a class where you live,go,its very therapeutic grin I had terrible backache since Sunday and i've woken up fine this morning,must be the water,cant wait for next week!

I have my scan today,DH has booked the day off,but has woken up with a nasty sickness bug poor thing,so i think i've gotta go on my own which is a bit rubbish,nevermind.

I am trying to think of witty new name thread but nothings springing to mind yet Alwayshopeful

mampam Thu 21-Jan-10 09:50:38

No new witty names from me either I'm afraid.

I'm feeling a bit claustrophobic at the moment. I've been off work now for about 3 months. I'm in pain, I can't walk anywhere so am quite limited as to what I can do. I've managed to take the kids to school today and have to pick them up as DH is busy with work and can't be around to do it for me. Seeing DC's to the school gates is agony especially as I'm trying not to do my old granny hobble in front of the other parents!! blush

My non-pregnant friends keep saying "enjoy doing nothing while you can" but doing nothing sounds much better than it actualy is. There's only so much daytime TV one can watch, I'm unable to do housework and I never see anyone (hence my long posts on here as I see it as 'talking' to someone!!).

So come on ladies I need suggestions of things I can do whilst either standing still or sitting still!!

nickytwotimes Thu 21-Jan-10 09:56:06

Thanks for your post cadmum.

I had my scan the other day and it was fine. Wiggly kid. I think I will have my hands full.

Mampam, I have pelvic girdle pain and though it is under control in this pg, I totally get your frustration/boredom. I can potter, but not do my usual and I am BORED.

Mn is a godsend. Doing nothing is boring, isn't it?

Things to do?
Um, ds and I do baking. If you can get everything arranged ont he counter then you can do it while standing still.
Get pals round?

Not terribly helpful, sorry!


RnB Thu 21-Jan-10 10:05:31

Oh Cadmum Oh my god, I'm so so sorry. I really hope you can avoid having to have a C-section Wishing you all the very best.

Well I'm one of the scans from yesterday, and am feeling pretty deflated (although I feel ridiculous now after hearing Cadmum's horrendous news). The sonographer couldn't get a good enough view of the base of the spine and I have to go back in 2 weeks. I am now ultra paranoid the baby has spina bifida. I know I'm being silly and need to snap out of it. I don't know if I can wait 2 weeks to know so am going to book a private scan.

chestnut100 Thu 21-Jan-10 10:47:44

mampan - i can't believe i am suggesting this publically as it sounds terribly sad and geeky; but how about a cross stitch? maybe you could do something nice for the wall in the baby's room?

It has been years since I have done one, but I think they are reasonably cheap, easy to do (even if it is your first one), and are quite addictive once you get going; so time pases quickly, and you have something nice at the end of it.

Just a thought!

mampam Thu 21-Jan-10 11:04:53

Nicky unfortunately my DC's are both school age so no baking for me during the day. Plus since DH's breakdown he has suddenly started baking!! Never used to do it but I'm not complaining, it gives him something to do and I get to eat yummy cakes!! grin. Most of my RL friends work and I'm feeling a little bit deserted by them at the moment sad.

RnB It's great you've had your scan and don't worry about being called back in a couple of weeks. With both of my DC's I was called back as they were laying in awkward positions and the sonographer couldn't see all of the bits she wanted to see. With one of them I seem to remember she couldn't see the base of the spine and the bladder. This little baby was lying across me so everything was in full view except it's face because baby had it's back to us!! smile

Chestnut Cross stitching hmm just kidding. I don't actually know how to do that but when I was pregnant with DD and DS I crocheted them a blanket each!! Maybe I might crack on with a crocheted blanket for DC#3!! It's something to do after all!!! wink

Just had some good news, had a phonecall from the physio department, they've had a cancellation and I've got an appointment tomorrow morning at 10.30!! Hurray smile
GP must work pretty quickly!

Woofie Thu 21-Jan-10 11:39:39

Cadmum - I'm so terribly sorry to hear your news. Sounds like you've been through it several times before at this late stage sad I really hope you and dh are bearing up. Thanks also for your message...

Well I was another of yesterday's scans, and seems like I have another bouncy boy to add to our collection. He was flipping about loads, and not at all shy - it was quite clear from the first view what sex he was! We're all delighted, especially the boys (dss and ds) - so it looks like Ned it is.

RnB - I'm sure it's fine, but book yourself in for a private scan if you can to reassure yourself.

Mampma - along chestnut's train of thought - knitting? I'm v into it again now I'm pregnant, and baby things can be finished satisfyingly quickly.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

LittleRobbo Thu 21-Jan-10 12:06:04

Hi ladies just got back from scan,and quite unbelievably,its a baby girl,i actually cried floods in the scan room!We are so,so pleased grin grin Wondering if i can pick some brains though,everything seemed normal and as it should,however hmmi have a 'lumpy' placenta??. I have to go back on Monday but i'm not too worry apparently as its just a precautionary measure,all he said was that it can make you very sick or nauseous (i have been nauseous not sick) and it can cause too much,a surge,in hormones which is what may need to be monitored. Does anyone have any experience of this?

meggymegmegs Thu 21-Jan-10 12:21:18

Well good news from a scan from me yesterday, the baby looks perfect and me and dh have been grinning like cheshire cats ever since grin. I'll need to go back for a 35 week scan as my placenta is lying low, but my MW sister assures me that this is perfectly normal and will more than likely move up so not to worry, so I'm trying to see it as another chance to have a sneak preview of dc before he/she appears.

DH was seriously giddy and dragged me for our first shopping trip grin, we ordered a cot from the White Company and this bedding from BabiesRUs. It's all becoming really real now!

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Thu 21-Jan-10 12:32:44

I have to wait until 10th Feb for my scan - not finding out the sex though but I am getting impatient to buy things! I might make a boys list and a girls list to order when baby is here and buy some neutrals. Despite it being no.3 I think most the baby clothes are on their last legs, esp. anything used for weaning at 6m +!
Little RObbo - I have never heard of a lumpy placenta sorry, fingers crossed for Monday

mampam Thu 21-Jan-10 12:41:37

meggy I love that bedding. I've been looking for something with nice bright colours.

LittleRobbo Never heard of a lumpy placenta before. Have you googled it? I'll give it a go cos I need something to do!!

Lemonade Patience is a virtue!!!grin

fillybuster Thu 21-Jan-10 12:53:47

Cadmum I was so so sorry to see your update yesterday; hopefully the c-section can be avoided and you will get the love and support you need from friends and family to see you through the coming days and weeks. My thoughts are with you and you will be missed on this thread by all of us

great to hear about all the good scans yesterday...feels like ages until mine (12th feb)...sigh.

Spent yesterday doubled over with some sort of horrible tummy bug (again!), was in bed by 8.30 shock without any dinner (normally around midnight, can't remember who was asking?) today just feeling shaky and crap and sore. got to go to hospital for physio for sciatica this afternoon - when I tried to move the appt they offered my march 5th shock, so I'm going to keep it even though I just want to go to bed. Am supposed to be working today but obviously not doing too well...

meggymegmegs Thu 21-Jan-10 13:01:32

Thanks mampam, I'm so over all the beige that seems to be around, I think babies should have something interesting to look at.

LittleRobbo I've not heard of a lumpy placenta before either but I'll ask my MW sister next time I talk to her. Lovely that you're having a DD though - good job I didn't find out or I'd have ordered the whole of mini-Boden by now <shopaholic emoticon> blush.

RnB I'm sure everything will be great with the next scan. My sonographer was struggling to get a look at the baby's heart yesterday but was really patient and after about 5 mins of shifting me about she got a look at it. Good luck anyway and do let us know. smile

LittleRobbo Thu 21-Jan-10 13:05:05

mampam i have googled it but wish i hadnt,all i am seeing is 'pre-cancerous' or 'cancerous cells'. On my notes they have put 'Atypical uterine wall/placenta function' another scan booked for monday. I dont mind telling you i have now made myself sick with worry. Fuck.

Sunworshipper Thu 21-Jan-10 13:51:27

Cadmum I'm so sorry for your devastating loss.

Mampam glad your gp surgery finally got their a into g and you have an appointment. I had my first one on Tuesday and it was very helpful in terms of managing the current pain but realistic in that the baby is obviously/hopefully going to get bigger.

LittleRobbo congratulations on finding out you are having a DD. No point in saying don't worry about what you have read on the internet but don't forget what they also said to you at the hospital. Monday can't come quickly enough for you I'm sure.

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 21-Jan-10 13:55:30

Mampam - you need a good tv programme with lots of series that you have never seen to watch from start to finish. I hadn't seen House until last spring, and since then have managed to watch all 5.5 series of it!! Not remotely productive like the other suggestions, but fun!

RnB - did they say that it was likely to be anything to worry about, or just that baby was in the wrong position? I would imagine that the latter is far more likely.

Congratulations on another boy Woofie. You must be the first to know the name of your baby already! Will Ned be nn for Edward, or his full name? Is your middle name sorted too?

Yay for a baby girl LittleRobbo. A lumpy placenta is one that I haven't come across before, but never google medical things - it is rarely reassuring! Worth starting a thread in Health section on here though.

Glad that your scan went well meggy.

My scan is the same day as yours filly .

LaTrucha Thu 21-Jan-10 14:33:31

Hello ladies,

Filly - I'm another one waiting almost as long as you. I'll always remember you were the last due on the last thread, getting worried about being left to tidy up and turn off the lights when we'd all migrated to Post-natal. grin

LittleRobbo - if they've said nothing to worry about, I think they mean it. I don't know any midwives who give false reassurance, which I suppose is a good thing.

Congratulations on the positive scans. I'm feeling nervous about mine. I was so worried about everything in my last pregnancy. This time, I've been blithe and carefree. Now since Cadmum and my bf losing her baby yesterday, I'm feeling like I've been too happy-go-lucky.

Only five messages to go! Someone's got to take the plunge soon. Go on Filly, you know you want to.

What about a thread title, something like New year for our new babies. Not quite right. Feel free to alter / ignore.

georgee Thu 21-Jan-10 14:49:36

Hi all

We're getting perilously close to a full thread so here are some starters for 10 ...

June-ior middleweights - fighting on through the second trimester

Midsummer madness visible in the far distance ... but let's ignore it for now!

Starting to gear up the June buggies (where's my spanner?)


Blooming heck, not that long til Flaming June!

Hmmm, didn't claim they were good ... hmm

playftseforme Thu 21-Jan-10 14:50:14

Good luck everyone with your scans - I think I'll definitely be bringing up the rear with my scan on 17th.

Meggymegs - I'm in East Surrey but my parents are on the Wirral and I tend to visit reasonably often. But you might want to try Ebay or Gumtree for bugaboo listings if none of your friends decide to be obliging grin

My poor dd had an argument with the playground floor on Tues and came off badly. We ended up in the minor injuries unit having her face taped back together, and today she looks like she's gone 10 rounds w Mike Tyson, she can't open her right eye. Poor little thing...

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 21-Jan-10 14:51:10

Like the June-ior middleweights one .

greensnail Thu 21-Jan-10 15:12:33

grin for all the positive scan stories. LittleRobbo I've never heard of a lumpy placenta but seriously, step away from google, it can do you no good! Try to focus on the wonderful news that you're having a little girl until monday when you can get some more information and reassurance. If you're really panicking about it then I would ring your midwife for a chat about it, hopefully she could give you some more information.

RnB I'm sure if they were worried they'd want to see you sooner than in 2 weeks, but a private scan sounds like a good idea to put your mind at rest.

mampam how about sudoku? Really glad you've got a physio appointment now, hope it helps.

I had an appointment at the hospital this morning, which went well. My bloods have improved and they don't want to see me again for another 4 weeks. They also did a quick scan to have a peek at the baby, and all seems fine there. Saw a wonderful close up of the baby's face and he/she looked so beautiful. Unfortunately it wouldn't stay still to get a picture for DH to see, but I have my proper 20 week scan tomorrow, so hopefully will get some good pictures then. Its so reassuring to have had this scan today though - now i can look forward to tomorrow's scan without too much worry as i know that basically it all looked good today!

Cadmum Thu 21-Jan-10 15:12:56

Hopefully this will fit on the old thread...

I am so pleased to hear that the other scans went well yesterday. I am honestly fine about hearing good news from everyone else. As I suggested earlier, I would never wish this on anyone. I am very, very blessed to have four happy, healthy children to whom I will return home.

RnB, I have also been called back to check for something with uncooperative ds2. It was all fine the second time 'round. I hope that your experience is similiar.

I wish everyone on here healthy pregnancies and easy deliveries. I look forward to the birth announcements and finding out the names.

As for me, It was not the news I was hoping for this morning. The placenta is completely covering the opening of my cervix. I managed to convince the consultant that I preferred to face the operation tomorrow as I would like to spend the evening with my family and there has not been any sign of bleeding thus far.

The consultant warned me that the risk of hemorrhage is large and that I might want to consider a less risky hysterectomy. After all, I have four children already. Cue vast floods of tears.. again.

I am not ready to consider this as option #1 but I have made it clear that my survival is paramount as I do have aforementioned children to take care of.

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