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madamefreckle Fri 20-Nov-09 22:41:58

Hello everyone! grin Welcome to the second thread! Hope you are happy enough that I've gone ahead with this title! If not, I won't be mortally offended if you ditch it and start again!

Here is the list - hope it is more or less up-to-date. Apologies if you're missing, please add yourself on. Pogue - we don't have you on here. Scared - are you still around? Perhaps you've moved to the May thread. Let us know how you're doing.

27th-3rd - ScaredofEverything, 33, #2
30/05 GoodName, 31, #1
1st - Washersaurus , 33, #3
1st - ELM, 29, #2
1st - bambino02, 23, #2
1st - mampam, 29 #3
1st - whenwillisleepagain, 42 #2
2nd - scrappydappydoo, #3
2nd - MrsGravy, 33, #3
3rd - nickytwotimes, 35, #2
3rd - RnB, 31, #3
3rd - Tafftaff, 36, #2
4th - minimoonumbertwo, 33, #2
4th - madamefreckle, 33, #2
4th - sunshiney, 34, #2
5th - greensnail, 27, #2
5th - Dizzymac, 35 No.3
6th - AlwaysHopefull, 35, #2
6th - zumm, 37, #1
7th - LittleRobbo, 34, #3
7th - MrsC09, #1
7th - mumandlovingit, 28 #4
8th - Tobermory, #2
8th- Saucepanman, 31, #4
9th - Woofie, 33, #2
10th - charlottew 32, #1
10th - fillybuster 35, #3
10th - upsydaisysexstylist #3
11th - PorridgeBrain, 34, no. 2
12th - UnrequitedSkink, 33, no. 2
12th - Rangemaster 29, #3
11th - Fabi76, #1
13th - ChairmumMiaow, 29, #2
13th - sobloodystupid, 34, #3
14th - Cadmum, 38, #5
14th ? MrsAlwaysRight, 31 #2
15th - MummyWantsANewBag, #2
15th - Ponymum, 41, # 2
17th - Bluesnowfalcon 28 #1
17th - theperfectbaguette 34 #1
17th - muchchocolate #2
18th - Horton 40 #2
19th - Ladyemmalou83, 26 #1
19th - Georgee 37 No 1
21st - Gizmo, 39, #3
22nd - GinaFB, #1
23rd - Sunshineday 39 #5
23rd - GibberingGinger 33 #2
23rd? - Spudthescarecrow #3
24th - imkeepingmum, #1
25th - Ilovemyterrier, 38 no1
25th - readysetgo, #1
26th - Celery, 34 #4
28th - CantSleepWontSleep (HappyAccident),
36, no3
29th - MrsDmamee #3
30th - Monthlymayhem, 34, no. 2

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RnB Mon 23-Nov-09 09:44:39

Happy 12 weeks MrsRobbo

What happened to Filly? I missed that?

Saucepanman Mon 23-Nov-09 11:11:03

Found you! Was getting a bit paranoid no one was talking to me then realised old thread was full!

Am 12 weeks on wed, been sick just the twice so far today hmm. DD going to a friends house this aft, and another friend is bringing ds home from school for me, I am going to sleeeep as not dong that much lately.

MrsDmamee Mon 23-Nov-09 11:28:11

morning All, im feeling so down and tired all the time DH is working overtime when he gets home from work because i just cant move i seem to have really rough days of throwing up and then another few days of just feeling sick and weak. And im really getting fed up moaning, all i do is moan its driving ME insane.
Everytime MIL asks how i am i go through the list and now im beginning to wish i could shut myself up!!
Roll on 12 weeks and a less moany me too(only 3 weeks away)

GinaFB Mon 23-Nov-09 11:30:24

Me too MrsDmamee, I feel miserable and exhausted, I can't wait for the fatigue to lift! 2 more weeks and then hopefully things will improve smile

Hope you feel better soon x

Ladyemmalou83 Mon 23-Nov-09 13:50:27

Blimey 2nd thread already! Sorry havent been on for a while, have spent my 1st week of sick leave sleeping. I am determined the 2nd week shall be slightly more pro-active! Xmas shopping online time! (am I going to regret the PS3 Ive just ordered for DH?)

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 23-Nov-09 14:44:55

I am actually really pleased to hear others saying that they are knackered. I am utterly exhausted, and don't remember being quite this tired with the others, though I guess I might have been and have just forgotten! I was worn out within an hour of getting up today!

herewegrow Mon 23-Nov-09 15:46:19

Snap! And annoyingly, I keep waking really early and am not able to go back to sleep sad then end up even more tired mid afternoon at work. By the time I get home in the eve i've hardly the energy to make dinner.

GinaFB Mon 23-Nov-09 16:42:45

I am struggling to keep my eyes open at work today... zzzzz

Also feeling very emotional and feel like having a good cry... holding on as long as possible until I get home to avoid potential embarrassment!

Saucepanman Mon 23-Nov-09 16:51:40

OMG I've had enough of feeling like this! Have been spectacularly sick 3 times, couldn't get to sleep this afternoon despite having the kids looked after elsewhere, and just nearly cried when DH asked me what I wanted for tea because I don't want anything but know I must eat. I cannot keep up with eating enough to keep the sickness at bay. Oh and I have a job interview on Thursday, which is stressing me for various reasons, in particular how I will get there and get through it without being sick sad

MrsDmamee Mon 23-Nov-09 17:03:32

sad we will be ok, eventually!
its just awful isnt it..being tired and sick and then any added worry makes you feel worse i had a mini meltown on the kitchen table here the other weekend as i was so hungry so sick and had a million and one things to do..all i could manage to do was cry.

now i just take it a day at a time see how i am sometimes its just great to make it to lunchtime without feeling like death warmed up

whenwillisleepagain Mon 23-Nov-09 17:08:09

thanks for the swine flu link madamefreckle. I feel a bit like you - going over the pros and cons again and again. I'm fine with eggs, but my DS who's three has severe egg allergy, and as I don't understand enough about how allergies develop, I'm not sure if I should avoid pandemrix because it's egg based and might harm the baby. I will do some more finding out. I rang the GP this morning and can book myself in at any time if I want pandemrix. I'm tending towards being vaccinated, not least because I don't want to give SF to my existing child.

other than that - feeling less pants physically, got 13 week booking appt tomorrow. Tricky issues at work though - having to apply for a job in another organisation as my own post is perhaps being deleted. So potentially no maternity pay, and then being on maternity leave at a time of yet more cutbacks - so very risky. Am constantly weighing up how to approach it tactically. Moving organisations seemed ok on basis that the new job was said to have a better salary, but it turns out, surprise that it doesn't - just a lot more responsibility and hassle. This has been going on for weeks and I'm trying not to get stressed about it. And I can't stop eating (which may be more about work insecurity rather than pregnancy, but a chocolate digestive and herrings habit - I know, yeuch - seems better than some of the other options). Soon nothing will fit me at all. I really agree with all those comments on the old thread about what a massive pain it is to have to shift all the weight again.

good luck to those of you with scans this week

PorridgeBrain Mon 23-Nov-09 19:47:23

Evening ladies.

Sorry to hear so many of you are feeling so unwell, hope it passes very soon.

I am absolutely exhausted, not due to pg but thanks to DD (2.2) who decided at 3 am that she'd had enough sleep and it was time to get up for the day! No amount of persuading was getting her back to bed. Finally after over an hour of deploying the Super Nanny technique (no talking, just putting her back to bed everytime - roughly 4 times a minute!), she eventually gave in. Am thinking that she is ready to start dropping day sleep (good timing DD!!) so only let her have 30 mins sleep whilst out in the car today - lets hope it works tonight as not sure I can cope with another night like last time and am working tomorrow hmm

I phoned the hospital today to ask for my scan date as my hospital gave me 2 days notice last time - got a date of 4th Dec - woo hoo, now I can count down the days.

Right, time for a v. early night me thinks just incase....

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 23-Nov-09 19:57:35

whenwilli - are you avoiding eggs completely yourself in your food whilst pregnant? If so then they might consider a request to avoid the pandremix, but I think you'd be hard pushed to convince them that eggs were a problem if you are still eating them. And from what I understand of allergies (very experienced with milk allergy and intolerance), it's thought that exposure in the womb is actually likely to be beneficial rather than harmful. Hence the change in advice to now eat rather than avoid peanuts.

Are you aware, whenwilli, that you will be entitled to Maternity Allowance even if you can't claim SMP? There's no 90% of salary part to it, but you do get a hundred and something pounds a week.

LittleRobbo Mon 23-Nov-09 20:35:37

RnB filly went to M&S on friday and there was some water from a leaking fridge,she fell and slammed into another fridge,she rushed off (probably in a bit of shock) to get her kids,so didnt fill accident form in or anything. The last word was she felt sore,and havent heard from her since.

madamefreckle Mon 23-Nov-09 22:22:49

Just realised that it was a bit silly to put our name list on my opening post as it takes up masses of room on each page and is already out of date! Hey ho!

Really feel for all of you who feel so utterly naff. I'm lucky i haven't actually been sick at all although have felt horrid - I have a bit of a phobia about sickness and so thank my lucky stars! I don't know how i'd cope.

Really hope for everyone that it improves soon and we can all start cooing over the first flutterings! smile

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RnB Tue 24-Nov-09 06:42:38

Oh no poor filly that's awful! Hope you're ok , Filly...

Just to give you ladies suffering some hope - I was feeling so terrible with sickness/general crap, tired feeling, but since I hit 12 weeks I've really turned a corner and feel so much more NORMAL! Can eat pretty mucg what I like when I like now. Feels like such a luxury.

Hope it's the same for everyone else

whenwillisleepagain Tue 24-Nov-09 09:00:30

thanks for all that, cantsleepwontsleep - yes I'd read about the change in advice over peanuts and I'm beginning to think that pursuing the celvapan option is a bit overcautious. Thanks also for mentioning Maternity Allowance - I had just moved jobs when I got pregnant last time, so I had to claim it before. On the one hand I'm fed up with myself at not waiting this time round to get my employment situation sorted - but that's greatly outweighed by getting pregnant unexpectedly quickly at 42. And I think this time round it's all a bit more weighted in my favour (which may feel unrealistically optimistic when I stand up to do an interview with a visible bump)and my existing employer may have to redeploy me if I don't conveniently go to work in one of their partner organisations.

readysetgo Tue 24-Nov-09 11:26:35

Morning everyone!

So sorry to hear some of you are still feeling so vile

Filly I really hope you are ok!

I had my first Dr's appointment yesterday and they said my scan date will come through to me by post. Hope I don't have to wait long! I am so excited!

I'm 9.5 weeks today, yay! My due date has changed from 25th to 28th June, boooo! That's only by dr's calculations though so I will wait for scan before updating the list!

At work today, have discovered those Hartley's Jelly pots. Great for a sweet hit without me eating my entire days calories before noon blush I've been starrrving these last few days.

Hope we are all feeling better soon x

fillybuster Tue 24-Nov-09 14:21:45

blush thank you all so much for your good wishes...I didn't find the new thread until time we have to be more organised and stick in a link to the next thread before we finish this one!!! I decided not to complain to M&S, basically because I didn't have time and also because although I have a fine selection of bruises down my left hand side both I and flump are fine and dh convinced me to just let it go....

Went for my mw/booking in appointment this morning and was slightly hmm but also quite grin to be told that my hospital have a new policy of only having half the number of mw/doctor appointments for 2nd/3rd etc pregnancies...I feel a bit like I'm being abandoned (nothing between the scan at 20 weeks and a 28 week checkup, then nothing to 34 weeks) but its probably quite sensible as the appointments are fairly time consuming and don't really add much 'value'. The mw's view was 'if you want any help at all, get in touch, if you're fine, then you're fine', which is probably true. What do you guys think?

Had a lovely weekend despite the bruising, but am so struggling with summoning the energy to deal with work this week!

Littlerobbo - we've got scans on the same day

Saucepan - hows the crunchie habit going?

Madamefreckle - is your dh being a bit more positive/manageable? I was thinking about you over the weekend...

Anyone heard from gizmo? I can't remember if her scan is this week or next...?

gizmo Tue 24-Nov-09 14:41:10

Oh that's wierd, I was literally just having a quick lurk (and catching up with the Charlie Brooker chat) when your post came up, Filly.

Relieved to hear you're OK, though, hopefully the freezer came off worst. Personally I always prefer a good set of bruises after an accident - makes me feel that hobbling around being stiff and sore is justified - but I know others don't share my wierd enthusiasms.

We have the same policy of minimal midwife contact in my region for subsequent pregnancies. I guess its inevitable when there is such a shortage of midwives, but it really bugs me that not only are there fewer meetings, but the meetings you do have are 95% about letting the midwife tick boxes and 5% about answering questions that are actually relevant to your pregnancy. Hey ho, that's management by milestones for you, I guess and I imagine the midwives find it just as frustrating.

Welcome to SecretLemonade, Dizmom and other new joiners.

And I have to say my heart goes out to you, Saucepanman, Nickytwotimes and everyone else suffering with severe sickness. I am still feeling generally nauseous and grim but not actually vomiting - I can't imagine how horrible it must be to combine that with hunger pangs as well.

Blood work tonight and then I get my dating scan next Friday (Dec 4th) followed by a nuchal on Dec 8th. The scans feel like a crucial turning point for me - I'm still really nervous about this pregnancy but if all goes well I'm looking forward to finally telling people about it and maybe even starting to feel a bit more human.

greensnail Tue 24-Nov-09 15:05:26

So glad to hear all's ok fillybuster. We have the same policy here for appointments after the first pregnancy, but midwife said if i want to be seen anyway to call up and make an appointment. I'm not doing too badly for appointments so far anyway, as had my booking appointment last week, and then back to the midwife again today for more bloods!

Sorry to all those still feeling rotten. I'm 12 weeks now and sickness seems to be mostly gone and i seem to have more energy than before (bit hard to tell really as DD has a bug and i've been back at work so quite tired from all that).

readysetgo Tue 24-Nov-09 15:26:42

Phew fillybuster glad all is OK!

How long might I have to wait for my scan date to come through the post? I went to the doctors yesterday. I'm 9.5 weeks now.

I'm a newbie so sorry for all the questions that I'm bound to ask over the next 6 - 7 months!! blush

gizmo Tue 24-Nov-09 15:29:33

It probably very much depends on your PCT, ReadySetGo. Around here they get you to call the scanning clinic directly and make your own appointment. Do you have a number for your clinic? Might it be worth giving them a ring? You're so close to the 10 weeks - the first sensible option for a dating scan - that calling them might work better for everyone.

LittleRobbo Tue 24-Nov-09 20:03:37

filly's back safe and well thank god grin we were worried about you! As long as your ok it doesnt matter that you havent sued m&s for millionswink

I feel crappy today,got a cold and ds2 has also. work was a struggle,i'm off to bed to watch some rubbish arnie film with dh (i'll be asleep within ten mins!) goodnight ladies.

MrsC09 Tue 24-Nov-09 20:39:14

Thanks for the peanut update cantsleepwontsleep!! I'm off to thailand over christmas and was dreading having to avoid my favorite food in the world at the moment - Pad Thai but i guess i can now enjoy guilt-free grin

Only 1.5 days to go until scan!!! I swear I'm the lucky one with twins based on the size of my bump [hmmm]

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