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Due september thread 9

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pooka Mon 20-Jun-05 15:56:58

Blimey already at No.9

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jessysmummy Mon 20-Jun-05 16:02:10

Thanks pooka. Sorry to be so inept!

andif Mon 20-Jun-05 16:53:40

I too am suffering with heat! Hardly slept last night - had all windows open, but traffic seemed dreadful - all those people returning from days out! Must invest in earplugs!
Got absolutely soaked this morning walking dog - real tropical rain - I thought I was going to lose my contact lenses. Very refreshing for a while (bit of an unattractive wet t-shirt look though........) but now humid again, dreading going to bed already. John Lewis had run out of fans yesterday, but now have one on order for Tues - can't wait...
Ended yesterday in tears in search for something cool to wear! why are all maternity dresses made of jersey or covered in enormous flowers? Found a nice one on Formes website, but at £89 think will have to wear it everyday to justify it! And still need to find something for wedding in Aug. I am NOT enjoying being pg at all at the moment. Baby hardly moved yesterday, reflecting my mood, but back in action today thank goodness.

Piccalilli Mon 20-Jun-05 17:13:50

I'm suffering with the heat as well. I was in Mothercare World on Sat, which was full of heavily pregnant women stomping round the maternity wear department swearing at the lack of nice floaty cool maternity clothes.

Baby not moving much today - I'm trying not to panic as I suspect he/she is just too hot and tired like me but can't wait to go home and lie down as that usually gets him/her wriggling.

9 more weeks at work and counting.

pooka Mon 20-Jun-05 17:37:30

It's my first ever link. I'm so proud
I've got a very floaty skirt from Dorothy Perkins. Not too keen, but fashion/taste gives way to comfort. Can't stand the mugginess of the weather atm. DD has a wicked heat rash on her back, which is itchy, so got as far as the chemist for calamine lotion.
I take my hat off to people still at work. Last time I worked till 6 weeks before. This time there is no way I could combine even my paltry 2 days with raving toddler! Also since I thought it was unlikely that I'd go back, used all my annual leave entitlement and the full 11 weeks.

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franch Mon 20-Jun-05 18:15:02

Hi to the newcomers! Welcome to the thread - do add your details to our stats thread , won't you?

All sympathy to those who got no sleep last night. DD wouldn't settle till after 9 (DH took her for a 1.5h walk to calm her), then woke again at 12.30 for 3 hours - finally fell asleep in our bed (which DH had by then vacated) and woke again at 6.30, bathed in sweat. So today I am a wreck and won't, I'm afraid, make it to yoga.

It was great to meet LadyL, Katts, Kiwifruit and Boompi at the meetup on Sat. Must sort out our next date!

andif - sounds like you're in the same boat as me and Kiwifruit re. dresses for weddings. I ordered some from Isabella Oliver and Formes but just wasn't sufficiently blown away by them to justify the cost (or maybe it was just my shape that failed to impress me). So ordered a few from JoJo & Blooming Marvellous, but they're all sold out - panic!! Need something VERY cool (for the States) and drop-dead gorgeous (ha), so let me know if you come across anything .....

ych Mon 20-Jun-05 20:13:15

Welcome RedHelen! I've also been suffering in the heat. It's normally freezing up here but we're also having a bit of a heatwave. Finding it hard to get comfy at night with ever growing bump and heat is just making it worse. Feel really pregnant now, bump is heavier, kicks are harder and takes a lot of effort to get up from settee or bed. Not got any swelling yet but will no doubt be the next symptom. Also, peeing for Scotland, getting fed up with trips to the toilet! I've also got 9 weeks to work.
Re holidays, I'm only having 4 days off as using rest of hols in Aug. Only prob is, the long weekend I'm off is the start of G8. I know it's a good cause and all that but by the sounds of things Scotland is going to come to a standstill. I live about 30 mins away from Edinburgh so can't go there for a wee day trip with another million people turning up! We were planning on having days out here and there but sounds like it's going to be too much hassle as there is talk about smaller demonstrations in Glasgow, Perth, Stirling & Dundee. Will just have to sit in the garden instead!

Dee77 Mon 20-Jun-05 23:02:18

Hi All, I'm new to mumsnet and I'm due on the 12 September with my first. I would like to add to the Stats Thread, but not sure how to!! Hello to you all.

mummyhill Mon 20-Jun-05 23:34:23

Welcome dee77 if you can find our september thread 8 I think there is a link to the stats thread just copy and paste the stats into a new message and insert yourself in the correct date space.

DD has gone back to having a sleep in the afternoon after nursery this is causing chaos as it means she is not sleeping at night.

The heat was ok here today until i went into work ohh boy was it hot we are all thinking of going to work for the opposition as they at least have aircon. Four hours in a greenhouse type building with no aircon is a nightmare. I had to ask someone to fill my water bottle three times tonight (much to their disgust) however if they don't let you off the till what else are you supposed to do? It's 25 degrees in my living room which is lowest temp we have had since friday. Mothercare etc knew we were due a heatwave this year so why are there no nice summer dresses in floaty natural materials? All i could find were dresses that finished on the knee and at my height I looked really daft so cried and walked out!!

moschops Tue 21-Jun-05 05:27:02

i think i must be getting some practice in for when baby arrives.........i can't remember the last time i slept past 4.30 am, and i've got up now because i'm so tired but i'm keeping dp awake because i just can't get comfy in bed and i'm getting frustrated at being tired but not being able to get back to sleep.

its nearly 5.30 am and already feels too warm so i think i'm in for another unbearably hot day too..........never thought i would say 'it's too hot' but i am now!!!

and Inland Revenue still haven't sent my NI bill out so i still can't apply for my maternity allowance and we are really starting to struggle for money......we're managing the bills ok but i still have so much stuff to buy in for the baby and we just don't have the funds at the moment........i'm not entitled to any grants because even though we get working tax credits we're not entitled to any help because it doesn't have a disability related to it?

hope everyone else is bearing up in this awful (but beautiful) weather............

singleteenagemum Tue 21-Jun-05 09:15:40

Morning Everyone,

and good afernoon to Moschops by now!

Feel like such a wimp, went home from work yesterday at 11;00 after being sick and not being able to cope with the heat. At least i work in an office of all men so sympathy is really high, it;s really sweet, don;t have to lift a finger!
Only 5weeks 3 days left, can't wait, not quite sure what i'll do with myself though. What are you supposed to do on maternity leave? Stupid question probably but just thought i would check and see!

I think it's lack of experience in the age department, coming out with stupid questions.

milward Tue 21-Jun-05 09:21:27

Mummyhill - understand how you feel about maternity clothes. I asked a mum the other day where she'd got her lovely floaty top from - she'd made it herself as nothing to be found in the shops.
Moschops - when my dh got home yesterday I said how hot it had been & he replied that it hadn't been hot at all!!!!! So much for sympathy - wish he could have a go at being preg for 24 hours - especially in such lovely cool weather!! looking after 3 other kids at the same time - plus doing the shopping, washing & gardening - and the not being able to sleep at night bit as well.

moschops Tue 21-Jun-05 09:33:33

the plus side of my insomnia is i have done quite a lot of housework already!

my dp is quite sympathetic about the heat (is very good at refreshing a cold flannel etc)but finds it slightly amusing that i am now experiencing how he usually feels......he doesn't like the heat and i am always cold....normally i would be in my element during a heatwave.

and STM i'll be 30 in august and i keep asking stupid questions too.........i think what you're supposed to do on maternity leave is relax and enjoy the last few weeks/days of the freedom of not being tied to a young baby (for those of us with no children i guess we really should make the most of it!!) but in reality i think we're likely to do lots of stuff we shouldn't be. my friend decorated half her house on her maternity leave.......and she finished work the week before she was due!!

singleteenagemum Tue 21-Jun-05 09:38:50

I'm certainly not lacking in the sympathy department, work with all lads, so they run around for me, then when i go to head office all the women want to feel my bump and let me sit down, make me a cup of tea and have a chat. Living at home with parents is quitea bonus aswell, mum does most of the housework all i have to do is lift my little once in a while to cook or do general jobs. Getting lots of sympathy from mum but not dad. Apparently he was never really into my mum's pregnancies with my sister or myself so i can't feel too disheartened.

Kiwifruit Tue 21-Jun-05 09:51:23

Good Morning - welcome to Dee77 and RedHelen.

Great to catch up with everyone on Saturday - agree we need to set up another meeting soon!

Still not much movement from the baby - hasn't been since Thursday. Was getting vigorous movements every 1 - 2 hours, now get very vague movements every 3 - 4. Rang the midwife clinic yesterday and was told ' this is a very busy clinic, the midwives don't have time for phone queries - call your GP'. Called my GP, who said 'Is this your first pregnancy? Well it's just normal' - basically you're a paranoid first time mother, in not so many words. Probably am being paranoid, but a bit of reassurance would be nice. Frankly I will be very pleased when this pregnancy is over as am finding the whole thing quite stressful

Am in the same boat as Andif and Franch re wedding outfits. Everything is either black, sold out, outrageously expensive, or just plain nasty. It's not like you can buy your maternity wardrobe at the beginning of the season when you have no idea what size/shape you'll be next week, let alone in a couple of months!! Think there's a gap in the market...

milward Tue 21-Jun-05 10:02:19

Kiwi - just hate this sort of thing - why can't your doc or m/w see you to reassure you all is ok? I get stressed in preg as well. AT the mo just swelling up with the heat. Can't wait for september to be here - just got to get through the school hols....

zubb Tue 21-Jun-05 10:16:08

for all those looing for wedding outfits have you tried -

funmum they might have something in their occasions wear
or if you are really splashing out -
there is also but I think that may be mainly suits, but worth a try.

zubb Tue 21-Jun-05 10:16:29

looking not looing

jessysmummy Tue 21-Jun-05 10:19:02

STM...knit!!! At least that's what I did last time round! I hadn't done it for years but found it very therapeutic and with it being quite a complicated pattern it took my mind off the waiting - good job as dd was 13 days late! However, I've since found out that apparently knitting isn't good for the BP???! Don't know how that works out.
Don't think I'll have chance to do anything relaxing this time round with dd running around. My hopes of an early night were shattered (as am I!) last night when DD refused to even consider getting into her cot until nearly 11 and I was home alone with her. She was in such a good mood though. As a result of my lack of sleep/heat/hayfever I was sick this morning for the first time in a month. Think I just need a really good night's sleep and a bit of R&R. With DH away til thurs I've decided that tomorrow night we'll stay at my mums so at least I can go to bed and leave them to it for some quality granny time .
Aha - the wedding/christening/other occasion-wear issue! I am going to hit Debenhams tomorrow night for their "special" cardholders evening to see if I can find anything half decent to wear to 2 Christenings and a wedding i have coming up. Probably won't be maternitywear as I think Debenhams have stopped doing mat stuff but as I have yet to find any mat wear that actually fits me I'm confident that I will find an outsized dress that will be equally ill fitting but hopefully cheap!
Have worked out that I finish work 9 weeks on thurs (sounds much better than 10 weeks!). At least I'll be in good company with some others who are having to carry on til then - ych & piccalilli
Ooops sorry to have gone on a bit - work avoidance!

Boompi Tue 21-Jun-05 10:22:27

KF - do you have a kick chart in your antenatal notes? I think they are only used after 28 weeks but I feel exactly like you do and worry that my baby doesnt kick as much as others! You get lots of variation on kick charts but the one I have says between 9am and 5pm count movements and note time when get to 10. If less than 10 by 5pm - lie down, have sweet food, water etc and concentrate. It says to call labour ward if still less than 10 by 9pm. TBH though I would be calling labour ward long before 9pm! I think you can ask the labour ward at UCH if they would be prepared to get one of their midwives to have a quick listen with the sonicaid if you are worried. How unsypathetic of the clinic! There is always the option of renting your own sonicaid - considered this but not sure if it would make me worry more! Recent thread on this. I worry as have other mums at yoga, parentcraft etc talking about kicks that hurt and that they can see hands and feet ie identify the parts. I def dont have this but assume that everyone is different! HTH

STM - also getting some nausea in this heat - Hour and a half drive to work this am doesnt help!

jessysmummy Tue 21-Jun-05 10:24:32

Just realised that that last post makes me look like a real granny! I'm not, honestly.
KF - sorry to hear that you're still not felling a lot of movement. I'm sure that if you just turned up at your midwife clinic they would have a little look at you. Or does the hospital when you're booked in to have an emergency room?

Kiwifruit Tue 21-Jun-05 10:32:17

Just managed to get through to the midwives and she was lovely (and much more helpful than my Doctor - grrr). Told to do a kickchart until 4pm, and if don't have 10 movements to go to the labour ward for a check. Problem is that am not entirely sure what is movement and what is indigestion/my stomach, as the movement is so different. Might just go for a check anyway to put my mind at rest.

I've still got 9 weeks left too - thank goodness the air con in our office is efficient!

singleteenagemum Tue 21-Jun-05 10:46:22

Kiwi, it's alright for some having aircon. I've just filled the freezer at work up with ice lollies to help me cool down during the day. I hope there aren't too many clarories in each one as i've already had two this morning! Working my way through a 5litre bottle of water in this heat aswell....thank god the loo is about 30ft away...

Jessysummy - it did sound a bit old grannyish but i can't really talk i've alredy started the knitting...i;ve mde one little cardigan, lots of holes, so prob not the best thing for keeping my little one warm! Guess i'll stick to cross doing a really cute jungle baby sampler...think i'll have to ask my mum to finish it off with the name and birthdate and all i'm guessing i won't have too much time to myself!

jessysmummy Tue 21-Jun-05 10:53:13

Aha - see STM...together we can start a knitting craze...we could all knit our own maternity outfits???? Waddyathink?
KF - hope movement picks up but I'd be tempted to go to the labour ward anyway - just to put your mind at rest. Glad you finally managed to track down a sympathetic midwife. I know my GP is pretty useless too. When I went to see him twice with morningafternoonandevening sickness he said "It's a natural problem...nature will heal it" A week later I was in hospital on a drip!

Katts Tue 21-Jun-05 11:20:11

Ok Kiwifruit, now you're worrying me. I rarely feel any movement throughout the day and probably wouldn't feel 10 movements by 4:00 pm. It only seems to come in spurts. And it's never very strong either. Definitely no identifiable protruding body parts. Didn't feel it at all yesterday until about 10:30 at night. Maybe our babies are just really chilled out?

My moan for the day: boss told me yesterday that they don't have any work for me in July (I'm freelance) which pretty much scr*ws me as far as saving up enough money to hold me over after baby is born. Also I bet if there's no work in July for me, there won't be work in August either since they certainly won't be giving any big projects to a heavily pregnant woman will they? ARGH!! Trying to look at it as a nice long holiday - except without money.

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